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  1. @SpannerMonkey(smce) Sorry to be a bother but I swear I was installing the correct version but thank you I installed the one you provided and it works now. I don't know if this is meant to happen but, normally I would get 120 FPS on the title screen and 60 FPS in game but after I installed it, I get 23 FPS on the title screen and 13 FPS in game. Is that a bug or does it just happen? Plus it crashed my game. I don't know, just me or the mod.
  2. Can somebody help please, I've installed BD Armory correctly into the GameData folder (move the DBA GameData contents into KSPs GameData). Yet, when I go in game (KSP 1.2.2), all the models and textures are there but the functions don't work. There's no options for the Weapon Manager or weapons in the actions tab in the hanger. I've tried right clicking the models and no menu appears (Not sure if it is in the first place). I've reinstalled many times, tried different forms of installing and watched and read many tutorials for this. Apparently others have a problem similar except not in this de
  3. I'm having a problem has well where I can't put the Weapon Manager and etc into action groups plus it seems the fuctions don't work at all but the models are present. Any wise words?
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