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  1. Adstri

    Galaxies Unbound Series

  2. I'd like my name shortened to just "Adstri" (without the quotations of course) Thanks!
  3. Adstri

    Galaxies Unbound Series

    These are some of the best looking planets I've seen. Not too realistic, yet not too stockalike. The fit in perfectly with the style of the game whilst maintaining a high level of detail and beauty. I am seriously excited to play this!
  4. Adstri

    Show off your drawings!

    those are some sick clouds! What brush did you use to get them?
  5. Adstri

    [WIP] SeaQuest KSP

    Very nice!
  6. Adstri

    Show off your drawings!

    Let's be honest nobody can get hands right. Looks good!
  7. Adstri

    Galaxies Unbound Series

    Boo KSS bad!!!111!!!!11!1111!! >:( Let's see what they have to say about you now!
  8. Adstri

    Show off your drawings!

    I'm just as surprised as you The original version actually did have a drunk Ireland, but I've censored it because I'm not sure if that's too much alcohol for the forums or not.
  9. Adstri

    Show off your drawings!

    What a strange family.
  10. Adstri

    Show off your drawings!

    When people notice the little details It makes me happy :D
  11. Adstri

    Show off your drawings!

    Visegrád Group Wanted to do something different
  12. Adstri

    Show off your drawings!

    Unintentionally ended up resembling Ceres.
  13. Adstri

    Show off your drawings!

    I drew some posters for Whirligig World, a planet pack by GregroxMun. Spoilers! (Two of my favorites) - Full Album
  14. Look under your chairs. Spoilers inside! You get a poster! You get a poster! EVERYONE gets a poster! - Album (if you haven't put it together these were all made by me)
  15. Adstri

    What did you do in KSP today?

    The Mun is kind of plain. It's too flat and the craters are too uniform. So I've fixed that problem! I've revamped the Mun's surface, but I also kept all of the old surface features in place! I intend to release this sometime in the future, maybe with a full stock planet revamp.