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  1. I'm sure a ton of people already asked this, but can any of you guys give me a list of a few add-ons that can enhance, yet not completely overhaul Career Mode. Can you pin-point me some mods that don't necessarily add new parts to the game, because i still want to keep it vanilla, but i can make exceptions. I know some of you may argue that stock KSP has been boring for a while now, but hey, there's no "right" or "wrong" way to play KSP, eh?
  2. Hi! Been meaning to ask, how do i get BDArmory for 1.2.X?
  3. Hi!

    Hi! Although this tehnically isn't an introduction, since i just wanted to notify all that i moved my account from the old one: @n00blet21, to this one. But hey! Third times the charm, right?