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  1. Whoa, those parts look damn awesome, altough imo the APU exhaust is a little bit too big...
  2. Hi @blackheart612, love the mod! But maybe, a curved tail cone would be nice. Now all of the tails are straight up but not curved like most proper aeroplanes. Just an idea... And btw, this is my first post in two years :P
  3. @blackheart612, any update on the seaplane parts? If not dont worry, as said many times before, real life first!
  4. Yeah, i agree with @qromodynmc. They don't really look that good. It might sound a bit pushy, but why not a new kind of cockpit? Just for flying boats, based on the clipper. (because thats the flying boat everyone knows) If i had some knowlegde on 3d moddeling, i'd help you, but i don't have that knowledge xD. Just those three parts that you listed above, the cockpit, fuselage and tailpiece, nothing else. Just some advice! And yeah, keep the pontoons you have now as normal "exterior pontoons" like the Twin Otter.
  5. WOW! Can you give me your mod list please? Looks like you have some other parts that i still dont have! Thanks!
  6. Looks fancy, will be great on the Boeing 314 Clipper if you implement seaplane parts!
  7. There are tweak scale patches made by players... Can someone give him the link?
  8. *planegasm* THAT WOULD BE FRIGGING AWESOME, maybe add an option that you can make them longer (but not more powerful, still the same engine in the "tube") @blackheart612
  9. So if i understand correctly, just set the throttle limiter to a smaller number? @NeoFatalis Thanks
  10. Ok @blackheart612, might sound like a noob here, but what do you mean with OP and TWR?