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  1. If your avatar is a photo of your dog, then he looks almost identical to mine. :)

  2. Bluedog Design Bureau and Marques Brownlee.
  3. Me being an insane person, I over-engineered a rocket that was needlessly large and heavy for a seemingly simple task (which I failed to do multiple times): landing on the Mun!
  4. I successfully made an overly complicated rocket with no practical use whatsoever.
  5. I like to think my Kerbals have families to support and any mistake I make they make means I cut their pay. (I am very evil)
  6. I managed to make a rocket capable of orbit and then powered landing and recovery... Robert Goddard style... No, it had no purpose. It was useless. It couldn't do anything in orbit. All it could do was go up and then land. But I'm proud of the fact I managed to do it in one of the most unnecessary ways imaginable. And yes. This post is a shameless plug for my video.
  7. Not really. I can make the source files available if you want. PM me if you want them, maybe they'll end up in the hands of someone willing to continue with them...
  8. What's this? Actual updates!? It's quite big, for a 2.5m engine at least... It has a max thrust of 2100kN, so it's also pretty powerful. Download the RD-270:
  9. For reasons clear to anyone who actually tried to fly with my Gemini Paraglider mod, I have removed it from the main mod page. The downloads are still there on the Github and Spacedock pages, however, I won't be updating it anymore. Feel free to use it or continue it or whatever if you want to.
  10. The Darkside Tech continued mod is on CKAN, but none of the rest are. Sorry about the AVC error, I'll fix that right away... Which craft do you want the file for? I'm planning to upload them all to Kerbalx sometime in the future.
  11. This mod isn't dead! RL interfered with my time to do anything KSP-related, but hopefully I should be able to start modding again during the summer. This means finishing the UR-700 and UR-700A rockets, (potentially) an LK-700, and (unlikely but still possible) a revamp of some of the outdated Big Soyuz/Khleb parts!
  12. What's this? A Von Braun centrifuge perhaps? Will come in 2 variants: Deployable and in modular segments for orbital construction.
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