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  1. yep, i remove iva glass, wait next update that‘s not part type mod problem
  2. ok i saw it, so what glitchy with it ? just red highlight?
  3. show me some screenshot ? upload to https://imgse.com/?lang=en , then post the pictrue link in here
  4. F22/F35/J20, they hace a same feature, more than one "*. MU" file in a folder, maybe that is 1.12.3 issue.
  5. use Photoshop edit part texture, invert texture layer and B9PW wing color parameter
  6. hahahah, i think MK2 full size too big,maybe we should make a mk2-3/4 or MK2-3/5 yes,flanker back head intersecting surface close to MK2 half port
  7. all right,we will get duck head and dildo.........in the future
  8. i think "advance flanker" mk2 half port is a fail cockpit part, so i make a mk1 port flanker cockpit "super flaker", anyway,they both are flanker,don't care they'r which type flaker
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