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  1. I'm going to conduct a cockpit design competition soon, you can join this competition
  2. just “true” will use VelocityCurve,if i want it dont work,i can type any word
  3. i dont want fix it right now,but you can click F2 about 20sec make it disappear
  4. optimize collider,after 1.4 complex collider will make some error,this is why i dont know this error because i play 1.3.1
  5. as you see,it work well in KSP1.7,im not sure it normal in your game,so it name"fix1 beta1",give me some feedback
  6. it don't work when plane land on water and take off from land,sir
  7. when plane land on aircarrier,Atmosphere Autopilot will out of work,if the aircarrier is on the land,that will't happen