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  1. LoSBoL

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    I think we can debate here about bug-testing and when to release all day long, but it seems both Squad and Private Division are well aware of the issues and working on it for future releases. Squad seeking QA Engineers Private Division: Lead QA Tester Private Division: Release Manager KSP 1.4.x is Private Divisions first release ever, maybe difficulties could have been expected?
  2. LoSBoL

    Sudden and extreme negative review spike?

    I can agree with that fully, I would rather have a less intrusive EULA for KSP rather then a generic one covering the whole of Take 2's portfolio. I take some comfort with giving information on 'voluntary basis' and them not crawling that info from my machine. The day KSP does become spyware though, that would be the time when the feces hit the fan. But whe haven't reached that as of yet, and I doubt it will come that far.
  3. LoSBoL

    Sudden and extreme negative review spike?

    Personal information is information that identifies you and that may be used to contact you online or offline. The Company collects personal information from you on a voluntary basis. https://www.take2games.com/privacy/#3 With whom, if anyone, your personal information will be shared Third parties that come to my mind are Steam and/or the Playstation Network. Yes, but they may only ask and registrar your address for shipment, if they are able to collect it from you. Which they can't without you giving them consent to do so.
  4. LoSBoL

    Sudden and extreme negative review spike?

    The photo is actually a good example to explain it by. Because this forum lets you upload a photo which you can use as an avatar if you want to. They can't provide you the opportunity to do so if you would decline them from collecting, and sharing your avatar to other users of the forum. The same goes for gender and age/birthdate, which you can choose to share to others on the forum/internet. Your address could be used for billing information of your original purchase of KSP, or if you choose to enter a contest and win a Kerbal pluchie, they can't send you if they may not collect your address.
  5. LoSBoL

    Sudden and extreme negative review spike?

    KSP hasn't become spyware. The EULA isn't important, Take 2's privacy policy however is. And everybody jumping the EULA bandwagon neglects reading the privacy policy. There you can find as to how, and why certain information is gathered, and what's it used for. Reading that sheds light on the EULA and then the EULA starts making sense. Here's a link to Take 2's privacy policy. https://www.take2games.com/privacy/
  6. LoSBoL

    Sudden and extreme negative review spike?

    Wow, over sixteenthousand! upvotes and 1300 messages in less than 24 hours, that's one big bandwagon. It's sad really, that so many people just jump on the hype train... It does hurt to me to see this happening with the game I love most of all games I've ever owned. Well, If you ever wandered if there was any life left in KSP, with that one post on Reddit is a pretty big testament to me that its alive AND kicking.
  7. still in very early stage of designing, could take some time. Not even made my mind up, but I think I'm going for the one on the right.
  8. I play a modded game, but have not yet played with any mods that add parts to the game with the exception of Astroid Day, which now has become stock. My main reason for not installing part mods is because I still enjoy the stock parts provided in the game giving me enough challenge to play. So I'm holding off part and game changing mods like USI for when the day comes I'm getting bored with pure stock. I do however love the additional parts that came with MH, the engine plates are great to work with, the structural tubes are great mainly because you can dump 'stuff' in them to make clean looking rockets, the structural plates are sweet and the new airlock also provides very unique ways of playing. I like the way airlocks can serve as escape pods, but I also like to use them as interplanetary 'cryogenic' crew transport chambers, they are so light its almost cheating, when using a command chair it adds weight of both kerbals and chair, but with the airlock you just have 0.1 ton per kerbal total, which effectively makes it the lightest crewable part. A 64 kerbal colonization interplanetary transport is in the making, still have to make my mind up to where to send it. As for the terminology for 'stock', I think KSP with official expansions or DLC's could be considered 'stock', and playing without any expansions or DLC should be considered 'Vanilla'.
  9. LoSBoL

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Wow, thank you, thank you for all your work both with Squad for creating this wonderful game AND for sticking around to continue to create and maintaining mods for us!
  10. LoSBoL

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Thanks for making me re-read my post, I can see now that it could be deemed as an insulting, my apologies to @steve_v for being offensive.
  11. LoSBoL

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    There, I fixed it for you Just fooling around, I'm exited for the 1.4.3 Patch, I can wait... until Tuesday
  12. LoSBoL

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Well no, off course not, why ask when we've got an announcement of 1.4.3 which is going to contain an extra launch site. Just glare thru the thread and see how many people say 'cool! Another launch site!` in this thread, hardly an unwanted feature...
  13. LoSBoL

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Ehm... Alternative launch sites have been frequently asked for. I'd rather have it bug free in 1.4.3, then wait for yet another 1.4.4 update and wait again for mods to catch up. But that's just me.
  14. LoSBoL

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    You can use the KSC, Island Airfield, Woomerang and the desert launchsite in sandbox, science and career games, as long as you have the MH expansion installed. Unfortunately, You can only use the mobile launchpad and barge and launch from anywhere in the Kerbal system within missions. I'm hoping a mod creator could make this available in all the gamemodes. Wow, you can take pride in your work, this looks awesome.
  15. LoSBoL

    How do you pronounce “Mun?”

    Its pronounced 'Noom', its backwards Spanish