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  1. Jammer-TD's post in How to install Airplane Plus was marked as the answer   
    so you need to end up with  a folder structure like "ksp/gamedata/mod name" is good, as "ksp/gamedata/gamedata/mod name" is not good.
    see pic below for folder structure example:
  2. Jammer-TD's post in R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call Error was marked as the answer   
    well at some level your system appears to be having a video conflict
    is this version 1.3.1 with only 1.3.1. mods?  I don't think so, as the log has with ModuleManager.2.6.25
    so I would recommend updating to the latest or reverting back to the version you want and remodding maybe a recent mod added is too new to work with this version as i see MINIVAVC  is running and may have updated a mod?
    best I could offer..
    hope this helps
  3. Jammer-TD's post in Data reset after PC crash was marked as the answer   
    from what I understand you to be dealing with, the saves folder where your created game was working.this must have 2 files init to work(besides your saved data). persistent.loadmeta and persistent.sfs so if they are missing(from the crash). I would create a new game and save it, then go to the files folder for the old game and copy your ships/backup and subassembly folders to the newly created game and to complete this resume the new game and then select load saved game select your last save and see if that works 
    hope this helps
  4. Jammer-TD's post in KSP causing BSOD on Windows 10 was marked as the answer   
    I have not seen a bsod caused by this game 1.22,1.3,1.3.1 or its mod's, for the most part BSOD is usually a hardware failure. I would recommend temp monitoring as it obviously doesn't happen at loading(1 hour would strain parts getting hot) also memory chips can get hot and cause this as well.
    you don't mention the use of x64-ksp.exe so make sure you use the 64 version. Also update your video driver after windows updates.
    Hope this helps
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