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  1. NickRoss120

    Ramesses System Overhaul [INDEV]

    Working on Bennu's updated texture ..and Wosret's done!
  2. NickRoss120

    Ramesses System Overhaul [INDEV]

    Huh, I thought I put it in the album Anyways, here is what Seker looks like, @ILoveStars
  3. NickRoss120

    Ramesses System Overhaul [INDEV]

    Remade several planets and moons! Sekhmet (Now Nefertum, Nefertum renamed to Bast) Ptah Thoth Nut Hathor
  4. NickRoss120

    Ramesses System Overhaul [INDEV]

    Made Iunit, the moon of Montu!* *True distance not represented in this picture
  5. NickRoss120

    Ramesses System Overhaul [INDEV]

    Four of the five moons of Amun Khufu Thutmose Djoser Amunet (Atmo. will be changed)
  6. NickRoss120

    Ramesses System Overhaul [INDEV]

    Thanks, I can also tell your mod is looking pretty good, too. Here's Min finally, I still have to add particle effects to it (It's already in there, but I guess it ain't working. ) and now I can focus on fixing up Ptah's rings and start working on Iunit, Montu's moon.
  7. NickRoss120

    Ramesses System Overhaul [INDEV]

    Nefertem and Maahes: Two out of three moons of Ptah Nefertem Maahes
  8. NickRoss120

    Ramesses System Overhaul [INDEV]

    Created Neith
  9. NickRoss120

    Ramesses System Overhaul [INDEV]

    Tweaked some rings Updated Rings for Amun Updated Rings for Horus
  10. NickRoss120

    Ramesses System Overhaul [INDEV]

    Made Nut, moon of Geb
  11. Development Thread for Ramesses System Overhaul (RSO) What is RSO? As the name suggests, the mod will replace all of the planets and add a bit more. RSO will be situated around a K-type star which is orbited by 14 planets (3 minor), with an early L-type orbited by 5 planets. All of which are listed below The Planets Ra System Seker System Pics Click for Imgur album Keep in mind that this mod is still a work in progress and will not be uploaded until I feel like it's ready for release.
  12. NickRoss120

    2001 Planet Pack [KSP 1.3.1 + RSS] , [KSP 1.4.3]

    Huh, not a half-bad idea! Feels kinda weird that Jupiter is a low-mass star now, but eh, I've seen weirder.
  13. NickRoss120

    [1.3.1] Real Exoplanets v0.2.0 [12/12/18]

    inb4 everyone else.
  14. NickRoss120

    Kopernicus star help.

    Most people use an intensity calculator, but I can't give you the link due to privatization issues. If you need any more help, you can DM me or come over some time to the official Kopernicus Discord.
  15. NickRoss120

    Kopernicus star help.

    Mine are huge vast numbers and don't contain decimals, except the ones that are large numbers such as 8.122216E+09 Wonder if that's related