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  1. someone please update this
  2. DUUUUUUDE COME BAAACK! PLEASE! Or at least put the code up somewhere, this mod was awesome and i so need it.
  3. Please please please continue updating this. Not to knock your other mods, but this one elevates ksp to a whole new level.
  4. @Enceos I'm not even talking about new animations, just things like that the Kerbal heads could be made more spherical which is like 30 seconds in a 3D modeling program. Or replacing the monoglove with one with three fingers instead of two. It's just that since this isn't something the devs have intended people to do thus far, i don't even know where i should start.
  5. As it stands the 3D models for kerbals seem to be hardcoded into the game as many mod developers have said. This is a shame, and there's no real reason why it should be this way. While Kerbals are adorable, and the current model certainly suit the game, there have been numerous mods to make the Kerbal universe more realistic in a lot of ways, but the stock animations and models are a constant reminder that the game isn't really all that realistic. I personally like the universe around Kerbin unrealistic as it, but the mismatch between head shape and helmet shape has bothered me to an incredible extent since i first played the demo. So the fact that the suit and the kerbal heads can never be changed (at least not as easily as adding in new textures) is kindof a bother. I'm also certain that it wouldn't be too drastic a change to make it possible for the game to use a different model, and make the bone and joint system of the kerbals available to modders.