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  1. Bluedog Design Bureau and Marques Brownlee.
  2. Me being an insane person, I over-engineered a rocket that was needlessly large and heavy for a seemingly simple task (which I failed to do multiple times): landing on the Mun!
  3. I successfully made an overly complicated rocket with no practical use whatsoever.
  4. I like to think my Kerbals have families to support and any mistake I make they make means I cut their pay. (I am very evil)
  5. I managed to make a rocket capable of orbit and then powered landing and recovery... Robert Goddard style... No, it had no purpose. It was useless. It couldn't do anything in orbit. All it could do was go up and then land. But I'm proud of the fact I managed to do it in one of the most unnecessary ways imaginable. And yes. This post is a shameless plug for my video.
  6. Not really. I can make the source files available if you want. PM me if you want them, maybe they'll end up in the hands of someone willing to continue with them...
  7. What's this? Actual updates!? It's quite big, for a 2.5m engine at least... It has a max thrust of 2100kN, so it's also pretty powerful. Download the RD-270:
  8. For reasons clear to anyone who actually tried to fly with my Gemini Paraglider mod, I have removed it from the main mod page. The downloads are still there on the Github and Spacedock pages, however, I won't be updating it anymore. Feel free to use it or continue it or whatever if you want to.
  9. The Darkside Tech continued mod is on CKAN, but none of the rest are. Sorry about the AVC error, I'll fix that right away... Which craft do you want the file for? I'm planning to upload them all to Kerbalx sometime in the future.
  10. This mod isn't dead! RL interfered with my time to do anything KSP-related, but hopefully I should be able to start modding again during the summer. This means finishing the UR-700 and UR-700A rockets, (potentially) an LK-700, and (unlikely but still possible) a revamp of some of the outdated Big Soyuz/Khleb parts!
  11. What's this? A Von Braun centrifuge perhaps? Will come in 2 variants: Deployable and in modular segments for orbital construction.
  12. Updated Dev Build Of Notantares LV - Includes new 5.625m engine mount, third stage fuel tank, and interstage! I finished the 5.625m engine mount: I also made a new short 5.625m liquid fuel tank for the 3rd stage, and remade the 5.625m interstage to fit the new engine mount. It's all available in the above link to the dev build - Feedback is appreciated!
  13. Here's a link to the WIP dev build of NotantaresLV - it currently includes the nuclear RO-31 engine, a 5.625m tank, a 5.625m to 3.75m adapter tank, a 3.75m engine mounting plate, and 3.75m and 5.625m interstages: I also have begun work on the regular UR-700 second stage: And the 5.625m engine mounting plate for the UR-700A third stage:
  14. Do you have Retractable Lifting Surface installed? It's a dependency. Currently, my priorities are as follows: Finish the UR-700 and UR-700A (Sometime in mid-to-late May), start and finish an LK-700 (Late May to mid-to-late June), and revamp the Big Soyuz parts (Late June to mid July). However, I will definitely find time in there to make an IVA! Great idea! It sounds like something I could throw together in about a week -- the IVA would take longer, but I might be able to release something like that later this month!
  15. Big Soyuz is compatible with 1.3.1. However, NotantaresLV has two tanks that have stock texture switching built-in. If you're using 1.3.1, they will work fine, they just won't have any texture switching. Sorry, there was a problem in the config I didn't spot during testing - the model path led to a different folder (The one the older version of the paraglider was in) than the one the new paraglider was in. Here's the new, working version: Note: The paraglider is still very unstable, and must be flown gently; Use 'Q' and 'E' to roll slightly, and the lift will simply make you turn. Don't pull up too hard, because it stalls easily.
  16. It looks like a perfectly ordinary Angara 1.2 launch... but what's inside the fairing?
  17. STATUS UPDATE: Oh, also, I finally uploaded those extra Notantares Station Parts inflatable habs that I posted pictures of back in December but never released to Github. So, here you go, you now have two extra inflatable habs while I continue work on the UR-700 and UR-700A! ------ I also completely revamped the OP, so it's less cluttered and easier to navigate! I also added all my mods to Spacedock!
  18. STATUS UPDATE: Notantares Space Industries Presents... V 1.1 "Totally Accurate Angara Simulator! (TAAS)" I spent the better part of 5 hours this morning and 2 hours this evening to get all this work done -- But you guys don't have to concern yourselves with that, just enjoy the update! V 1.1 on Github So, inside the spoiler is a quick run-down of all the changes I made (The update will break existing craft, so you have been warned!). BTW, I am still making progress on the UR-700 and UR-700A parts -- here's a quick screenshot of the WIP interstage for the 2nd (Or is it 3rd? ) stage: It will include built-in retro motors!
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