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  1. C7 Aerospace Rocket Program

    I am using Koronal Vessel Viewer:
  2. C7 Aerospace Rocket Program

    The R-1 Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile RT006, first test of the Downscaled Test Vehicle RT007, another DSTV-1 test flight RT008, third flight of DSTV-1 After RT008 Wernher decided to improve the last Downscaled Test Vehicle for the next flight. Besides that he works on a smaller Sounding Rocket.
  3. C7 Aerospace Rocket Program

    The new rocket: Rocket Tests 4 and 5: After two unsuccessful missions Gene and Wernher decided to focus on liquid fueled rockets. From the Intelligence Department they knew that krussian engineers are working on 1,2m Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles (IRBM).To remain competetive in the space race they announced the "Project R-1" and its predecessor, a downscaled version of the R-1. Krussian Rockets:
  4. C7 Aerospace Rocket Program

    C7 Aerspace presents the first rocket: Rocket Test 1, 2 and 3 Test Flights of TV-1 Future plans: -Building an multistage rocket with a 1,25m first stage
  5. Hi, I am starting a somewhat realistic career as the C7 Aerospace Division, which is starting their rocket program. The scenario is similar to the real cold war. I am starting in the 1940s on the side of the United States of... i dont know how to call them. However, the company´s goal is to finally beat the Krussians! Modlist: Difficulty Settings: Launches: Acronyms: I will post new missions every two or three days.