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  1. DaveTheFish

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    I made contact with the lake, at a vertical speed of under 10 m/s and overall speed under 20m/s, and suddenly the Kraken struck. I have attempted twice, and both times my plane parts flew everywhere and Jeb died. Is it my plane, poor instrumentation, bad piloting, or is it like the Mohole for me and just me? I'm confused, although I should probably note that my plane is 80% airbrakes, 20% wing, and a negligible amount of Jeb, fuselage, and gear.
  2. DaveTheFish

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    Ok, because a plane with that kind of thrust to weight would be capable of VTOL if it was stood with thrust vector facing downwards.
  3. DaveTheFish

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    @Klapaucius Would a plane with a thrust-to-weight ratio of above 1 qualify a plane as a VTOL?
  4. DaveTheFish

    KSP loading screen crash

    From what I know of KSP and incompatible mods, that shouldn’t cause it to crash on the loading screen, but I’ll try once I get back to my home computer. Thanks!
  5. DaveTheFish

    Prompt for username/password leading to another site?

    If you go to that site, it also asks for credentials, along with the message, "Sprich Freund und tritt ein." According to Google Translate, Speak friend and enter. Maybe something to do with the Doors of Durin then. Anyone know what the username/password might be? I'm guessing the password is "mellon."
  6. When I load up KSP, after ModuleManager does its magic and part files begin to load, the game mysteriously crashes. After examining ksp.log, I found the craft file it was compiling when it crashed, but when I removed it, the problem persisted. KSP.log and Player.log enclosed: HYPERLINK!!! any suggestions appreciated.
  7. DaveTheFish

    Helicopter Altitude Record

    Ok, thanks! Will do once my KSP is fixed.
  8. DaveTheFish

    Helicopter Altitude Record

    Would Hank Green's "Helicoptopodes" design count as a helicopter?
  9. DaveTheFish

    Airliner Safety Challenge

    Oh, I'm sorry! I'll work on getting those screenshots. Meanwhile, moar maths as I subtract some points from my score.
  10. DaveTheFish

    Airliner Safety Challenge

    Challenge entry! Craft file here: http://tinyurl.com/leczsvj No screenshots, but scoring attached. 80 passengers, 1 flight attendant, Super heavy 380 km range 1450 top speed, probably more, but at that point, things explode, and the plane is going to fast for intakes to be effective. In total, 2068.5. Feel free to experiment with the craft and disprove any bonuses or facts that I may have listed. (Mods include Mechjeb for control, OPT for wings, KSPI-E for radiators, and AirplanePlus for basically everything else.)