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  1. STATUS UPDATE: 7 nuclear engines with 100 kN of thrust each? What kind of monstrosity is this!? Many thanks to @Beale for the beautiful plume he allowed me to steal use! Anybody order a small star? Interstages, fairings, and the third (Or fourth, depending on how you look at it) stage will be coming soon! Perhaps one day I shall make a Kerbal Konstructs launch facility for this behemoth of a rocket... who knows?
  2. STATUS UPDATE: Progress on the upper stage fuel tanks...again? Well, the older tanks were plain and boring and actually lower res than my 3.75m fuel tanks! So I decided to redo them. This is basically the entire fuel tank segment of the UR-700A second stage: "...We're a happy family..." Also, work starting on the engine mounting plate for the second stage, so you can attach 7 of the RO-31 engines: EDIT: Also, although I still have to do additional testing, I believe that Notantares remains functional in 1.4.1. Also also, Happy St. Patrick's Day.
  3. Will you have enough space in your signature for this when it comes to release?
  4. STATUS UPDATE: Progress! Nuclear engines and upper stage fuel tanks! 5.625m fuel tank and 5.625 - 3.75m adapter tank. 1.25m RO-31 nuclear engine.
  5. STATUS UPDATE: I think I know what rocket I'll be adding to NotantaresLV next... It will probably be modular enough to allow for both the UR-700 and the UR-700A to be built, but I shall be using the UR-700A as reference for the parts. It shall to scale with the BDB Saturn V. (ie; The upper stages will be 5.625m in diameter, the boosters probably 2.5m. And I will also create an LK-700 lander based on Chelomei's design after the completion of the UR-700 rocket.
  6. What did you do in KSP today?

    I performed a test flight of my Notangara A5 rocket, from my recently-released NotantaresLV mod.
  7. It has arrived! After over 3 months of waiting, NotantaresLV is finally here, and includes: A full modular suite of 2.5m and 3.75m fuel tanks! An RD-0124 upper stage engine! An Angara URM-1 booster engine! An integrated truss decoupler! And a 2.5m fairing and aerodynamic nosecones! Download on Github.
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    Fixed all the crippling problems I had with my paraglider. Now, though it's not a complete dream to fly, it's not the pig is used to be!
  9. STATUS UPDATE: The paraglider has now had a complete config overhaul so that it is a lot easier to control, doesn't stall as often, generates more lift so it can carry heavier pods, and is now a control surface as well as a wing! Github. Hopefully you guys enjoy flying this paraglider more than the previous one, which controlled like a pig and had a tendency to violently roll and flip at random times!
  10. Doing it Soviet Style

  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    This. I should probably work on cutting down the stupefying amount of rapid unplanned loop-the-loop plummeting™ my paraglider induces upon any craft other than the BDB Gemini Capsule.
  12. Wow. I really need to do some additional testing and modification of my old paraglider... The capsule in the video is my Porkalike Gemini-style pod, not the BDB Gemini pod the glider was designed to work with, so that might explain part of the reason why it wobbles and spins and plummets like a stone rather than gliding... but it still should be designed for multi-purpose use, so I might have to fiddle around with it a little more. --- In other news, I hereby present to you the L.É. Salyutations! Powered by 4 nuclear engines with 2 side-mounted drop tanks. Total of 40 crew capacity. Dual rotating centrifuges. 2 cupolas. And 2 inflatable hab modules! And a Salyut station at the front, because I can. NOTE: Hopefully I shall have the next release of Notantares SP out by next week, and Notantares LV will probably be released within the next few weeks. I hope to release it before February breezes by as fast as January did! I will also attempt to modify the paraglider in order to get it to work with a variety of stock and modded capsules without performing... rapid unplanned loop-the-loop plummeting™.
  13. Nevermind guys, I managed to fix it by turning down my PC's screen resolution, loading KSP (Successfully!) and setting the KSP settings back to my original PC screen resolution (1650 x 1050, IIRC), the bumping my screen's resolution back up to 1650 x 1050!