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  1. Gotta have a point catagory for getting to and/or exploring the Mohole! I spent two hours and drove 50 km uphill 5000m from my lander to get to the Mohole. I ended up launching a rescue mission with a new lander to pick those two up at the Mohole. No way I was driving another 50km back down to the original lander.
  2. One should pay attention to your orbit around Duna if its highly elliptic! I was dropping off a rover at Duna. The launch vehicle had a rover for both Duna and Ike so I left its orbit highly elliptic with the Ap out about 80% to Ike's orbit. That way I could drop off at Duna, adjust orbit a bit, and drop off at Ike. Well Ike decided he wanted his rover sooner. Man, that SOI is sick! Im glad I noticed this before it was too late. I nearly took the Duna rover for a test drive through the dust storms which would have proved fatal for my launch vehicle with the second rover...
  3. Does this mod enhance the other stock planets or just Kebin?
  4. I cant answer your question directly, but I can say that most people on the forum will tell you that you dont need gravity assists in the stock system as everything is so close and its easy to build rockets with enough dV to get you anywhere you need to go. But what fun is it if you cant try! The above post will help you tremendously. I started using Eve for gravity braking coming back from other planets to slow down. That way you arent screaming back from Moho or Jool at 5000+ m/s.
  5. As you can see from Snark's reply, the community here can answer ANY question you have. I abuse this forum often for this!
  6. Thanks! I probably wont even mess with trying to get your visuals applied on the new OPM planets. I just was curious if Id break anything on the stock planets trying to run OPM alongside your mod since OPM also requires Kopernicus. Thanks, Ill give it a try. BTW, I was aerocapturing at Duna and the views of the atmosohere, clouds, dust, whatever...Beautiful... Job well done for such a lightweight mod. Had to quit sightseeing and remind myself I still had a craft still moving 1000m/s in the upper atmosphere to pilot!
  7. Well I got it working. Apparantly, it won't work on heat shields that were affixed to crafts BEFORE the .cfg file was patch. So any ships I have out there can't deflate their shields. But it works on new ships.
  8. Anyone get the deflatable heat shield cfg to work? I made the cfg and it appears it gets patched up loading KSP, but when i right click an inflated shield in game, I dont see an option to deinflate.
  9. Great job on this! Duna looks beautiful from orbit. Havent landed yet to see the dust storms. I kinda agree that Kerbin is a bit too blue for my tastes but still looks cool. Is this mod compatible with OPM? I realize you dont have have textures for the new planets, but I just want to make sure nothing breaks if I install it
  10. I had that bug happen above today where the yellow gizmo node couldnt be deleted. When i went to quit KSP, the node was still on screen over the Mun graphic before exiting. But my real problem is my margins are screwed up and i cant seem to figure out how to fix them. If i hover over my maneuver nodes i get random margins like 4m 12s. Then if i click the warp to arrow, i skip past my nodes even though the margin says i shouldnt have. Hmm. Maybe an uninstall reinstall is in order. Using version on CKAN.
  11. Going to download tonight. I have a pretty high end system (GTX 1060) but i enjoy mods that are "lite" and dont come with a dozen dependencies. Does this mod do anything for terrain or just atmospheric visuals?
  12. Thanks for all the great suggestions guys. I ended up adding an inflatable to the rear and moved the engines onto the side using the angled type B nose cone to attach them. The inflatable now protects everything which is nice. Still have to decide if I want to mod it to deflate after use. Ill also look into Eve gravity assists for slowing my arrival back to Kerbin for future missions. As mentioned, doing that essentially slows you down to Minimus return speeds (i.e. 3200m/s) which is easily handled without heat shields.
  13. Yes, that makes more sense. I was looking at the problem by already ejecting to a Kerbin encounter from Moho and but instead of going to Kerbin Id adjust for an Eve intercept. But that doesnt make sense. Would be better to go straight to Eve as you say.
  14. Just more craft to keep up with. I generally already launch to planets/moons in three sets as follows: 1. Three relay sats launched (in one vehicle) and put into evenly spaced orbits for 100% communication coverage. 2. Autonomous science lander with a rover in its cargo hold is next launched and landed in a nice flat spot. 3. Mothership is sent last with Kerbals so they can carry about on the surface with stuff to do. Only thing returned from the surface is the lander that brought the Kerbals down to begin with. Its jettisoned upon them re-boarding the ship. I guess this is kind of a flotilla in of itself. But I still think building a decent size ship seems more realistic than flinging out one poor Kerbal for a multi-year mission in a MK1 capsule upon a 20 ton rocket.
  15. Well I made it back from Moho this morning. I ended up bleeding off ~1000dV by burning part radial out and part retrograde so I could keep my Pe around 38km once I was back within Kerbins SOI. I was able to get the capture in one orbit and it took a couple more orbits to aerobrake my Ap down to manageable levels to make docking with my fuel depot easier. ll try using Eve next time and see if I can save some fuel. Never tried a gravity assist so that should be fun. First thing is to add some heat shields though so gotta dry dock this sucker... From the reading Ive done, to use a planet as a gravity break and thus reduce my orbit and slow my speed, I need to pass in front of it's respective prograde movement, correct?
  16. Wow, that ship is impressive! You just leave them inflated and carry on with your missions? Yeah, playing with the big parts are a lot more fun, at least for me. Sending a single Kerbal on a several year journey to Moho and back just doesnt make sense from a realistic standpoint. He needs friends and a place to sleep/work/play for that! I looked at an Eve intercept, but I have no idea what that would do to my orbit after the flyby to slowdown. Ive never down gravity assists before so I was gun shy to try that.
  17. Wow, this is great! Ill have to read it a few times to absorb it all but it all makes sense. After the recommendations, Ill be adding the inflatable for sure. I did some heat testing in my initial design. No rcs block thrusters, shielded docking port, basically everything out in the open is rated for 2000k+. But this will be my 1st aerobrake/capture from beyond Minimus. Ill probably end up burning half retro and half radial out to slow down some and see how that goes. Have to F5 for sure.
  18. Thanks for continuing to NOT answer my OP... Very helpful... Actually I like this. Ive seen some posts about doing this. Ill check it out. Im not sure I like the "look" of the inflatable shield always being... inflated.
  19. I didn't even think about keeping it inflated... I'll play with some designs in VAB and see what I can come up with. Thanks, Snark! The question isn't why but how... I get that lighter crafts are better. But I've been playing for less than a month so you will have to pardon me if I don't have all the expertise some do around here about building rockets...
  20. Thats all well and good, but the dV requirements to get to Moho, land, and get back require a lot of fuel. A bare minimum of 4500dV is required just to get there and get a capture burn. Still have to budget for landing, return, etc... Sure I could send a flotilla there but that has its own issues as well...
  21. How is aerobraking being handled with larger intersteller ships (~150t+) when arriving either at a destination with an atmosphere or Kerbin? I successfully tested aerobraking my ship coming from an orbit height of Minimus to Kerbin at a 37km Pe. Speed was 3200m/s at Pe and it took me a few orbits to slow down enough to drop my Ap close enough to reach my fuel depot in LKO. However, Im at the end of my Moho mission and Im about to bring back my 4 kerbals on that same ship. Ill be coming in around 5500m/s from Moho. I have plenty of fuel to do a retro burn but it just seems wasteful to have to budget ~2000+ extra dV for each mission just to capture burn back at Kerbin or send a rescue tanker to "top up" that amount. Ive looked at the inflatable heat shields but those cant be reinflated so Id have to ferry up a new one from Kerbin after each return. This isnt a deal breaker though as I also have to ferry up new full drop tanks and a new lander (landers are jettisoned to save weight on return). How would I even attach that inflatable to the rear with 4 nukes taking up space? Offset tool I guess? I could put the inflatable between the 4 nukes and attach it to the fuek tank with a docking clamp so it can be replaced?? Just thinking out loud. Here are a couple of pics of the mothership before I left for Moho.
  22. Extremely helpful as always Snark! If you have multiple engines of the same lsp and want to figure burn time then the thrust does get combined, correct? Here is the spreadsheet I created. Would you mind taking a peak to see if I made any errors? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxtu3LnzAChjWlNaaC00Ymtqd1E/view?usp=drivesdk
  23. Mothership is enroute with 4 brave kerbals! Updated pictures...
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