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  1. well it is a shame we cannot see your works. However it would be the most respectful {IMHO} to give credit to the modders who gave me the items I could assemble. so I would be honored just know I assembled it, and personally I would not want credit. I get fun and the ability to share my fun with my friends and fellow KSPer's. Lots of people did hard work to make this happen. This is the "TrekLisias II" inspired by modder @Lisias for just being there when others had questions Enjoy Jammer-TD initial test flights and pics
  2. yes that is bad for them, as it will be the last they see of me and my kind, when this all goes DLC for mods --- bye-bye as has happened to many a decent game, greed for money will shut them down as it has for many a DLC, this game is worth $30 that's it considering it has so many problems...
  3. TrekLisias II While silence has been maintained in this project for too long now, we have finally caught a glimpse of the long awaited 1.7 Retrofit for the Space Program, this long range delivery vehicle is the largest in its cargo class, and has had some serious upgrades from the original TrekLisias Series in honor of @Lisias and his multi Billion Dollar investment in the coding industry. A whopping 33 H-size Cargo Bays and six J-bays. this craft come complete with gravity centrifuges and nuke power, the TWR of 4.7 fully loaded is in flight test mode in the pics below. with the new Plasma engines we expect to have a smooth journey ahead cause its a long ride! more prep work is still to be done we are told this is near completion and flight plans are being made. The Kerbacebook social sites are all the buzz. stay tuned for more info
  4. @Lisias Release Worked well for me. no know issues at this time. I'm At 1.7.1 with all mods updated, saves and ships doing fine(I am only using 1.7.1 saves and Ships). FYI Thanks So Much Jammer-TD
  5. the forum for the links above are : and here Hope this helps Jammer-TD
  6. so you can download the mod here:https://github.com/blowfishpro/B9-Aerospace/releases/tag/v6.5.2 (depending on version of KSP1.7.1 uses the latest version 6.5.2). then unzip the file and place the B9Aerospace_HX folder in you ksp\gamedata folder making < ksp\gamedata\B9Aerosopace_HX> (if you had one already then you would delete this during updating the mod) you need the Module Manger to make thing work(here), if you want you can also use the B9AnimationModules,and B9PartSwitchas well as SmokeScreen(these are separate mod's that go together well) I don't use the older MM provided(3.1.2)in the zip file mentioned above, but you can with older KSP(this file goes in the gamedata folder not under any other folder(ksp\gamedata\MM.dll) launch Game. post your pics when done.. hope this helps Jammer-TD
  7. @TheRealWiwaxia I downloaded from your site(Im the "1"). to support your work.. Good Job Thanks Jammer-TD
  8. well I have tested this in 1.7.1, and there are 2.5 options that I am aware of that work, but I haven't tried to combine them. in 1 instance utilizing v2.0.2 and adding v 2.0.14 for parts and rework_core using IR sequencer1.0.3 does work in 1.7.1, and using the above recompiled.dll (option 1.5= the original combined install without the new .dll or rework) however the @meirumeiru (v3) as well works and has some really nice enhanced parts. this works when using InfernalRobotics_v3.0.0_beta3_p7_for_1.4.2 (which incorporates rework core and expansion) and IR_Sequencer_3.0.1_KSP_1.6 in v1.7.1which to me is now my go to mod for MagicSmoke hope this helps. I didn't provide links here but if you need I will let me know hope this helps Jammer-TD
  9. 1st: you must use this game only when plugged in and Not on battery power for max performance 2nd: check power setting to make sure they = "max performance". 3rd:adding memory would help( this model does support more). 4th: validating the pagefile size to be set at minimum size would be equal to recommended amount and add 2 gigs to the max size, 5th: you could try launching using directx11 to see if it helps 6th: turn off antivirus/anti-malware software when running game.>>Don't forget to turn it back on when done. 7th: assure you have free hard drive space min like 10% or so. GL hope this helps Jammer-TD
  10. there is this info that may help explain it.. hope this helps Jammer-TD
  11. please provide the info needed to assist you.following the link aboves Guidelines Thanks Jammer-TD
  12. so are you asking for mod suggestions? if so, I would say these are 2 different things, sci-fi and visual enhancements when it comes to mods here sci-f type mods are listed here as an example:https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/science or https://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods/science and visuals are things like: https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/miscellaneous or https://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods/miscellaneous the mods install the same as placing them under the ksp/gamedata folder> Win Linux or Mac if you find ones you like(try 1 at a time when possible). if you need specific help you can check back here and we will assist further hope this helps Jammer-TD
  13. MY 1.6.6 is telling me I need to update from 3.7.1-which I just downloaded to 3.8.3>> [Log 14:24:08.5656132]: LocalInfo.Url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/master/GameData/InterstellarFuelSwitch/Plugins/InterstellarFuelSwitch.version, www.text: { "NAME":"Interstellar Fuel Switch", "URL":"https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/master/GameData/InterstellarFuelSwitch/Plugins/InterstellarFuelSwitch.version", "DOWNLOAD":"http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/106243-111-interstellar-fuel-switch-126-updated-30-4-2016-new-auto-mass-ratio-support/", "VERSION": { "MAJOR":3, "MINOR":8, "PATCH":0, "BUILD":3 }, "KSP_VERSION": { "MAJOR":1, "MINOR":6, "PATCH":1 } } NAME: Interstellar Fuel Switch URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/master/GameData/InterstellarFuelSwitch/Plugins/InterstellarFuelSwitch.version DOWNLOAD: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/106243-111-interstellar-fuel-switch-126-updated-30-4-2016-new-auto-mass-ratio-support/ GITHUB: NULL VERSION: KSP_VERSION: 1.6.1 KSP_VERSION_MIN: NULL KSP_VERSION_MAX: NULL CompatibleKspVersion: True CompatibleKspVersionMin: True CompatibleKspVersionMax: True CompatibleGitHubVersion: True UpdateAvailable: False the download url above brings me back to this main page I am not sure if anyone else has this error Jammer-TD
  14. do you have,, CommunityTechTree installed? and USITools v1.0.0.0 isn't the latest version. I might recheck to get the latest version and its dependencies hope this helps Jammer-TD
  15. correction..my guess was not even close.. KSPe= https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/KSPAPIExtensions/releases
  16. this was the answer for me,TY @ksc123 . when I got the time to try again. sorry so late of a response, and when I combined them properly with the next release. 1st, I downloaded>> InfernalRobotics_v3.0.0_beta3_p7_for_1.4.2.zip>>(granted my test is in KSP v1.6.1) [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next 2nd, I downloaded IR-Sequencer_v3.0.1 from [WIP][1.6] Infernal Robotics Sequencer (NEXT) 3.0.1 And it was MagicSmokin again. Luv It ! Parts look nice buttons show up and work. TY for the 3.0.1IR Sequencer update @Valren_Starlord (this fixed my missing button issue) Let the creativity continue.. Thanks Jammer-TD
  17. oh yes Planet/Star packs need, Kopernicus in most cases I know of. HF,GL Jammer-TD
  18. well with little details here I would start with: validating the mods version with KSP version recommendation and check that all dependencies have been installed as well. then if it is still happening follow this info so it maybe evaluated https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/83212-how-to-get-support-read-first/ hope this helps Jammer-TD
  19. I have used the following for quite some time now, hope this helps, this command sets the game to use least used cpu cores. I have 12 core with hyperthreading so setting the 60 to something else would be done depending on cpu, I selects core 7and 8 so as to reduce the pounding on CPU0 cmd.exe /c start /affinity 60 KSP_x64.exe wmic process where name="ksp_x64.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" (this must be launched from within the ksp directory unless altered) hope this helps Jammer-TD
  20. so I have used magicsmoke and IR for almost every vehicle I have made, and I have been awaiting this release, as it has more to it. so in my test ksp environment,t I have all of my mods updated and add this so I can see the new changes. using v1.6.1 and MM4.02 1st, I downloaded>> InfernalRobotics_v3.0.0_beta3_p7_for_1.4.2.zip>>(granted my test is in KSP v1.6.1) 2nd, I downloaded IR-Sequencer_v3.0.0_for_1.4.2>>(granted my test is in KSP v1.6.1) then I launched everything appears and worked however. in the latest of IR from the other version when launched, it provided and IR sequence windows as well as the IR Editor window. that didn't happen in the v3 test, no IR sequence button shows up only the IR editor button, the only difference in files I see is the assest bundle folder where <ir.ui.objects.bundle> isn't present like it is in the version using IR-2.0.2+parts from IR 2.0.14+ IRSequencer1.0.3 final, when this is used I get both buttons and tested it to function fine. other than that file difference(and I am not sure this is related) I see no reason this shouldn't give me both buttons. the parts show up and the core when placed(like in the older ver) doesn't add the 2nd button to the toolbar. However it all works just no IR Sequencer window/button to launch it. so I thought I would share this info. any ideas or help as to what could be my the reason for this difference would be appreciated. Thanks to all you Modders who to make this game as great as it is Still Having Fun after all these years Jammer-TD
  21. well for the most part no. although part only mods, or welded parts can be, if you are familiar with textures and editing of mods than sure. but anything that would be CKAN updating related ..I would say no. I have not evaluated any differences in OS types however, so this would be per the windows OS. that's not to say that the dev's and modder's(and the like) here cannot do it, I am sure they can. but for the casual user I would recommend leaving it as is. The community as whole keeps the structure as it was intended and diagnosing issues would be problematic. adding complexities would make it worse. Hope this helps Jammer-TD
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