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  1. Any Idea what happens when you crash during IVA's?
  2. So Awesome, Can't wait for the final package. Just a note, I also ran into the parachute problem. It worked as advertised when I fired it in the upper atmo like planned. The issue I had was when I came in to fast in a bailout scenario it just ripped right off.
  3. Oh god bridge builder is so awesome, Pontifex is ok, but the first one was pretty ground breaking in my opinion.
  4. Any chance on getting a screen of the new Center of Mass/thrust indicators?
  5. I like it, But for kerbin based transport this is a needed addition.
  6. Just a couple Idea's for y'all while we're at it. Red in different languages "piros"-Hungarian, "puna" - Finnish, "merah" - Indonesian, "Dearg" - Irish, "Skola" - Lithuanian, "kızıl" - Turkish, "rujan" - Croatia. Via Google Translate.
  7. I think the topic is self descriptive. plugins are tied to parts. Kerbalnauts are single part vessels? Thanks.
  8. it can do DAE and KML by default. There are a bunch of plugins(written in ruby) to expand it. For instance I use a plugin to export STL\'s for my printer, I\'ve also seen an autocad plugin
  9. I tried it and had a hard time taking off, I added some front canards and it takes off like a dream Edit: on second though maybe I should of put them on the front drop tanks? Edit2: nope bad idea.
  10. Searched the forum It\'s flipped about the X Axis
  11. You mean the texture map? Like this This is an old version of the map, If you have a newer one(with icecaps) i could use it instead. I\'m thinking any real mapping mission on kerbin will take cheat parts.