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  1. Is anyone else having issues with the RSB fairings not shielding the payload and creating excessive drag? It is not as noticeable when using boosters with low TWR on liftoff such as Atlas V 401 configuration. I find that high TWR vehicles are unflyable. Delta II/III, Delta IV M+4, Atlas V with more than 2 SRBs, etc. it seems like the procedural fairings work properly, and it allows some use, but it doesn't look right. I use RO and GPP, but this mod seems to be the only one with broken fairings. Just curious if I'm the only one or if there is a workaround.
  2. I would personally love to see the ability to have axial tilt. I realize this is hard coded at the moment. This would unlock a huge area for planet packs to play with as well as allow RSS to properly implement Earths axial tilt. The other thing I think would go a long way is a slider type feature to adjust the systems scale when starting a new game, or have more than one system in the same install. I don't have any problem with the current system as it is, but as you learn how it works, it gets small and being able to scale the difficulty with increasing size is a good way to add a "hard mode".
  3. I noticed none of the separation motors or tower appear to work. Do I just need to past PBAN in as the resource for these in the config? Not really confident messing around with config files yet.
  4. Are there any configs for the "real scale boosters" mod?
  5. I have an interesting issue and I don't know if it's an issue with this mod. I'm just curious if anybody else has experienced this, with dev builds of Deadly Reentery and FAR, I have no GUI to start a build while in the VAB or SPH. I would be happy with a hot key to start the build in this case.
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