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  1. Banned for ban message being backwards
  2. I am reading both static and ram air pressure, so would I just put my static air pressure in for P then? Also definitely in incompressible regime
  3. Hi all. I am working on an airspeed indicator, and I am having some problems. I can get dynamic pressure easily, and it appears to be correct, fluctuating only slightly(0.00 - 0.07 kPa) when at a dead stop. Those values appear to be fine, but they cause huge fluctuations in the airspeed I calculate from it. I get from a dynamic pressure of 0.04 kPa to an airspeed of 32ish mph. I am using this equation to calculate the airspeed from the dynamic pressure. where A0 = 661.4788 knots and P0 = 29.92126 inches Hg and q_c is the dynamic pressure. The overall output should be in knots. I'm at a loss as to why this doesn't work. If anyone has any clue, please let me know.
  4. Hey everyone, coming back to the forums after a long KSP hiatus. I made a flag for my new corporation, and I would love help/advice on what to do with it. Mostly it has to do with improving readability. I like the design, but its kind of blurry at a distance. Any design advice would be greatly appreciated too! Thanks, Cadet_BNSF
  5. Maybe Kerbal Konstructs could be used. Hmm, I'll, get back to you in a couple days
  6. Don't know if you realize, but that is a lot of work for one part. As a disclaimer, I don't mod, but I know that my free time is valuable, and I don't appreciate more of it being taken up by something I only slightly enjoy. SOOO, unless you really enjoy making parts, like @CobaltWolf or @Angel-125, who each have made hundreds of parts in their mods, this is not something that is worth it for @SQUAD.
  7. But then Take2 and @SQUAD don't make money off of the DLC, which is the point of releasing it
  8. Tape Gaming did a video where he made a ring around Gilly
  9. The great @sal_vager has the most posts on the forum, with 17757. As of right now, @TexanAviator has the least posts on the forum (and welcome aboard!) Wow that was a fast response. That answers my question then. Also, he is three posts away from ten times a very patriotic number of posts. At least for an American
  10. YES, YES, YES, YES!!!! This is amazing, can't wait to play it! Edit: First
  11. I was actually coming to this thread to ask just this question, and lo and behold, it is on topic. Who has the most posts on the forums? @Vanamonde has the most I can remember seeing, though it is possible that I might have seen someone with more.
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