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  1. Multi monitor KSP2 would be the bomb! If there is any game that would benefit from multi monitor usage, it would be Kerbal Space program. And to those who think that they wouldn't like it, buy yourself a second hand 24" monitor for 20 bucks and try it, I bet most of you would get hooked.
  2. The next best thing is always around the corner, better to live in the present and enjoy whenever you can instead of postponing
  3. Not to fancy, I dolike that they made it high ress instead of low ress making it blend in with the rest of the planet. That makes a needed art pass for the planets even more visible and in my opinion, viable. I'm pretty confident we'll get that it in the base game one day because Take2 needs to keep selling copies of KSP to new players, and the planets are getting real old, even for todays low end machines.
  4. cAs a small QOL feature I would like to see a 'control point toggle' being added to the Part Action Groups'.
  5. To my recognition there was a pretty big cry from the community to give KSP an art pass, Oil drums and placeholders where terms I've seen come allong quite frequently. I'm a bit puzzled as to why you would think SQUAD has been losing connection with the community considering what people have been asking for (some for years and we gave up upon ever seeing), and what we've gotten in the last 2 years in the base game without costing a dime. A few examples that come to mind; Ambient light adjuster 4K UI support Struts selectable at both ends Part variants Personal parachutes VAB swi
  6. KSP definitely is different from all of those games, even the feared T2 'takeover' hasn't affected that. We've gotten a burn time indicator, Dv readouts, and new UI elements, for free. I'm happy to spend another 15 dollars to keep development going. And I'm pretty certain SQUAD won't let me walk a Kerbal to some crystals lying around and then would ask me to buy science equipment We indeed have a bit of a different perspective Because I would actually feel I would be getting less than otherwise, and not being given the full game If I would be walking up to some scatter lay
  7. You are right, it is becomming common business. I don't play a lot of games, but games that use these types of tactics to try and 'tease me' in to microtransactions or paid DLC raise my neck hairs. I consider it an insult of my intelligence and would even stop me from playing the game entirely. To me those tactics are a great way to allienate your otherwise faithfull playerbase. Anyway, my money is already burning in my pocket, I'm on the hypetrain!
  8. I can't blame SQUAD one bit for making the MH expansion contain some parts that could be considered 'stock'. freeloading doesn't pay any bills, and there is only a certain amount of travel that a 'one time investment' can carry.
  9. Porkalike has been abandoned. A pretty big sign on the wall was when @SQUAD released the unfinished Porkjet parts to the community in december 2016 to play with. The sentence was added that they 'may' continue its development. In the mean time half a dozen modders did an excellent job in creating a vast number of porkalike parts for everybody to enjoy, and they are even being enjoyed by many today. Other design changes have been made by @SQUAD which basically show that the porkjet design legacy isn't going to being continued by @SQUAD, which shouldn't be a problem because if you want to
  10. Ow wow Jim, what a surprise. I can't think of anyone that could be more suited when it comes to love for and dedication towards KSP. This is great news, for @SQUAD, the community and above all, yourself! @SQUADand the team may consider themselves lucky to have you on board and I wish you happy endeavors in your new working environment.
  11. KSP as a lighthearted space game that does do somewhat serious orbital mechanics will always be a niche game, and although it might be not that hot selling as peak moment, I do think that there will always be a demand for it and keeps attracting new players. Of course you have Orbiter as a full on simulator, but that is pretty hard core. KSP keeps getting attention and attraction if you look at replies in lighthearted space related articles, and KSP does get referred to a lot. It got my attention and I am pretty certain that people who are, or get interested in anything space related are k
  12. Look at the first post, @sarbian posted what is sent to Redshell. Take2 or SQUAD determined the dataset of what is collected. The Unique User ID which was used to send off to Redshell is Unity's device ID.
  13. As a temporary workaround you can just change your resolution from 4K to FullHD (1920x1080) when you play KSP, its just a few clicks to do that. (Probably can make a profile for it and use the NVIDIA or ATI icon in the taskbar for it) They have been working on 4K support and eliviated somewhat on it the Weekly; Don't know if they finished work on it for 1.4.4 though.
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