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  1. and ASET for KSP 1.2.X
  2. maybe you can submit two seat EF to this competiton or recommend this competiton to others
  3. After reviewing tons of mods, have you ever thought of creating one by yourself? Willing to share your potatoes to more kerbals? Want more cockpits instead of moar boosters? Then you have come to the right place! Submissions: -Every contestant could submit their own cockpit design to Kerbcat main board under the subclass “design tournament” from 10th July to 10th August. Your entry won’t be registered if submitted to the wrong class or after the dead line. -Contestants can submit up to 3 designs. Design criteria: -Radial size of the cockpit design should be either mk1, mk2, mk2h or mk3 -The submitted material should clearly showcase the graphical detail in the top, left, right, front and rear aspect (top front right and perspective view are the minimum requirements), despite no restriction is imposed in the form of submission. -Contestants are encouraged to design their own IVA Submitting existing design from other mods is not allowed. Plagiarism is prohibited. Prize: -Champion: -8G RAM (under $50USD) -The design will be polished and included in new NMB release with credit. -Merit: -The design will be polished and included in new NMB release with credit. Rules: -Contestant’s designs will be ranked by players’ votes, merit design will be chosen by the adjudicators. -All the submissions should be in release state to be considered a valid submission. -The organizer will review the design and contact the winner via PM after the tournament. If the design violates the rules or the community standard, the prize will be granted to the 1st runner up and so on. -Copyright of the design belongs to the contestants and the organizer together. -The designs should strictly comply with community standard and law, no political or pornographic elements! F.A.Q: Q: I want to submit things other than cockpit!!! A: Nope. Q: I have enough RAM and want things other than RAM A: Contact Bingo. Link: Design guidelines 1. Spark an idea 2. Match your radial szie 3. Three View Drawing Additional Perspective view is encouraged Textured and colored diagrams are appreciated. 4. Login in, then click into the tournament page. Click the点击投稿button Select“设计大赛”in “分类” Upload your images and add your discretion. 5. Have a piece of cake and wait for result(or share your idea with the community and ask for support)
  4. I'm going to conduct a cockpit design competition soon, you can join this competition
  5. just “true” will use VelocityCurve,if i want it dont work,i can type any word
  6. i dont want fix it right now,but you can click F2 about 20sec make it disappear