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  1. Hi, I am a user of the USI suite, and I don't see any parts in the tech tree to be unlocked. Do they not show up, or is there something wrong with my install? Thanks!

    1. SapperChop


      I should say I have the latest version of everything from the website

    2. RoverDude


      Something is wrong in your install.  Please ask in a forum thread and provide more details.

  2. I should have mentioned that the ducted fan is a part from a mod, I can't remember which right now lol.
  3. A couple of days ago I tested a fully electric airplane that is capable of generating more power than the ducted fan can consume! It weighs in at around 900kg and seats one! Feel free to make recommendations, as it is a work in progress.
  4. This was hard, as it was my first time to purposefully try to land at the KSC. I used SpaceY boosters and launch clamps so I guess that means I am modded. Thanks! http://imgur.com/a/N7Ns6
  5. Hey guess how much this sucks?! I am a little bit of a noob and was learning about MechJeb's SpacePlane Guidance widget in real time and turns out the Autoland feature isn't too helpful. If it counts for anything, I quicksaved about 15km out and landed by hand. I went to take an F3 screenshot and it said max distance travelled ~17km so I figured that wouldn't be sufficient. I will set this to go again tonight. Also, can we have a version of the challenge where we can use parts mods? OPT, MRS, Procedural wings, etc? I just think my plane is bland. (though I am not what I would call a skilled builder anyway)
  6. I tried out these Scramjets from OPT space plane parts. Valentina was pulling 15 G's for most of the trip. Cruising at mach 6.3 here.
  7. This is my Asteroid Station in LKO. The solar farm in the forefront of the image gives better sun exposure than the original array I had attached to the truss to the right of the science lab. Three Convert-a-trons, 10 drills, 97% full. Hope you like it!
  8. Thanks I'll try that out. I'm usually pretty impatient lol.
  9. The curved panels are from future solar. The habitats are from K&K planetry mods. I will get back to you on where the trusses came from! Thanks!
  10. This is my first post, and am not very experienced with forums, but I really enjoy building my asteroid station. I hope you enjoy the pics. Does anyone know how to "right" the camera to give a better orientation of the station (vertical)? This station has a solar farm attached to the main hub using KAS. The panels originally only allowed sun exposure for about an hour of the day. Link to Screens: http://imgur.com/gallery/mC7eD
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