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  1. Kopernicus planet packs not loading?

    May I have a look at one of your planet's config files? I think the issue's in there.
  2. [WIP] [1.3.1] DoubleDouble (DD) (v1.1)

    Yes I do, just need to figure out my password for it... It's been forever since I did MM codes, but I'll figure it out again .
  3. [WIP] [1.3.1] DoubleDouble (DD) (v1.1)

    I'll contribute on the coding, if you need that.
  4. I hate to be honest, but yes, Icarus is a very overused name. I suggest keeping the planet's nickname as Tartarus, @Cabbink, because the name makes it feels quite unique and special. Dang! That's less space than the upper radius of Planet Nine! That is not going to live much longer I can tell. I predict that planet will live for another 100 to 1,000 years, if it is a planet and not some eclipsing binaries.
  5. A giant ellipsoid planet with several moons and other shenanigans? Ooo... Me likey this .
  6. Dang, that is terrifying! At least we don't have to face that inevitability, but then again, it's roughly 1,400 light-years away.
  7. [WIP] [1.3.1] DoubleDouble (DD) (v1.1)

    Huh, didn't know that. I've always assumed that you need CRP configs in order for them to appear.
  8. [WIP] [1.3.1] DoubleDouble (DD) (v1.1)

    It is indeed, comrade.
  9. [WIP] [1.3.1] DoubleDouble (DD) (v1.1)

    Probably not. This is a fairly new mod, so i'm not 100% sure if all the planets are CRP integrated. By default however, all planets have at least some ore, even if they're modded.
  10. [WIP] [1.3.1] DoubleDouble (DD) (v1.1)

    Absolutely stunning. That's all I can say really, it's just glorious!
  11. Sentry (InDev, Unreleased)

    Phew! I was gonna take this mod over, but I'm a freshmen in high school so yea, not a lot of time.
  12. Gene's Star (InDev Version)

    @bob14 sorry for the late response (school and stuff ) but maybe if you show me a pic or some logs, I may be able to help you. Oh wait It might be the latest update of Kopernicus that ruined it, I suggest using kopernicus version 1.3.0-4 until I can update this mod
  13. [1.3.0] Before Kerbin - 2 Billion Years before Stock

    A little late to the party but yay, It's released! Will download when I get back to my computer
  14. I'm not 100% sure on this, but it might be due to ModuleManager errors because any in-game objects being replaced/replicated causes that if not done properly. I've seen KottabosGames and other people make this mod work, so I suspect that either you're using the wrong Kopernicus version or the wrong game version since TBG has been updated to 1.3. You can either hook up with either @daniel l. or @seanth about this if my suspecting mind is wrong, they know way more about procedural generation than I do.