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  1. See screenshots below: The objects in the model of the part that use bumped specular shader don't show up when the part is taken off the vessel in Editor. In the part icon, the texture shows up, but the normal map for it doesn't. I'm guessing I have to add a tag to these objects, but which one? Thanks.
  2. Make sure you align the center of mass (yellow-black marker) with center of thrust (pink-black marker) on the space-shuttle, and make sure they are aligned even when the fuel tank is empty. You can move the center of thrust by moving the engines to different positions using the offset tool (or rotate them), and you can move the center of mass by changing where you place fuel tanks/SRBs. This is tricky as when tanks are drained from, the center of mass will shift, so just go for a compromise (maybe balance them when all tanks are half full). To make it easier, use the KS-25 vector engines, they have large gimbal range this will allow the engine to automatically change the thrust vector so it is aligned with the center of mass.
  3. I believe you are referring to Textures Unlimited. It does makes this much easier, on the other hand I'm making these models for a mod that is meant to be completely standalone. I was wondering if that had anything to do with it, thanks for clarifying! Edit: No matter what I do to the alpha channel, it always makes the part translucent in the game, rather than reflective. I used the specular shader, which means the texture's alpha channel should be used for specularity.
  4. I've always used alpha channels for transparency, not specularity. On the tutorials I watched, they said that applying an alpha channel to a normal map lets the alpha channel control specularity. Is there a way to do this without a normal map?
  5. There are some sails that are transparent to visible light, but reflect (opaque to) ultraviolet (or any other short wavelength). But yes, considering in my mod, I also allow microwaves as a wavelength (Long), I should change it to reflective and not transparent; I'm just now figuring out reflections, but it will come.
  6. How? For me it only reflects white light in a sort-of diffuse way. What settings (on the inspector tab) are you using for the material? Thanks!
  7. Yes it is! I tried that, and unfortunately it just makes the part really bright. I know this is a stock feature, and that should hopefully mean I don't have to write code or use another plugin to make a shader reflective. I also see many modders use it, like in the solar panels in Near Future.
  8. I finished making my first ever part for ksp! It is a photon-sail, and also has working animations. It currently looks like this: However, I won't be releasing this part till I've finished the transmitter-dish part that I have planned, and I will make this model have size variants as well. Once those are done, I will release this on Spacedock. Feedback on this model is much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. If you want relatively high TWR and relatively high isp (a compromise) for interplanetary travel, the best is the Poodle imo, or only for 3.75m, the Rhino.
  10. My part is finally working! It shows up in game correctly. However, there are a few errors, the collision mesh I am using was created in blender, and is in the wrong orientation, how would I rotate the collision mesh from within Unity? Also, my part looks quite bad, which KSP shader do I add to make it shiny and reflect it's surroundings (like the stayputnik probe texture in recent versions). I'm not talking about the KSP specular shader, that just reflects light of a particular color that is pre-determined, not changing based on surrounding light
  11. Are you sure those are new errors? For some reason, for me the errors messages persist even after fixing the issue. Press Clear at the top right of the window and reload the project, if the error messages still show up then only are they actual errors. Btw, I'm working on a part right now, so have got the Unity window opened.
  12. I don't know a whole lot about creating fonts, I'm using the guide on the forums. This is a guess, but have you installed parttools correctly? Either that or something to do with the TMPro version (you have to remove the latest version and download an older version). More details in the thread below (if you haven't read this already):
  13. @P_samru, Go to Assets/Plugins/KSPAssets, and click on KSPAssetCompiler.dll and you should see a checkbox called validate references on the inspector tab, uncheck this and click apply if unity asks you to. This fixes this error for me.