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  1. Where is YOUR Jebediah Kerman?

    I must know spin a tale of woe. Jeb and Lizjorie, in the rover Kahiltna I, were exploring Minmus. A sudden temporal anomaly teleported them and the rover to a moon of Cyran. Once I realized this, I deleted the mod... and Jeb and Lizjorie.
  2. What's Your Definition of "Rocket" ?

    That occurred to me as well. I couldn't come up with a way to include those in my definition, so I left it as is. However, building off of your extension of my definition, a rocket is a device that, using some sustained or pulsed, on board force such as a pressure differential or electromagnetic field, propels onboard reaction mass in a consistent direction as a means of propulsion. While some varieties such as air-augmented rockets can benefit from external reaction mass, the rocket must be capable of operating in vacuum, with purely onboard reaction mass. This should include chemical rocket engines Project Orion-esque rockets Ion engines, i.e. Hall effect thrusters Ship mounted guns used as drives Compressed gas thrusters such as an RCS system Nuclear thermal engines VASIMIR type engines Won't include Ablative laser systems Solar sails mass drivers and the like orbital rings and space elevators
  3. What's Your Definition of "Rocket" ?

    A device which uses pressure differentials to create a force that can propel an object, either through space or an atmosphere. Very useful items, particularly when you want to get to space. Or when you want to do this
  4. JoolTube: SpaceX Drone Ship!

  5. KSP Weekly: A Year in Space

    Merry Christmas!
  6. True. I guess this is more of the takeoff speed that you would want to aim for. Whatever the case, it was fun to do!
  7. A friend and I were in our English class and were bored. So my friend, @RisingAeroEngineer11, posed this question to me: What is the stall speed of a Cessna 206 on Mars? I initially thought that it could only be experimentally determined, but after consulting the oracle (Google), we came up with this equation V = √( 2 M g / ρ S Cl max ) Where V = stall velocity M = mass g = acceleration due to gravity ρ = atmospheric density S = wing area and Cl max = Coefficient of lift, max Finding the variables related to the aircraft itself were surprisingly hard to find. The mass was easy with the mass of a Cessna 206 with 65 gallon tanks and full fuel, assuming a 70 kg pilot, being 1,234 kg. Now, in actuality, a combustion powered plane could not run on Mars, so we will assume that the engine is replaced by an electric motor of the same weight and the fuel tanks are replaced with batteries of the same weight, however unrealistic that may be. After looking at a couple of websites, we eventually found the wing area, which is 16.3 m2. The hardest variable to find was actually the Coefficient of lift, which we actually had to solve for. To find the coefficient of lift we solved the stall speed equation on Earth, with all of the variables plugged in. The published stall speed of a Cessna 206 is 52 knots, which is 26.75 m/s. So the equation looked something like this: Rearranging to solve for C gives an answer of 1.694. Now that we know all of our plane's variables, we can plug them into the equation. We used a gravitational acceleration of 3.711 m/s2 and an air density of 0.02 kg/m3. When everything is plugged in, the equation looks like this When all is said and done, this gives us a velocity of 128.78 m/s, or 286 mph. Now, a quick google search tells us that the local speed of sound is 240 m/s, so in order to just take off, our 206 has to go almost half the speed of sound! Thanks for giving me your time, and comment below if we made any mistakes.
  8. I would appreciate that. Another option could be that you keep the current format, but make it chronological only and keep the answered button.
  9. Which celestial bodies may have or had life?

    I laughed so hard at this. It reminds me about the SETI joke; the reason they are searching for extra terrestrial intelligence is because they can't find any here!
  10. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Thanks, I really wish it had become reality @Nils277
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    Welcome to the forums @SuperHammy3! I haven't even tried to get 1.3.1 to work. Still trying to run on 1.2.2, but all the new parts for @Angel-125 's Pathfinder mod and @Nils277 's KPBS are making me drool.
  12. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nope @AspiringAerospaceEngineer
  13. I don't think it should be tidally locked. More like Mercury, which is close to being tidally locked. In addition, I think an on-rails quasi-satellite of one of the bodies would be cool, kind of like 3753 Cruithne An additional gas giant somewhere. Hmm, thats got me thinking. Hot Jool anyone? A trojan body, either of Tylo, or Duna
  14. Oh, okay. Thanks for replying so quickly. guess I will do the same then.
  15. @CobaltWolf I have been working on designing a replica of the Apollo CSM recently, and I was curious, where are you getting your dimensions for the parts? I can't find them anywhere. My progress so far.