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  1. The Kraken summoner? I dont have the Klaw unlocked. Although i dont consider this cheating. If you can partially transmit science then the same should hold true for the MPL.
  2. Im fairly confident it doesnt work as i tried it. But ill try it again in case i misclicked the button. This sucks if this is the case. Its basically worthless now if i cant transmit. I guess ill turn on infinite electricity to transmit it back.
  3. Hmmm. I tried this and it didnt work. Said something like "Out of power, reverting transmission" or something like that. Im not at my computer now to check but Ill try it again this evening. Perhaps I didnt click it. Thanks guys.
  4. So i guess you live and learn. I jam packed my MPL full of data (maxed it out), put a scientist in there, hit research, and time warped to fill up the science buffer. Im thinking, "Man, thats a crap ton of science i just earned. Just gotta transmit". I go to hit the transmit button and I see my power steadily decreasing until its at zero but the science is only 50% transmitted. I try it again after the batteries are recharged, and the tranmission starts over at 0%. WTH? It wont partially transmit and just pick up where it left off once the batteries are recharged!? So now Im stuck. I cant research because the science buffer is full and I cant transmit since it needs a nuclear reactor worth of power to push it to Kerbin. Ideas?
  5. I think the problem holding it up was that it required it to be an "unmanned sat". It wasnt unmanned until I finally decoupled. I had a pilot flying the ferry and carrying the sats. At least, that is my guess.
  6. So i figured out the issue. After i placed them in orbit (again!) the contract still wasnt completing even though it had green checks for "put it in this orbit" and "maintain for 10 seconds". Frustrated, I hit the [ ] keys to switch to each sat to make sure they were charged and all of a sudden the contact was completed. So just dropping them in the orbit was not enough. I needed to physically switch to each sat after placing them in the correct orbit. Good to know if i ever deliver sats with no engines to orbit again.
  7. It does say (and show) their needed Ap and Pe so I make sure I setup the ferry into that orbit before decoupling. I have both decouplers set at 1% force so the orbit doesnt get messed up upon decoupling. Usually, you dont have to be exact for the Ap and Pe. But ive made sure im within less than 500m of each to see if that was the problem. I started a new career so i havent unlocked the Ant, Oscar B, Spider, etc... That was why I thought i could just strap them to the ferry since I had to go there anyway for a tourist contract. But something is amiss... I may try it again and put on a regular antenna in addition to the relay antenna and see if that makes a difference. Edit: Oh crap. I just thought of something. I bet I have the goo sat in the orbit for the non goo sat and the non goo sat is in the goo sat orbit. Im not at my computer now to verify but I bet that is exactly the problem. Duh...
  8. Trying to figure out what Im doing wrong. Both contracts require an antenna and power generation. One also needs a goo canister. Both are low Mun retrograde orbits only about 10km apart. Im using a relay antenna for each one so they arent just useless trash orbiting once contract is completed. Thats counts for an antenna, right? Neither has an engine. Im carrying them on my tourist flyby/orbit mun vessel so I can ferry tourists at the same time. I just get my ferry in the appropriate orbit, drop off via a zero force decoupler, and move to the next orbit. However, this doesnt work. Everything is checked when I see the contract but it doesn't complete for some reason.
  9. Not wanting to speak for the mod maker but but judging from the visuals and descriptions of the mod you linked, it is missing volumetric clouds, dust storms, different textures, etc... This mod here has "brighter" colors and more oversaturation of colors in general to give it more of a movie sci-fi look.
  10. This mod has breathed new life into career for me. I was so sick of clicking all the science parts that I had gone to sandbox. No more! Career is now fun again. Hope this mod stays active for a long time. Great work.
  11. Great Foxster! When I get home I'll download that craft file and give it a try and let you know how it goes.
  12. Thanks Michal. It seems that when I leave Kerbin, I'm already at an inclination node. At least, when using the launch window planner it seems that is always the case from what I remember. The next node is, of course, 180 degrees opposite which generally sits just outside the SOI of the target. So, are you doing a midcourse burn to get your encounter Pe setup at the right altitude, then coasting to the AN/DN node, and then finally doing another burn at the node right before the target SOI to reduce inclination to zero?
  13. I'm not at my home computer currently, but I was trying to play with some designs I saw in the Eve Lightest Lander Challenge: I was attempting to get tseitsei89's lander into orbit and I could never do it even when modifying with larger tanks and lifting off from 1000m.
  14. Wanted to say that I had uninstalled your mod to try out SVE with Scatterer a couple of days ago and I've already gone back to yours. I actually prefer your Eve better than SVE's Eve. Your seems more "crisp". Also, SVE would cause KSP to crash occasionally and I've never had that problem with yours. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the next version!!
  15. I'm trying to get more comfortable and gain more experience with KSP but transfers to other planets are still a bit confusing for me. I wanted to lay out the steps I use to reach other planets and see if it makes sense the way I'm doing it. Use Alex Moon's launch window calculator and time warp to a day or two before the ideal window. Plug in the amount of prograde and normal/anti-normal the window says I need with the correct ejection angle. Look at map mode for closest approach markers. Fine tweak maneuver gizmos to either get an encounter or at least keep markers as close as possible before ejection burn. Burn at node when I'm happy with closest approach markers Exit Kerbin SOI, move 1/4 to 1/2 way to destination and drop another node for mid-course correction. Here, I'm just trying to get the encounter finalized and get my Pe at the right altitude and on the equator in order to set myself up for an easy burn for equatorial orbit once I'm captured. Arrive at destination SOI, burn at Pe to barely capture, coast to Ap and burn normal/anti-normal to reduce inclination to ~0, coast back to Pe circularize. Does the above sound like the correct way to go about most transfers (Moho excluded)? I never end up burning at a AN/DN node this way during a mid course correction burn which I see people saying they do during transfers. It seems that the launch window is already directly on top of one of the nodes when I leave Kerbin and the other is usually right outside the target SOI. (Well, I guess technically I am burning at an AN/DN node since the node is where Kerbin is when I do the ejection burn). Also, does the higher I setup my Pe for the encounter mean the more dV I need to circularize once in the SOI? I was going to Dres this morning and my encounter Pe was 250km. Once I was within the SOI I dropped a test node at my Pe to check and see how much dV was required to circularize and it was ~1800dV+. The cheat sheet said it should have only been 1290dV from a 12km Pe. Is the difference because my Pe was so much higher??
  16. Thanks guys! I've been playing around all weekend trying to get a functional lander/return rocket for Eve working with no dice so far. It's a damn hard feat! I may put my Eve plans on hold until I continue to learn and get more experience with KSP. I know have more than 200 hours on this game which seems ridiculous to say about one game.
  17. Well I guess ill abandon my exploration and just do a lander/return. Bummer...
  18. Ugh, I had forgotten about this... Well crap. The only way to do it efficiently would be ion engines then. Wouldnt imagine you woukd get a ton of flight time with rocket engines.
  19. Will a plane that works on Kerbin work on Eve? Im pretty terrible at plane design so I usually avoid them but I wanted to explore Eve a bit more than I normally do the other planets. My rover is too slow at 10m/s so id look to come up with another solution. Are there any recommended Eve planes on the exchange? I can manage getting it there and down. Its just the design of a working plane that eludes me.
  20. I guess I just realized that if I put my Pe on the equator as mentioned, barely capture, then I could simply burn normal at the Ap to adjust the orbit to equatorial. Im not sure why I wasnt seeing this... Embarrassing...
  21. Wow, lots of good stuff to read guys. Here is what I normally do I have been using the launch window calculator. What I normally do is time warp until a day or two before window, setup a maneuver node according to ejection angle, and input the amount of prograde the launch window suggests. If that doesnt get me an encounter, I tweak the gizmos until I find one. Once I find it, I wait till the node and launch. I dont mess with AN/DN nodes. I use a mid course burn. About halfway to the encounter Ill do a mid course correction. With Eve, this means add quite a bit of normal since the enounter will be below it at first. I also try to get equatorial and this is where I cant get anything other than an angled orbit. If I put my Pe on its equator and use prograde/retrograde or radial in/out, my orbit will always be some off angle to the equator. Alex Moons launch window calculator will tell you to add normal dV to your ejection burn maneuver. I normally dont do that as I get an encounter without having to use normals if i tweak the gizmos. Perhaps this is the issue. Im moving my ejection angle around during tweaking and throwing off the ideal encounter.
  22. Yeah ive done that. The best I could do was the mentioned 25 degree inclination difference. So I guess the only way to be sure I could arrive in an equatorial orbit would be to adjust my normals at Eve's AN/DN nodes during my flight to Eve in solar orbit, right? But if I never cross those nodes there is no way to adjust. The launch window calculators also assume an equatorial orbit when leaving a planet. If Im in a severe inclined orbit of Eve, how do I figure my way back to Kerbin? Surely, I dont want to spend the gobs of dV to get into equatorial orbit before leaving Eve. Do I just plug in what the launch window calculators say and then tweak until I get my encounter from my inclined orbit?
  23. On the way to Eve and have the encounter but I cant tweak my resulting Pe enough to get into an equatorial orbit. The best I can get is about a 25 degree inclination (mid course correction). Id rather get it closer to equatorial since ill be sending other landers to the same spot. Is there a better way to arrive so Im closer to equatorial? I used the launch window planner and am leaving at the optimal time.
  24. Yeah, you are right. I don't even bother with geostationary around Duna. I just setup three evenly spaced sats around Duna and just make sure that whatever I land on Ike is always facing Duna. It means I miss the "dark side" of Ike (compared to Duna) but thats ok...
  25. Yeah Ike is tidal locked. I put 3 relays into orbit on Duna but none in Ike. I just make sure to land on the side of Ike always facing Duna to keep radio contact... Im glad Im not the only one that had an "oops" moment with Ike!!
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