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  1. Has anyone noticed that staging "disappears" on the left side of the screen after using this mod even with unstaged stages? I was coming back from Eeloo after using five warp and when I got close to Kerbin I went to stage my reentry capsule and that's when I noticed the entire stage tree on the left was gone. I had right click my decoupler to detach. My parachute stage was also missing. I had to manually right click each one and then click deploy. This was the first time using Better Time Warp. I'm going to do another quick mission and see if I can duplicate the issue again. If so, I'll post a log.
  2. Parallax doesn’t simulate the terrain. It’s purely a visual shader. He is working on bringing collisions and terrain physics back last I read. But right now, it’s just eye candy.
  3. You talking about wheels sinking/floating on the surface? That's normal. Parallax is just a visual effect. It doesn't do collision or physics simulation. Yet... Is your Vsync turned on or off? If its on, then your framerate will be capped to your refresh rate.
  4. I actually like Dres because of the canyon. Would be neat to build a surface colony that overlooks the canyon. But, I think the terrain features on all the planets are pretty boring. With no life, they are just rocks after all.
  5. Yeah I read in the other thread it seemed to play fine. I’ll probably still wait till @zer0Kerbalreleases his official build.
  6. In CKAN, it doesn't show compatibility with KSP 1.12. Does it currently work with that version of KSP? I didn't read your last post close enough.
  7. I use the fly by wire quite a bit in mid career mode so I can just send scientists to other planets/moons alone so they can reset experiments.
  8. Still can't get over how good these textures are. Pol from 17km orbit:
  9. Thank you for the well thought out reply! Now I understand how Astrogator is calculating the transfer "point" a bit better. I can understand how it would be a bit tough to determine how "best" to determine what tolerance you should give Astrogator before it picks the next transfer point. Perhaps if one clicks the Astrogator warp button on the pad, then the "optimal" transfer could be calculated within 10 - 30 minutes after clicking the warp button and coming out of warp? That would give a transfer point that makes sense with the launch. At any rate, I'll give your other mod a try as well. I really like how simple Astrogator is to use. It's going to be hard to switch away!
  10. Yup it works. I've been meaning to ask @Gameslinx if new versions of Parallax will remove that error message.
  11. Loving this mod! I have noticed one odd thing. If sitting on the pad and warping to the launch window desired, when you get into orbit, it doesn't give you the launch window you'd expect. It gives you a much further launch window into the future. For example, sitting on the pad, it showed Jool had a launch window in 40 days so I hit "warp" from the Astrogator window. I then launched at the end of warp and got to orbit but now, once in orbit, it's showing Jool has a launch Window in 1 year and 40 days into the future. Shouldn't it be smart enough to know I already warped to the correct launch window and don't want to wait another year and a half?
  12. Maybe I'm using it wrong but I can't figure out how to always get the green bar to show full for some experiments. It does for some, but then others it doesn't. For some experiments, I'm left with a partially full (or empty) blue bar even after running the experiment. For example, I have "Show Experiments available right now" selected. I'm currently in low orbit at Eve with a Materials Bay. The science window says "Materials study in space near Eve 0/224". But I've run the experiment and kept the data. Shouldn't that fill up the bar? I also have "Complete without Recovery selected". Also, how do you "run experiments at the click of a button" as posted in the OP? I don't see an option for this anywhere. Ha, I didn't see the little indicator icon right below the "X". Man oh man. So pushing that and doing the science from in that window (Here and now!) begins to fill up the blue bars in "Science" window.
  13. Yup, it falls off when I'm parachuting back into Kerbin as well.
  14. Is there an up-to-date tutorial anywhere? I'm having a hard time getting started. The video posted in the OP is 7 years old. It took me an hour to figure out that the screwdriver needed in the written tutorial on the WIKI was from a different mod. Shouldn't KIS/KAS be dependencies when installed via CKAN? Its also unfortunate (for me learning the ropes anyway) that the name of this mod is the exact same as a real life Mars rover. When doing a search for “Kerbal Pathfinder” on YouTube, you get the original 7 year old mod review posted in the OP, then a TON of rover how-to tutorials that have nothing to do with the mod and are useless. A name like “Wagoner” or “Land Thief” or even “Pilgrim” would have made YouTube searches a hell of lot better. Ill keep plugging along. Seems like an amazing mod!
  15. Awesome! I haven’t tackled an Eve landing yet but your mod may be the reason I finally try!
  16. Thanks for this mod. It has really breathed new life into Kerbal for me. Textures look amazing. Just landed on Gilly and was impressed how it looked!
  17. So it seems to be an issue for me when I use radial engines and ship design. If I don't have the the COT behind the COM (or on top of it) in the VAB, I get the fluttering. Here is a simple ship example when the problem happens: This is a simple test design for an asteroid puller tug. So I can move the engines down behind the COM and that seems to work. But the issue will be when I latch onto a asteriod, the COM will move behind the engines again. Also, is it normal for MJ to disable SAS when I have it execute a Maneuver Node? I've noticed SAS is turned off when its doing this.
  18. Hmmm. I’ll have to check in VAB to be sure. I can hold the maneuver node steady with SAS and execute it manually with no issue. Edit: Just checked. Com and Cot are aligned perfectly.
  19. Anyone else having issues with engine fluttering/stuttering? I'll have MJ execute a node and instead of the engines running at full power it turns them off and on several times a second.
  20. Anyway to increase font size for GUI in the mod? I can't find it if so.
  21. Any reason why Mechjeb is not creating the proper interplanatary node for the DV required? For example, I'll do a porkchop plot to Duna from Kerbin with lowest DV selected, and it shows something like 1058 DV. However, when I hit create node, it will create a node with 2 or 3 thousands delta V instead. Sometimes it create the node properly with the correct DV but then others its not right at all. The planner seems buggy in general. A lot of times I'll get a failed messaged with something like "Ejection optimization failed...".
  22. Yup, I was able to get it done. Had to tweak the maneuvers quite a bit but was able to finally get the part and bring it back home.
  23. It may have been another mod giving me fits. I deleted all mods and re-installed Scatterer first via Ckan (with dependencies) and the settings seem to have "stuck" now.
  24. Scatterer keeps setting itself back to "integrated" when I restart KSP even though I apply "Very High". Am I missing something to make it stick to "Very High"?
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