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  1. I really like this mod. I like the idea of a Kerbal universe in which climate change, and the mistreatment of the environment has affected the Solar System. Where is the KSC in this mod? What is the air pressure on the moon?
  2. I can easily get around with four gigs, even with this: https://ibb.co/i9hGW7 All I have to do is turn the texture resolutions down a bit.
  3. Thanks, sometimes people underestimate the capabilities of four gigabytes of RAM :p
  4. How do you delete celestial bodies in this mod? I really want to play with it, but I only have four gigabytes of RAM, and no means of currently upgrading. By the way, would deleting some moons or planets from this mod reduce RAM usage?
  5. Could you, by any chance, make a mod that allows the current stock parachutes to be deployed whilst on a command seat? Please? I really want to replicate this:
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