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  1. Actually I'm trying to build a drone and I want to control the torque on the rotors (two out of four, depending on which direction I want to turn) with yaw keys. For some reason I thought the only way to control robotic parts was via KAL Thanks for the info though! I appreciate it.
  2. Yes, everything is clear now. I am very inexperienced with robotics/advanced tweakables in KSP so I had no idea about the absolute control option. Thank you so much for help.
  3. Hello, Before getting into the problems that I'm having, I'll briefly explain what I'm trying to do. Basically, I want to be able to control throttle of an engine with yaw input. As long as yaw keys are pressed, the throttle should change but as soon as I release yaw keys, the throttle should reset to default value. The way I'm trying to achieve this is with two KAL controllers, named "Control kal" and "Default kal". The Control kal, in it's editor, has two points at the start and end with values 0 and 100 respectively for the engine throttle, it has the priority value set to 5 and is has play position set to 2.5 initially, with the play length being 5 in total (So the position is in the middle.) The Default kal in it's editor has the Control kal's play position value assigned. What I was trying to do with this, is have two values at the start and end with both set to 2.5 and priority value set to 1. With this, I thought I would be able to change Control kal's play position as long as I'm pressing yaw keys, but as soon as I would release the keys, the Default kal would take over and reset the Control kal's play position back to 2.5. I have ran into several issues. First of all, for some reason, KAL-1000 controllers editor does not allow for play position values of other controllers to be higher than 1.0, meaning that if you have one controller with play length of say 5 (Which is the default length), the other controller would not allow you to change first controllers play position beyond the 0.0 - 1.0 domain. Second of all, I don't really understand how the priority value of KAL controllers work, seeing as if Default kal is set to play with repeat loop, it will be constantly setting the Control kal's play position to middle, as programmed, but Control kal's play position cannot be changed at all during this, not with the yaw keys nor manually. In conclusion, I want to achieve a control system similar to how wing Elevons are controlled. If you press pitch keys, it will pitch up or down but as soon as you release the keys, it returns to default position. Is there any way currently to achieve this or are there any tricky workarounds? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading. P.S: I tried recording gifs of what is happening ingame, but cannot compress under 100mb without decreasing the resolution too low to see anything. Sorry.
  4. Is this still maintained? Any updates planned?
  5. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before (Tried looking but... 366 pages.. yeah) and I'm sorry if I come off as a spammer but, is there any way to get raster prop monitors implemented in the pods? Or is it planned to be implemented?
  6. I want to apologize, the inability to interact with stuff in first-person EVA mode was a false alarm, I just wasn't used to the FOV so I was too far to be able to interact. As for other bugs, thanks for taking your time to check them. This mod is truly a gem and hopefully you'll find some time for it to fix these bugs. Thanks again!
  7. Either I am retarded or this mod is full of bugs (Which is fine, I just need a workaround for them). This is a must have mod for me right now, but unfortunately I cannot properly use it. There are couple of bugs that I have noticed. First one, when sight angle ticks (or whatever they are called) are enabled in config file, you can't interact with vessel or right-click on anything, but this bug is fine I can live without angle ticks. Second bug is, when I have force-eva enabled and am preforming eva, if I go to map view and then go back, it like glitches out and I am looking at my kerbal from far behind, locked to his back, but this can be fixed by switching vessels etc (It also happens if you press C for some reason, even though I changed the button to switch first-person view to B) Second bug which makes this unplayable (or maybe it's not a bug and I am a retard) but I cannot seem to switch between kerbals in a ship, while in iva view? Oh and I also can't figure out how to recover a vessel while in iva view (I know this can be done from tracking station, but eh.) Any help would be appreciated a lot!!
  8. That picture made me laugh, nice work
  9. I'm not sure if this has been asked before, if so, I apologize. I would like to know if it's possible to disable volumetric clouds and only leave the 2D clouds in. I want to see those beautiful clouds and night side city lights, as well as the clouds on duna so I actually feel like landing on a mars-like planet, but I am getting extreme performance impact when using EVE with scatterer. Also, if anyone could suggest the most optimal settings for both scatterer and EVE to get maximum performance but at the same time to actually get the feel that there's an atmosphere on kerbin, that would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Ooohh! Thank you! That's why I assumed it was an optional part, because I was trying to attach it at the bottom. Gosh I am so stupid xD
  11. I am very sorry for this rather idiotic question but, what's the Aerobee Sounding Rocket Motor? Like is it optional to use instead of solid rocket motor?