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  1. That's in line with what I've been seeing. I keep thinking one of these updates will fix things... Thanks
  2. Hi, Up until last year I would run two gaming computers, and the primary one I used for KSP was an FX CPU with dual 980s in it, and 32 gb ram. A while back I switched over to my other computer (I7-6800k with a 1080), and I upgraded the ram to help with KSP. I don't really notice a difference between running a single vs dual GPU. I had been planning on buying a GPU to use as a compute card, but I'm not sure this would actually help. Does anyone else use a compute card for KSP, will it actually help?
  3. I made a craft that, I think, will work for the Jool 5. It has a little shy of 10k DV in LKO. I've tested launch & re-entry, everything is good. I need to do a Mun test, then I'm ready for Jool
  4. I made a plane with 4400 m/s dv in LKO, and rotating engines so it can land wheels down on low gravity objects. It's fun landing a plane on Minmus. Download the craft
  5. I flew a plane I built a while ago... It will go to orbit, dock with something, and come back. It has about 800m/s at LKO. It flies really well, and can takeoff and land around 60 mps. Easy to make a runway landing @boolybooly Thanks for letting me know. I updated an old craft called Strix, first flown in 2016, to be compatible with the latest version of KSP. I completed a test flight where I took off from the runway at the space center, flew to orbit, completed a single orbit, then de-orbited and landed back on the same runway I took off from. This plane has 800 m/s DV in orbit, and a low takeoff / landing speed, making it perfect for a re-usable orbiter/lander on Laythe.
  6. I got a little red dress in the mail the other day, and it made me hate 2020. I got all done up, put my red dress on, ordered take out from a nice place, and I built this ship. It's a shuttle/lander with a little over 6km/s dv. I built it a while ago, but I've been working on it off and on.... So here is: Little Red Ship P.S. To be brutally honest, I had a lot more fun building this thing than I've had on my last couple dates.
  7. I finally uploaded a version of a ship I've been working on. It can be found on my KerbalX It's a ship which can land on most worlds, has 7k DV with a high Kerbin orbit, can carry 7 Kerbals, has lots of science stuff... It's a good ship, and it looks good in pics. It can fly from the launch pad to the surface of Eeloo without stopping for fuel. I'm calling it "Yas Queen"
  8. I finished this ship tonight, and flew it to Eeloo. It worked very well. I've been working on it for a few weeks, and it's really great to finally see it finished and flying. I will publish it on KerbalX in a few days.
  9. I have been using this plane for years, and I thought that it's about time to post it. I have two variants, cargo and tanker. Orbital Conveyor XL & Orbital Conveyor Tanker I've been playing with these things for something like 3 years without altering them. They are very stable and they work really well. I've even gotten them into orbit on RSS by adding drop tanks and reducing payload, and I've made more than one successful shuttle launch style variant for RSS. This is just a really stable way to get cargo into low orbit. They are both 100% stock. Here are the pics:
  10. I made this ship, it's an MSTO, and has between 6 and 7k dv in LKO. It flies okay, so long as you are careful, and it lands on some planets if you have a light enough touch... and I know how to fix the control and stability issues... but I haven't found a way to fix them without it looking bad. Flying in space Landed on Duna Refill and re-crew in orbit of Kerbin Landed on Minmus Crashed on Eeloo (ship's landing gear can't support the gravity)
  11. The computer as a whole is using about 20 gigs ram. The GPU is staying around 30% usage, around 50c and the fans stay off most of the time. The i7 has been around 25% and running about 20c. All 12 threads are being used, but I'm not sure which are used by KSP It just seems strange that KSP still runs slow even though my system doesn't seem to be taxed. My old FX computer seemed to run KSP a little better on older versions.
  12. Hi, I've been looking at either upgrading my system or buying a new one so I can do more in KSP. I currently have an i7-6800k, 64gb ram, gtx 1080 8gb I'm considering either updating to 128gb ram, and putting another vid card (Buying an RTX and using the GTX for phys only), but I'm not sure that would really provide for better performance in KSP. I could buy a Ryzen 9 system for about 3x as much as I could upgrade my current rig. Would I really be getting noticeably better performance from upgrading beyond what I have, or am I already close to the max that KSP can do?
  13. I keep having issues with random structural failures for seemingly no reason. This has been a total game breaking issue for me, and it has been going on for months. It isn't a design failure, it first started happening during warps when in open space but now happens every few minutes no matter what. It is always between the command pod and the rest of the ship, and when it occurs the game gets really glitchy even after a revert, and I have to restart the program. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
  14. I have GeForce Now and 150 mb/s fiber. I'll try it out. It kinda sucks. They turn the settings way down, and the game looks terrible. They also make you wait in long queues to play.
  15. I think that kinda goes against the point of the mission.
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