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  1. Oh I did forget about that. That should go under the Template node, something like this:
  2. Hi there! Not sure if you still need some help, but here's what I noticed: In both configs, the cacheFile path is in the Template node, which is causing it to not load properly. Here's what I recommend for that: @Kopernicus:AFTER[KOPERNICUS] { Body { name = Iris cacheFile = PATH Template { ... } } } (Sidenote: @Kopernicus:FOR[Mod Name] is more commonly used to clear up confusion when multiple Kopernicus mods are used, though it's not absolutely required.) As for the second issue, the rimPower, rimBlend, and Gradient values are only called in the case of an existing atmosphere although the type value is set to Vacuum, which I'm sure is confusing it a bit. I suggest omitting those values entirely. If it's still yelling at you about the atmosphere, [removeAtmosphere = true] should do the trick. Other than that, everything else looks just fine to me.
  3. We've Officially Deprecated this Mod! If anyone wants to revive/take over this mod, feel free to DM us over Discord or message us via Forum DMs
  4. Thanks again to him for continuing this for me

  5. I'm back from the grave, boys!

    If you're wondering where I've been the past almost year now, I've been busy with schoolwork and the like and that has taken over my life from developing stuff, and in particular, Ramesses System Overhaul. I planned on resuming progress on RSO back in January, but for some reason or another, the file got pema-deleted off my computer and it basically sapped what little motivation I had to do it again. Don't worry, however, as I'm resuming it once more with hopefully more optimism than three months ago.
    In other news, @"Our Benefactors" will be continuing development on a (very) old mod I made way back in 2017 called Gene's Star, I will post a link on my profile and on the original topic when the new topic is posted.


  6. Edited Amun... ...Horus... ...Hathor... ...and Osiris
  7. Revised Joh Revised Thoth And a revival of Aten (deleted it early in development)
  8. Hey hey I'm here again Don't worry, my mod isn't dead or has stopped development, I was just very busy over the past few months with Finals and working on a collaborative mod with several other people. Another contributing factor was that my overall morale went down and I certainly contemplated about stopping work on this mod, but alas I didn't. I'll be continuing to work on this mod and I'll show progress pictures within the next few days. Cheers! - NickRoss120
  9. @KerbolExplorer I'm considering giving some peeps a bug test folder soon, so we'll see about that
  10. Finalized all textures and sizes for all of the current gas and ice giants in the mod! (with the exception of the one that shall not be mentioned)
  11. Seems like you're using lightColor, which most people don't use unless they're newer modders, which is understandable in your case.We now usually use atmosphereFromGround, which works for gas giants as well. To find out the right values, we usually use KittopiaTech, which was revamped not too long ago: https://github.com/Kopernicus/KittopiaTech/releases. Here is what that part of the config looks like: Just to be convenient, here is what I got that looks close enough for your image while not looking ugly Hope this helps! p.s: LightColor works as well in technicality, but I rarely ever used it since last year
  12. Working on Bennu's updated texture ..and Wosret's done!
  13. Huh, I thought I put it in the album Anyways, here is what Seker looks like, @ILoveStars
  14. Remade several planets and moons! Sekhmet (Now Nefertum, Nefertum renamed to Bast) Ptah Thoth Nut Hathor
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