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  1. Dev Version 1.1.1: Fixed bug in suggestions - nullref when switching to ignore mass mode with a target destination selected
  2. New WIP version available on the development thread. You can now pick a target destination and and get suggestions based on that target and your payload mass!
  3. Development version 1.1.0: Added target destination selector (per @JedTech's suggestion) Redesigned suggested vehicle info panel to accommodate target destination Moved suggested vehicle launch configs into info panel to tidy window I'm not quite sure on the implementation and usability of the target destination at the moment, I'd appreciate any feedback if anyone's interested!
  4. @TheRagingIrishman quick work, thanks very much!
  5. @TheRagingIrishman you should be able to add as many destination as you like, unless I've done something really stupid!
  6. Destination configs now available for Stock and RSS - these are just basic lists of Destinations that you can add to in your game if you wish. I'm not familiar enough with other planet packs to make configs for them, but if anyone else does please me know!
  7. @MaxxQ yep it should work fine with any planet packs! You define the launch destinations yourself so instead of having a 'Low Kerbin Orbit' you can enter 'Low Gael Orbit' for example. I decided to leave the destinations completely customisable because I imagine different people will want to use them differently - smaller intervals between near kerbin orbits for example. However I am planning on creating some default configs for the Stock and RSS systems and GPP could join them too!
  8. @JedTech Thanks for the suggestion! I think you're definitely right, that would make it easier to find the right vehicle. I'll work on an implementation for the next release!
  9. Kerbal Launch Vehicles v1.0.1 Tired of building a shiny new rocket from scratch for every mission? Ok no, but you'd like your rockets to have a consistent look when they crash into the sea, yeah? And you'd like to know which of your asparagus-staged monstrosities is capable of lifting your latest space station to orbit, right? If you said 'I don't know, I guess so?', then Kerbal Launch Vehicles could be just right for you! With KLV you can design your Launch Vehicles once and reuse them for each new payload, just like real world space agencies. Build your latest satellite, select your favourite lifter from the suggestions list, attach it and launch! Define the capabilities of your Launch Vehicle and KLV will suggest it as an option if it's a match for your current vessel. KLV allows you to keep track of all of your rocket families and their various payload capabilities. Finally got a design that can lift 100 tons to Low Kerbin orbit with an unprecedented 20% success rate? Save it for next time! Your current heavy lift rocket not quite up to the task? Create a variation with 8 strap-on boosters to really light up the Space Centre! Add notes to your rocket to give it some interesting backstory, or to remind you that without careful steering it really loves to backflip. Using KLV couldn't be simpler! But see the image album below for a usage guide. Downloads For KSP 1.3 Older Versions Configs - Sets of basic destinations to get you started, add these to the 'klvconfig.cfg' in your [save]/Subassemblies folder Usage Guide Imgur Album Compatibility No known incompatibilities at the moment. Currently known to work with RSS and RO. Known Issues, I'm working on it, promise! Launch vehicle staging sometimes doesn't load properly when attaching to payload. View the development thread. Suggestions and comments welcome (within reason!) After reading this guide, please report any bugs on the development thread, but please also remember that I need a detailed description of the error and how to reproduce it as well as the full output log from KSP and your save file (if appropriate). If I don't have these, I won't be able to fix it! Kerbal Launch Vehicles is distributed under the MIT license, details.
  10. Update 0.1.9: Families tab is now available in the Editor window - this makes it easier to create new Launch Vehicles on the fly Enabled the ability to drag and drop sections of a vessel to create a new Launch Vehicle - this works in a similar way to the stock subassemblies and allows you to save Launch Vehicles as you create them for payloads. Creating a Launch Vehicle directly still works as before, as does editing existing Launch Vehicles.
  11. @Probus I've made some changes which appear to fix the problem in my testing, so hopeful will on your install too! I've uploaded the new version for KSP 1.2 linked in OP, let me know if it works for you, and sorry for the bombardment of tags!
  12. @Probus OK I think I've worked out what the issue is. I believe the bug's coming from an incompatibility with the Real Time Clock mod. Can you try removing that mod from your install and confirm that's the case? However, I think it's a problem on my end that I should be able to fix. Due to my lack of Unity experience I think I'm handling some of the GUI calls incorrectly. I'll have a look at fixing it now.
  13. @Probus I've used your list of mods and I'm now seeing your error. I'll do a bit of detective work and get back to you.
  14. @Probus Yeh the KSP.txt from the exe directory would be great to see if there's an error while loading. Also, would you be able to open the Alt-f12 console and see if there's any output when you try using the features that are buggy? Thanks very much
  15. @Probus I've tried the mod with an install of RO with all the recommendations and suggestions, but I still can't manage to replicate your issue! Did you have any luck with the debug log?