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  1. i completly love this mod. it fits exactly in this slightly future shuttle style. is it allowed to ask if raster prop will be included some day?
  2. hi kerbonauts. i have a little problem. only the rear part of my airship generates uplift. the front always goes down. what do i wrong?
  3. so everything works fine now. great mod. i like the details. thanks for your patience...
  4. i installed everything new. i will response to that if the problem still exist. ps. my english is not very good so i apologize for that.
  5. hi fellow kerbonauts. i have a problem. some parts didnt show up ingame. they are totaly invissible. even in the shortcuts there is just an empty field. can somebody help me? pls?
  6. thanks... so i hope it will come back. btw nice work.
  7. is there anything i can do to get rpm into the mark iv?
  8. hi fellow kerbonauts. i have a simple question. how can i get raster prop monitor for the mark iv system? i have both installed, i have just the stock-interior. it would be nice if i could get some help. thx..
  9. hi people. im new to this forum so please, im sry if i post this wrong. i have the problem that i cant switch textures and cargos from the containers.