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  1. I don't know if this is an issue with this mod, my install, or I just don't understand the intended behavior... I am trying to attach plasma nozzles to the IXS fusion reactor on its 4 radial nodes. What is confusing me is the thrust... it seems like I get the most thrust when I have only two nozzles attached. Is there an explanation for how having fewer nozzles increases thrust? In addition, using Kerbal Engineer, the reported TWR in the VAB for plasma nozzle set ups is much higher than in actual use. Any clarification on how plasma nozzle thrust works when using multiple nozzles would be great. EDIT: the TWR seems to report in kerbal engineer more effectively when using a single nozzle.
  2. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I had thought so but last week I downloaded a new release of MKS and I think it may have changed because my minmus base with 8 medium drills and a nuclear reactor was overheating, and adding two more of those parts didn't help. Eventually I had to shut down most of my separators and use 4 large extendable radiators from stock. Is there any reason that the ranger heating part has changed its function in the update before last?
  3. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Two questions: 1) If I wanted to modify EnrichedUranium and Depleted Fuel to work in planetary logistics for my personal use, how would I go about doing so? 2) When a drill has multiple separators, how does the heat and electricity usage work vs. what is listed in the VAB? If the VAB says a separator consumes 600 ec/s then does having 5 separators running consume 3000 ec/s? Similar question for heat usage, does turning on multiple separators increase heat usage and is it additive ie, I need 5 times the radiators for a 5 separator drill? EDIT 1) I have found a 'blacklist' that includes enriched uranium and depleted fuel, but I am somewhat of a noobie when it comes to KSP mods so I don't know how to compile a MKS Gamedata folder that includes any changes I may make in the Source directory from the github master. Any help in that area would be GREATLY appreciated
  4. [1.3] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.8.2

    I am wondering how to modify survey site ranges? When downloading from the github source, there is a Source/Survey/SurveyStation file that defines the ranges, but I do not know how to make those changes when downloading from CKAN or spacedock. My base is both wide and very tall so that I have to be fairly close the the center of my base in order to build anything, so for my personal use I want to modify the ranges to be larger. EDIT: I guess the root of my question is, how do I build the Gamedata from the github source? Is there a series of terminal commands starting from the github master directory that will produce a Gamedata folder that has EPL using the changes I make in the Source directory?
  5. Looks like I am having the same issue in the same circumstance! This is an ongoing problem clearly. My craft in question does have USI parts but nothing inflatable.
  6. @V8jester I have tested the latest release of both IR (2.0.10) and the new dev release of KJR with the recent fixes concerning IR. I can report back that I believe the KJR fix is working properly with IR, because with the full release enabled, my ship prevents itself from going full kraken due to a SOI shift, and with the new version, the robotic parts freak out but nothing breaks... at least for a really long time until ridiculous torque levels are reached. With no KJR installed I get regular ol' explosive kracken on my solar array booms from the rotatron->hinge->robo-poles. I understand that a recent release from december attempted a fix for the drift, but I can confirm that it does not. My craft was exiting the SOI of minmus to escape kerbin SOI when I returned to find the kraken, leading me to reload with old/full-release version of KJR and the robo parts were stiff and safe. upgrading to dev release of KJR reengaged robo-drift-kraken on the same craft even after having 'saved' it with KJR. Another variable at play, whose relevance I am unsure, is that previous to my warp through SOI I had engaged the locks on the rotatrons. I hope that if drift cannot be fully fixed, that the out of control kraken nature of it can be... they are infinitely flopping, even as they attempt to obey my commands. I merely reorient the tentacles with the servo controls. This all makes me assume that some sort of damping parameter would not work. If you could explain your understanding of why this happens, perhaps that would be helpful to the community in solving this issue. For now, I am forced to be extremely careful with my craft and save files, and selectively reload certain craft using the not-working-with-IR KJR release. EDIT: further testing has now spread the kraken to different save files, before any SOI changes. This is truly disconcerting because it implies I can't just save the game and revert to be safe... I cannot use this ship and IR simultaneously. Please, fix this bug
  7. To Boldly Go interstellar challenge!

    I have been checking out your mod, and this challenge is exactly the kind of game play experience I am looking for, if only it were a little more developed. The inclusion of research and orbits around a galactic center, as well as various procedural textures and such, would make me download this mod and take on this challenge in a heartbeat. Include interesting contracts and make the mod work really well with usi kolonization and life support as well as Interstellar Extended and I would be 100% sold. I'm going to keep my eye on this mod for now!
  8. @FreeThinker I just discovered and downloaded this mod using CKAN. For context, the other mods I have installed are Mechjeb, Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Inventory System and Kerbal Attachment System. I am trying to test the new parts I have in my career mode, namely the molten salt reactor and the thermal launch nozzle, as well as the various fuel tanks. My issue happens when I have built a rocket in the VAB, and then switch propellant types in the fuel tanks and the nozzle. Looking at my delta-v stats and TWR stats in kerbal engineer, I can see that sometimes when I switch propellants or reposition a part, the ship 'breaks' and I no longer register any thrust and have a super tiny (2-10) delta-v. It seems very finicky but I haven't been able to find any other threads about this issue. Have you experienced or encountered this issue, where making an adjustment to the ship somehow breaks it? I can only speculate on the issue here as I am brand new to this mod. Perhaps it is some detection of the connection between the nozzle and the reactor? My basic test design is, from top to bottom, probe core -> fuel tank -> molten salt reactor -> thermal launch nozzle. I am sure that the correct fuel types are being selected. The triggers of the break (basically going from several hundred d/v reported in kerbal engineer to ~4) are changing part diameters, rearranging parts, or changing propellant/fuel types. Any guidance is appreciated.