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  1. Ah I see. Alright thank you guys for your amazing work !
  2. Thanks @Sir Mortimer for your suggestion. It worked and by dumping the nitrogen, the fuel cell works as intended. I was so used to having Pressure Control (which provides nitrogen capacity to the pod) that I didn't notice I didn't have it. Which made me realize that the Mk1 Command Pod does not have Pressure Control at all. After a few tests I noticed that it's the only crewed capsule that doesn't have it in the Configure Pod option. And adding an External ECLSS Module with Pressure Control doesn't make the planner acknowledge it. It's also the only capsule that doesn't benefits from the upgrades from HDD and sample capacity unlocked in the tech tree. Was it intended as it's the first available pod ? PS: I'm not using any mod except Kerbalism and the dependencies.
  3. Yep, that was my plan by using the included cell in pods but it doesn't work. Any ideas ?
  4. Hello everyone, I just came back to Kerbalism and was happy to see the new version. After trying it however I've noticed a bug : despite having unlocked the Mono+O2 fuel cell from Basic Science and enabling it on my pod, it doesn't consume or produce anything, neither in the planner nor in the "field". I'm running nothing but the Kerbalism mod (core+config), Module Manager and Community Ressource Pack (dependency). Could anyone have a look please?
  5. @Foozle This seems pretty much what I need, thank you !
  6. I guess I could do that, it will just take lots of space on the computer. Still, it appears to be the best solution for now.
  7. Hello everyone, I've been wondering if there is such thing as a program that would allow me to switch between different profiles which would contain different mods. I am currently trying to show my father the game but I don't want to overwhelm him with the plethora of mods I'm using. I also don't want to c/c all the mods folder every time one of us want to play. What I'm thinking about is something close to Mod Organizer for Skyrim. Any suggestion ?
  8. Hello everyone, I just dived back into Kerbalism recently and I noticed that the processes do not have the input / output I'm expecting. For example the scrubber on the Mk1 pod consumes 0.04 EC/s , 0.12 WasteAtmosphere/h and produces 0.03 CO2/s while the default profile (that I'm using) lists a consumption of 0.025 EC/s , 0.00002 WasteAtmosphere/s and a production of 0.02 CO2/s. The input/output seems to be multiplied by 1.5 and I'm not sure why. Can anyone help me with that? Edit: I think I've got it. In the Default profile, there is a small line that multiplies the capacity of the pseudo ressources used by processes by 1.67 The number check out so I guess that must be it.
  9. @Starman4308 Amazing! That's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot
  10. @Aegolius13 Thank you for your input, but I was looking for a way using maths to get the delta-v cost of a capture, assuming an ideal Hohmann transfer, without having to rely on maneuver nodes. I'm sorry if I did not make it clear enough. @Starman4308 I was trying to use the vis-viva equation but I'm not sure how. If we keep the example of the mun with the same delta-v map, we expect to need about 310m/s to get into orbit right? First we need to know what's our transfer maneuver looks like. Let's see how the math checks out: Now we get to the encounter ans this is the part where I am lost and I'm no how to get the delta-v to get into orbit. I'm not even sure how to use the vis-viva equation since we're not in orbit and therefore the semi-major axis "a" is the one of a hyperbole. So I'm kind of lost. Any help?
  11. Hello Everyone, I've been wondering for a little over an hour about this now, how can you calculate the delta-v from needed to get into orbit of a body once you enter its Sphere of Influence? On many delta-v maps like this one there is a delta-v needed to get into orbit (mun: 310m/s). I understand the Hohmann transfer which gives the other values but I don't know how to get the delta-v needed to get into orbit once you're intercepted by a body. So can anyone help please?
  12. @Algiark Are you using any mods beside Kerbalism? Perhaps we can pinpoint the cause of the problem if both you and Astroadrian99 use the same mods. It would still be better if you could first check if your issue happens when you're not using any other mod. @Rhedd What you're asking for seems to be hard coded, you'll need some knowledge of C# to change it. If you still want to I can direct you here for the habitat calculation but I wasn't able to find the specific part for the ressource output. Quick edit to add that I have literally no knowledge on C# so I might be wrong when I say it's hard coded. If so, don't hesitate to correct me
  13. Yeah, as long as a part has at least one available space for a Kerbal it will have a Life Support System. Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Kerbalism\Profiles\Default.cfg: @PART[*]:HAS[#CrewCapacity[>0]]:NEEDS[ProfileDefault]:FOR[Kerbalism]
  14. @Baleurion In that case: If you want to add compatibility, look at these particular file: GameData\Kerbalism\System\Signal.cfg and any file in the support section that modifies an antenna like this one: GameData\Kerbalism\Support\JX2Antenna.cfg Then try to add a new file on the support directory that would have the same format. If everything works correctly, you can eventually post it here, the mod author may add it in the next update.
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