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  1. Sentry (InDev, Unreleased)

    Phew! I was gonna take this mod over, but I'm a freshmen in high school so yea, not a lot of time.
  2. Gene's Star (InDev Version)

    @bob14 sorry for the late response (school and stuff ) but maybe if you show me a pic or some logs, I may be able to help you. Oh wait It might be the latest update of Kopernicus that ruined it, I suggest using kopernicus version 1.3.0-4 until I can update this mod
  3. [1.3.0] Before Kerbin - 2 Billion Years before Stock

    A little late to the party but yay, It's released! Will download when I get back to my computer
  4. I'm not 100% sure on this, but it might be due to ModuleManager errors because any in-game objects being replaced/replicated causes that if not done properly. I've seen KottabosGames and other people make this mod work, so I suspect that either you're using the wrong Kopernicus version or the wrong game version since TBG has been updated to 1.3. You can either hook up with either @daniel l. or @seanth about this if my suspecting mind is wrong, they know way more about procedural generation than I do.
  5. [v0.2.5] Outer Space [KSP 1.3 Planet Pack]

    *sniff* do I smell a Sednoid or Eris analogue? The closest thing could be Pol, I guess I'd like to see where this is going.
  6. What I think how exoplanets should be categorized

    I'm quite aware that we haven't founded any kind of liquid lying around on planets, It was kind of meant for the future as you mentioned. I'll probably save it until then. I am going to do that either today or tomorrow, I've typed the first version last night at about midnight, so yea I was pretty tired. Thanks! I mainly use it as well, and especially for this list.
  7. Recently, I was scouring about the internet and I realized how exoplanets are quite varied, from near-moon sized ones to some about half the size of the sun (Those ones of course might be brown dwarfs.) and I feel like we need some way to categorize them. So here are my ideas of some categories and their abbreviations. I'll be using new and some traditional planet categorizations to make this as wholesome as possible. (I'm going to be using the word planet instead of exoplanet because it's easier to abbreviate that way, anyways...) Terrestrial Planets (TrP) - A planet that is made of mostly solid materials like silicates and metals. ----- Distance from Star ----- Hell Worlds (HW or UHTrP) - Terrestrial Planets impossibly close to a star, reaching temperatures exceeding some stars Sub-Earth Hell World (S-EHW) - A planet less than 0.6 ME and/or less than 0.8 RE. Earth-Sized Hell World (E-SHW) - A planet with a similar mass and/or size to earth. Super-Earth Hell World (Sp-EHW) - A planet with over 1.5 ME and/or is no bigger than 2 RE. Mega-Earth Hell World (M-EHW) - A planet with at the most 10ME and is bigger than 2 RE. Hyper-Earth Hell World (H-EHW) - @ProtoJeb21's terrifying Tatarus (EPIC 220395236). Easily exceeds 10 ME and at the least is 3 RE. This kinds of planets can only happen if the stellar flux is at least 1,000 times of what it is on Earth and the star is bigger than a G-type (as far as i'm concerned.) ^ Hot Terrestrial Planets (HTrP) - Planets that are, well, hot. they range from ~2000K to 700K Warm Terrestrial Planets (WtrP) - tbd ----- Mass of the Planet ----- ----- Size of the Planet ----- Gaseous Planets (GaP) - A planet made mostly of gas, basically Jupiter or Saturn-like planets. Hot Gaseous Planet (HGa or HJ) - Gas Planets that orbit quite close to their home star Class III Gaseous Planet (C3G or C-LG) - Gas Planets that have no clouds, besides the ones near the surface. Class IV Gaseous Planet (C4G or AlG) - Gas Planets that have alkali metals as clouds. Class V Gaseous Planet (C5G or SlG) - Gas planets that have silicates as clouds, these are the hottest type of gas planet. Temperate Gaseous Planet (TGa) - Gas Planets that orbit within the habitable zone of a star Class II Gaseous Planets (C2G or WCG) - Gas Planets that are too hot for ammonia, but have a potential to have similar clouds as Earth's. Cool Gaseous Planet (CGa) - Gas planets that orbit at about the same SMA as Jupiter or Saturn Class I Gaseous Planets (C1G or AmG) - Gas planets that have ammonia clouds or something similar Planemo (PlM or RgP) - Planets with no star, basically a rogue planet. *Sub-Earth Rogue Planet (SRP) - Rogue planets that are smaller than Earth *Earth-Sized Rogue Planet (ERP) - Rogue Planets that are similar in size, mass, and/or density of Earth Gaseous Rogue Planet (GRP) - Rogue Planets that are mostly made of gas. However, they are likely to be hydrogen and/or helium. Warm Rogue Planet (WRP) - Rogue Planets that are noticeably and unusually warmer than the surrounding space Brown Dwarf (BrD) - Stars that failed to go under nuclear fusion: They'll still be planets since they're made of common materials from gaseous planets. Near Brown Dwarfs (NBrD) - Planets that are almost brown dwarfs but not quite. Y-Type Brown Dwarfs (YBrD) - The coldest type of Brown Dwarf L-Type Brown Dwarfs (LBrD) * = Skeptical or to be founded. ^ = Value is dependent on the type of star Notify me if you want something to be changed or add something new I'll try to update this everyday, but that might not be possible since school's coming up.
  8. Well I meant to say that it was supposed to be a DTX5nm because it makes it face the sun and not to the side, but I'll try the DTX3ea and see if that works.
  9. Maybe the Sky Behemoth for the first one (unless they are both the same thing, It's kinda hard to tell tbh.) and the Argo Navis for the one below.
  10. (WIP) [Kopernicus] Outer Reaches v 0.3

    @_Augustus_ Darn it, I already had an idea similar to this . At least mine doesn't have a Planet 9 analogue.
  11. I'd really hate to necro-post, but @GenesisPlayz It has to be a DTX5_nm DDS compression, not just a decreased opacity of a normal map, that won't work.
  12. Sentry (InDev, Unreleased)

    @Gameslinx me neither, this will be interesting.
  13. @Cabbink Basically, aliens can be anything, sort of. You can get a good idea of what some extraterrestrials look like from the documentary Alien Planet, It's particularly interesting. For the ones that are intelligent like us? They could be space dolphins or space mantids for all I know.
  14. Possible exomoon discovered

    Well, I guess me and Cabbink weren't the first. Oh well, good to spread the news anyways.
  15. Possible exomoon discovered

    My comrade @Cabbink posted an update on his page about Kepler finding an exomoon orbiting a planet about 4,000 ly(1.2 kpc) away from us! It has the name of Kepler-1625b I, of course this is still skeptical and is a candidate, so it may not even exist at all. We'll know as early as October 2017 if this moon is indeed a real thing and not a star or an artifact from the data it received: Here's the Nat Geo paper on the subject and the Arxiv analysis on this. Prepare the Hype-Train, boys and girls.