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  1. Spanish translator here: It's not my native language so I apologize for any mistakes I may have made! If anyone who's a native speaker or more fluent than I could fix my errors that would be amazing. As for Team Galileo, thank you all for the great work you do!
  2. I have been waiting for the for more than two years and you never took my suggestion
  3. I'd like my name shortened to just "Adstri" (without the quotations of course) Thanks!
  4. These are some of the best looking planets I've seen. Not too realistic, yet not too stockalike. The fit in perfectly with the style of the game whilst maintaining a high level of detail and beauty. I am seriously excited to play this!
  5. those are some sick clouds! What brush did you use to get them?
  6. Let's be honest nobody can get hands right. Looks good!
  7. Boo KSS bad!!!111!!!!11!1111!! >:( Let's see what they have to say about you now!
  8. I'm just as surprised as you The original version actually did have a drunk Ireland, but I've censored it because I'm not sure if that's too much alcohol for the forums or not.