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  1. Can i edit the cfg of the Oerlikon to make the explosive rounds explode at a range greater than 3500m?
  2. alright so i dont know if this was already reported but with realplume installed, i couldnt select most parts (mainly the mk1 pod and mystery goo) as soon as i uninstalled the mod everything worked perfectly. maybe its realplume messing with other mods? Edit: This only happens in flight
  3. this is the first forum ive used, couldnt find out if there was a function on here or not but here are the logs http://www.mediafire.com/file/v3d2jl3lk3yafh2/KSP.log http://www.mediafire.com/file/zh9s2128ecdf7xd/ModuleManager.ConfigCache
  4. @MFSSETTINGS[MFSSettings] { %useRealisticMass = true %tankMassMultiplier = 4.807692308 %unitLabel = L } RFSETTINGS { engineMassMultiplier = 4.0 useRealisticMass = true heatMultiplier = 1.0 globalConductionCompensation = True instantThrottleProps { val = SolidFuel val = PSPC val = HTPB val = PBAN val = HNIW val = NGNC } RF_TECHLEVELS { ENGINETYPE { name = O TLISP0
  5. i did that, but when i loaded up ksp, all the engines broke and when i open the ui for a fuel tank, the only fuels available are liquidfuel and oxidizer. https://gyazo.com/1d65338df69f196abb46aca76090f078
  6. i like the idea of having multiple fuels in one tank, and different uses for each fuel, but is there a way to remove the fuel stability and ignition limits for all engines? i want different fuels, but just without the fuel stability and ignition limits.
  7. i want stock parts so i can use my old crafts with sstu, instead of losing them because it says i dont have the required parts.
  8. this is probably a bad question, but why does sstu remove all the stock parts? is there a way i can use sstu with stock parts?
  9. i cant get anything to work, i have all the needed mods but when i drop a bomb, nothing happens ive done most of the things ive seen people say to do but it still doesnt work
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