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  1. Edited Amun... ...Horus... ...Hathor... ...and Osiris
  2. Revised Joh Revised Thoth And a revival of Aten (deleted it early in development)
  3. Hey hey I'm here again Don't worry, my mod isn't dead or has stopped development, I was just very busy over the past few months with Finals and working on a collaborative mod with several other people. Another contributing factor was that my overall morale went down and I certainly contemplated about stopping work on this mod, but alas I didn't. I'll be continuing to work on this mod and I'll show progress pictures within the next few days. Cheers! - NickRoss120
  4. @KerbolExplorer I'm considering giving some peeps a bug test folder soon, so we'll see about that
  5. Finalized all textures and sizes for all of the current gas and ice giants in the mod! (with the exception of the one that shall not be mentioned)
  6. Seems like you're using lightColor, which most people don't use unless they're newer modders, which is understandable in your case.We now usually use atmosphereFromGround, which works for gas giants as well. To find out the right values, we usually use KittopiaTech, which was revamped not too long ago: Here is what that part of the config looks like: Just to be convenient, here is what I got that looks close enough for your image while not looking ugly Hope this helps! p.s: LightColor works as well in technicality, but I rarely ever used it since last year
  7. Working on Bennu's updated texture ..and Wosret's done!
  8. Huh, I thought I put it in the album Anyways, here is what Seker looks like, @ILoveStars
  9. Remade several planets and moons! Sekhmet (Now Nefertum, Nefertum renamed to Bast) Ptah Thoth Nut Hathor
  10. Made Iunit, the moon of Montu!* *True distance not represented in this picture
  11. Four of the five moons of Amun Khufu Thutmose Djoser Amunet (Atmo. will be changed)
  12. Thanks, I can also tell your mod is looking pretty good, too. Here's Min finally, I still have to add particle effects to it (It's already in there, but I guess it ain't working. ) and now I can focus on fixing up Ptah's rings and start working on Iunit, Montu's moon.
  13. Nefertem and Maahes: Two out of three moons of Ptah Nefertem Maahes