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  1. Raptor thats great info! I think ill make some modifications and see if any kind of aeobreaking is possible to those craft. Id like to extend their range beyond Duna (inner planets too!) so aerobraking at Kerbin on the return would be very helpful. Ill have to cut some weight and redesign either your cricket or frog lander a bit but as well so I can attach them to the front of those EV-4 but II look forward to using your base vehicles. I wish I had your creativity!
  2. Raptor, Your designs are beautiful. Its amazing what you have come up with! Anyway, Im trying to take some inspiration from your EV-4 Block 3 to create my own of similar design and have some questions. I actually havent downloaded the craft files. Im just using the pictures you provided to generate my own designs. First, Im asuming you built this craft (and the other EV-4 class ships) before the Nuke engines were converted to LF only. Is this correct? It seems the ships are currenty carrying a lot of wasted mass around using those giant Kerbodyne LF+O tanks around instead of using dedicated MK3 LF only tanks. I could see carrying a smaller LF+O tank in order to refuel a lander if the desired mission necessitated multiple biome hops for the lander and it needed refueling however. Secondly, did you design the EV-4's to withstand any aerobraking either at the destination or back at Kerbin? Or is the expectation to capture burn upon arrival? Third, the drop tanks are ingenious! Are there any issues decoupling tanks under acceleration and causing damage to the ship as they bounce off? Again, your designs are great! I look forward to incorporating them into my gameplay!
  3. Pics! I built the drill before I knew what the heck I was doing and I didn't put any LF only tanks on it which was a mistake. It also overheats like a mother even with radiators. I may redesign it in the future. All four tanks at the station are full. The little tug hooked to the back did a great job building out the station. Was easy once I learned proper docking and rendezvous techniques. I'll keep the tanker on Minimus until needed again. Those 5 kerbals (two in the drill rig and three in the tanker) will have to keep themselves busy on their own!
  4. I'm curious what people are doing when needed tons of dV to circularize orbits for a planet like Moho. I see it can take between 1500 dV to 3500 dV depending on when you launch. Nukes are fine for getting there, but damn, their TWR sucks. Are people supplementing their nukes during circularization burns with chemical rockets (e.g. Poodle) or do you just live with a long burn time to complete the orbit?
  5. Thanks for all the help guys! I figured out that the shallowest Pe my tanker can handle for aerobraking is ~37km coming in around 3200m/s from Minimus. This is coming in retrograde of course and letting the nukes handle most of the heat. Any Pe shallower than that and things go boom. It takes a few passes to get my Ap down to a manageable level of around ~500km. From there it's another ~250m/s dV to come to a stop right next to my fuel depot so I guess it's not that bad. The couple extra orbits around Kerbin for aerobraking also gives me an opportunity to match planes with the fuel depot so it's not totally wasted time. I didn't design this tanker with heat shields as there is no good way to replace them once they are used up. The abalator is a consumable and adds considerable mass. The inflatable sounds good at first and I was going to use it, but then I discovered it can't be deflated and packed away again after use. I had giant plans for a mothership/interstellar spacecraft that can travel to all the planets, aerobrake to achieve orbit, and house a lander to visit each surface, have the lander return to the mothership, and then have the mothership return to LKO via aerobraking but that plan may prove futile as aerobraking at Eve (among other planets) without a heatshield is a death wish. I'm going to have to figure out a different solution... I did redesign the tanker slightly and upped the dedicated nuke only tanks to MK3 LF Mediums from MK3 LF Smalls. Filling the twin dedicated medium tanks now allows me to make a trip to the fuel depot with the other tanks fully loaded and then return to Minimus with nearly 1000m/s to spare. I'll probably not fill them up completely during the next fuel run as I don't need to return to Minimus with that much spare dV. It's nice to know I actually accomplished something in this game after 120 hrs of gameplay. I kinda ready to start heading out into space as I'm getting tired of seeing the mint green landscape of Minimus!
  6. I built a "small" refueling station in LKO. It consists of two ST-14400s and another two MK3 LF Long tanks. So, I have the ability to stockpile quite a bit of fuel when the time comes to start stretching my wings and head for interplanetary exploration. I could add more tanks to this if desired as I have plenty of available docking ports. As I was building out this station I was also building out my drilling rig on Minimus. I decided to just build this as a fixed lander (e.g. not move it) and use another craft (called the fuel tanker) to dock with the drilling rig, transfer the fuel, take off, and head back to LKO to fill the station. I didn't want to build a dedicated fuel rover to transfer the fuel from the rig to a "landing only tanker" so I added landing gear to my tanker and I'm able to flip it over and drive to the drill once landed on Minimus. It's nice to skip using a dedicated fuel rover and have the tanker pull double duty as rover/lifter. The tanker itself has four Nukes, a single ST-14400 tank (main body) and twin MK3 LF medium tanks (on the sides). I also mounted twin MK3 LF short tanks on top of the MK3 LF medium tanks. These short tanks are dedicated fuel for the 4 nukes. I have them set at a higher priority so fuel pulls out of them and no fuel pulls from the medium tanks. My reasoning was I wanted it to take no more than two round trips to fill the refueling station completely. My hope was that the twin small MK3 tanks would hold enough fuel to lift off from Minimus, dock with refueling depot in LKO, and return to Minimus. I was doing my 1st run back from Minimus to my refueling depot fully loaded with fuel this morning and I noticed it takes a hell of a lot more fuel to get from Minimus back to Kerbin than it did to go from Kerbin to Minimus. I'm guessing its the crap ton of mass I now have loaded in the tanks. I also had to do 3 - 4 aerobraking maneuvers at a Pe of about 38km at Kerbin in order to save as much fuel as possible so I didn't have to burn retrograde to bring my Ap down. I guess my general question is, is it normal to have to aerobrake this much coming back from Minimus to Kerbin? My speed is around 3200m/s at PE. My fuel depot is in a 100km orbit around Kerbin as well. I'm guessing there is no way around this and I should either plan to burn retrograde to slow down or just live with the 3-4 aerobraking orbits to bleed of speed. Also, is there a more "efficient" way to do things than how I'm doing it? Is it worth using a single tanker as a rover/lifter/tanker or do I need to break things up a bit between more vessels?
  7. Guys I must be daft as I can't get basic things to happen with KAS. First off, how do you "unlink" from a connector port if you don't want to join the other end of the link. I needed to see how far the connector "hose/pipe" would stretch before it turned red so I linked from one port and walked till it turned red. I then planted a flag at this point (so I know the distance) and walked back to the port I linked to. However, there is no "unlink" option from the port so now my kerbal is stuck with a pipe attached to him. Secondly, how do you pick up parts on the ground? I dropped a connector port on Minimus, but I can't pick it up at all. Surely I must be doing something wrong.
  8. Ahh ok. I'll make sure I deselect that from here on out. I don't even know what it means either so I'll do some research.
  9. Ah I see. Yeah, I was looking at it last night thinking the order in which they were attached may have been incorrect. I didnt test it as I began working on another lifter to get twin empty long MK3 LF fuel tanks up and docked with my fuel depot. I was able to get the tug "unhooked" from the depot without spinning everything out of orbit. The tug still has the fairing truss attached to its "front", but I just flipped it around and used the other end for docking maneuvers now. Fortunately, I put docking ports on each end of the tug! I ended up getting the tug unhooked from the depot. The fairing is still attached but thats ok. I will probably fix the tug and lifter in VAB and send another one up soon. My OCD wont allow me to use a tug with a useless truss hanging off one end. I do need to download KAS soon. I need to use it for hooking my planned Minimus drilling rig to my fuel rover eventually.
  10. Thats great feedback! Yes, id like to see the adjustments you made if you dont mind. Yeah, I must not have saved the correct staging. Sometimes, I fix it in the launch pad and forget to go back into VAB to save it.
  11. Helpful as always Bewing. I dont think i saved right before launch. Ill have to see when the last save was before launch and hope its not too far back. It was a wobbly rocket when i launched it which i assume was because the stacks were connected with those docking ports to make assembly easier once in orbit. Any tips to make that lifter better? Ill have to look up autostruts.
  12. Is there no way to disconnect that metal structure left over from the fairing? I cant disconnect from the station now without some wierd physics kraken spinning me out of control.
  13. I guess I screwed up when building my tug today I put twin orange tanks and a tug in orbit today in one long stack. I then used the tug to attach both tanks separately to my refueling depot. However, when I tried to decouple the tug from the last tank, the faring metal structure stays attached to the tug and the base/ring clips inside the orange tank causing the entire station to go into a tailspin. I've attached two pictures to show what I'm talking about as it's hard to explain. The first image shows the tug attached to the tank and the tank attached to the station: This image shows what happens when I decouple the docking rings. The tug is still "hung up" on the tank. The round metal base of the fairing stays stuck in the tank and the metal structure is still attached to the tug. Here is the .craft file for the rocket I used to put it in orbit. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xuwgcsrvnweq8tk/Tug Lifter.craft?dl=0 Fairings confuse me. I guess I placed the fairing in the wrong spot but I'm unsure how I could have done it differently. Is there no way to remove the fairing from orbit via EVA?
  14. Ugh. I feel like an idiot. Man the learning curve is steep with this game. Ive got 80 hours in and I still have so much to learn.
  15. Im trying to dock one half of my station with the other. Im 30m away at 0 velocity looking at the docking ring I need to get to, but I cant figure how to translate. I turn on RCS, hit "L" thinking that will move me laterally right, and it ends up moving me laterally up. If I hit hit "J", that moves me back laterally down. The only RCS controls that work properly are "H" for forward and "N" for backwards. What gives? How does Kerbal know the orientation of my craft to differentiate left/right/up/down? Wouldnt it need to know a specific point on the craft in order to base directions off of that?
  16. Ok, an orbit tug makes sense. Push stuff to orbit, decouple and leave parts in orbit, bring back probe/stage, and use tug to dock and assemble. That is a good idea. I sent up the 1st half of my refueling depot in LKO. It has the core/batteries/panels/living space etc. Basically all the pretty stuff. I now need to send up my girder docking piece. This is basically a length of about 6 or 7 stacked vertical girders with a four way docking "cross" on one end that will have 4 tanks attched eventually, and a single docking port on the opposite vertical end to attach to my core piece already in orbit. Without a tug, I have to use a probe core to get this girder segment in orbit. Its so damn hard to get up there though that my rocket bounces and wiggles on the way up becoming uncontrollable. Guess I need to research a better lifter design to get this piece up.
  17. If one is doing multiple launches to orbit in order to assemble either a rocket/station, I assume a probe core is needed for each launch to control the remaining parts being launched? I'm just trying to figure out if I need 3 or 4 launches to complete what it is I'm doing, I have to use 3 or 4 probe cores on each launch, right? After everything is docked together, those extra cores are useless, correct? Is this standard practice? Seems to me if you were building a very large structure you are sending up lots of extra probe cores/batteries with each piece and they become useless once finally docked with the completed structure.
  18. This was it!!! Holy crap! I've been working on this for nearly two hours now! My back hurts from sitting in this damn chair!! I clicked "control from here" on the Klaw device and that reset it. Yeah, I was wondering why my orbit prograde didn't look like i was actually moving prograde to Minimus.
  19. Well, crap. I think I'm going to have to give up on this mission. I've been fiddiling with it for over an hour and I can only spin in an uncontrolled circle when attached to the can with the klaw when I attempt to thrust with the engine. I've tried different pivots to no avail. If I had RCS I could attach to a better spot on the can as I only have it attached on edge now with 2 of the 4 klaw "fingers" holding it.
  20. I have a reaction wheel on the Klaw craft. If I limit the thrust it seems to be able to hold steady better. I'll have to play around with it. I grabbed the lander can on its edge so it's hard to figure out where the COM is on it.
  21. Got a rescue contract in Minimus Orbit. It was for a stranded kerbal and his scrap. So I built a craft using a Klaw (no RCS), motored over to Minimus and captured him. Was thinking, "Damn, that was easy." Plotted a return trip back, fired my engines, and then promptly went into an uncontrolled spin that ended up sending me on a crash course to Minimus. I found out I can't steer at all and am not able to get out of Minimus orbit and head back to Kerbin. Looking online at people using the claw when grabbing asteroids, they right click the asteroid and select "Center of Mass". However, when I right-click the craft I captured (it is a lander can) I have no such option to select. Am I doing something wrong? How the hell are you supposed to steer this fat cow with a 3 ton lander can strapped to the front of your ship?
  22. Thanks guys. I was coming into Eve around ~4000m/s when I hit the upper atmosphere. I tried going in retrograde, but the engine couldn't handle the heat. I then did an attempt prograde and the AE-FF2 fairing took the heat better but it was redlining and I didn't bleed of enough speed to make a difference anyway. I was packing 4 active small radiators and they didn't do jack to stop the heating. They still exploded (actually the fuel tank they were sitting on) around 15% cooling capacity. If I did Eve again, I would maybe burn half retro and maybe half radial. I would think that would help bleed off speed while keeping the Pe at approximately the same height. Although, end in the end, I don't know if it makes any difference as far as delta v efficiency doing something like this way than just doing a full retro burn at Pe to get a capture. I'll also remember to get a really high capture orbit next time and do the normal/antinormal burn at their highest point to conserve fuel. I like these sat contracts. I'm flinging RA-100's all over the solar system every time I do a sat contract so hopefully that will help me with a stable relay network down the line. It's also teaching me better maneuver nodes and encounter techniques which is also a plus.
  23. So I've been mostly doing sat contracts recently trying to get better at using nodes. I took a contract up for Eve and got my probe there successfully. I thought I could aerocapture the probe but that turned out to be a HUGE mistake as the probe basically begins to explode at around 81KM with no airspeed even being bled off yet. My craft was still accelerating while disintegrating. I'm not sure I understand the physics of this, however. How can the atmosphere generate enough heat due to friction to explode a ship but not slow it down?? Anyway, back on topic, I ended up reloading and getting into orbit with a regular retroburn. After I was in a parking orbit I was off 45 degrees from the inclination needed for the sat contract. It's a good thing I brought a ton of fuel as I still had ~2500m/s delta v in the tank after the parking orbit because it took another ~2300m/s to adjust my orbit at the AN/DN to get to the correct inclination to satisfy the contract. So my question is this, how can I adjust to the proper inclination of the sat contract orbit before I get into parking orbit of the planet? I fiddled around with attempting to eyeball it when I was doing my mid-course burn to Eve, but I couldn't get my orbit to cooperate with the required sat contract orbit. It seems that the orbit bends "funny" and I can't get both the beginning/ending SOI "legs" to wrap the way I need it to during a mid-course burn. Surely there is a way to do this BEFORE getting into orbit of a planet.
  24. Oh its in the difficult tab. I looked for it earlier in settings and couldnt find it. Thanks guys!
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