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  1. Hey, your principia op has one date incorrect...

    It says 2018-01-06 for the January release.

    1. eggrobin


      Fixed, thanks for pointing this out.

  2. Does this have a config for CLS by any chance?
  3. Started working on a candarm for my shuttle replica that does not yet have doors for the orbiter, an external tank, or boosters. It is not as accurate as my previous one, which had external command seats and a cabin that could be walked in during eva (but it is still under 400 parts!). I have been too busy recently to play much.
  4. I worked more on a new replica project with stock parts. Complete with one type of plane used for parabolic flight (although the Goliath engines are not very good substitutions for the real one). I may download RSS to launch this.
  5. I started a new career mode game due to updating, no more lag, and using up too much funds to try to assemble a mothership before patched conics was available. I achieved orbit with an earlier rocket craft than ever before, though (third rocket).
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