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  1. Banned for ban message being backwards
  2. I am reading both static and ram air pressure, so would I just put my static air pressure in for P then? Also definitely in incompressible regime
  3. Hi all. I am working on an airspeed indicator, and I am having some problems. I can get dynamic pressure easily, and it appears to be correct, fluctuating only slightly(0.00 - 0.07 kPa) when at a dead stop. Those values appear to be fine, but they cause huge fluctuations in the airspeed I calculate from it. I get from a dynamic pressure of 0.04 kPa to an airspeed of 32ish mph. I am using this equation to calculate the airspeed from the dynamic pressure. where A0 = 661.4788 knots and P0 = 29.92126 inches Hg and q_c is the dynamic pressure. The overall output should be in knots. I'm at a loss as to why this doesn't work. If anyone has any clue, please let me know.
  4. Hey everyone, coming back to the forums after a long KSP hiatus. I made a flag for my new corporation, and I would love help/advice on what to do with it. Mostly it has to do with improving readability. I like the design, but its kind of blurry at a distance. Any design advice would be greatly appreciated too! Thanks, Cadet_BNSF
  5. Maybe Kerbal Konstructs could be used. Hmm, I'll, get back to you in a couple days
  6. Don't know if you realize, but that is a lot of work for one part. As a disclaimer, I don't mod, but I know that my free time is valuable, and I don't appreciate more of it being taken up by something I only slightly enjoy. SOOO, unless you really enjoy making parts, like @CobaltWolf or @Angel-125, who each have made hundreds of parts in their mods, this is not something that is worth it for @SQUAD.
  7. But then Take2 and @SQUAD don't make money off of the DLC, which is the point of releasing it
  8. Tape Gaming did a video where he made a ring around Gilly
  9. The great @sal_vager has the most posts on the forum, with 17757. As of right now, @TexanAviator has the least posts on the forum (and welcome aboard!) Wow that was a fast response. That answers my question then. Also, he is three posts away from ten times a very patriotic number of posts. At least for an American
  10. YES, YES, YES, YES!!!! This is amazing, can't wait to play it! Edit: First
  11. I was actually coming to this thread to ask just this question, and lo and behold, it is on topic. Who has the most posts on the forums? @Vanamonde has the most I can remember seeing, though it is possible that I might have seen someone with more.
  12. I think the title says it all. Where is the weirdest place the recently used devices tab in account settings says you have been? Beyond the 47,8, I know I haven't been to The Netherlands, or Germany, or Englewood, Colorado lately.
  13. I could be wrong, but are you making a Kaman HH-43 replica? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaman_HH-43_Huskie
  14. I think I am more confused now than before. Definitely the weirdest thing I have seen today
  15. But why? This brings out many urges in me, most of them me wanting to kill my computer by driving this into the ground at stupidly high speeds.
  16. It's not today, but on Saturday I was helping my dad clean out his closet, and I found an Apogee Components 1/70th scale Saturn V. My dad said I could have it and I started working on it the next day. That rocket has been sitting in the closet for nearly 20 years, and is worth almost $300, unbuilt, which blows my mind.
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