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  1. Threads Of The Month April!

    Good luck, Sal! We didn't talk much, but I could see the excellent job you did in the forums, you will be missed :(. Please send us pictures. Your trip sounds awesome!
  2. KSP Making History

    1.3 is a free update for everyone who owns KSP . The expansion is a separate product.
  3. The text is your own and you will appear as the author . We will be only asking for permission to publish this article in the magazine.
  4. We are well aware of that :). This pre-release is just the beginning. Just as the post says: Stay tuned! Hyped or not, good things are coming for all.
  5. Changed the text to avoid doubts - it has to be a comedy article
  6. Yes, it is part of a KSP version, but as a pre-release this is 1.29 (not 1.3 yet). We will announce more Localization stuff before March 16th, then we will focus on future developments (good news for those not too excited with new languages :p).
  7. Yep, that's right. The idea is to Kerbalize you (or the person in the photo you send us), then make a figurine of it