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  1. This is happening with Whiplash engines as well.
  2. Yeah. Also would be best if the maneuver node sets on top of the AP and PE markers. I had an annoying moment recently with the PE markers (set to persistent) occluding the maneuver node while trying to adjust it.
  3. I imagine MANY places, using ISRU in Kolonies, where a pure OX tank could be useful (besides propulsion). Kind of depends how far down the rabbit hole of habitat maintenance one wants to go. Will the need for snacks and a breathable environment be built into the stock game?
  4. First attach the tanks, then group and name them, then set fuel flow/priority while balancing the ship's COL/COM. These activities require easy (simultaneous) control at both the Parts Manager and Resource Manager, the way the menus are currently defined (edit: that is, currently defined with our ideas tacked on ). Also needed is easy access to views of the COM, COL, COT with a slider to play through fuel use, from full wet to full dry weight. Setting up RCS goes right along with the above and all of these tend to get readjusted a whole lot as the vessel gets tweaked. It would be nice to have fewer windows, boxes and menus to negotiate, rather than more.
  5. Good!! I'd not thought of that. One idea is to have a tag (button) near the name that means "set this group together with others of the same name" or not. Somewhere in the controls needs to be a way to set fuel flow/priority within tanks and virtual tank groups. The ability to control how fuel flows, which tanks empty/fill first for keeping the COM consistent and other jobs is rather important. Seems most appropriately done in the Resource Manager but because of the natural order of operations, I'd make those settings while setting up my tank groups. Seems like it would be best to do this within one menu system rather than juggling two or more. I'm now wondering what the best arrangement of functionality in the menus would be.
  6. I'd like to be able to group tanks together in the Parts Manager to make "virtual tanks" for these purposes.
  7. Love this. Perhaps also something like KOS built in for the monsters among us, with hooks into that (for modders) to build things like Mecjeb. Edit: Rethink - Perhaps to have a modular automation system with a KOS like system under the hood for the monsters among us!
  8. Completely agreed. There is a LOT of potential in the new parts manager that I would like to see fully fleshed out. It needs to be re-organizable so that parts can be grouped together visually and/or functionally. Parts need to be re-nameable or at least have a notes area. 8 copies of the same part name all stacked together isn't the best if you want to find and adjust one of them quickly. Part groups should have functional connections. A set of tanks grouped together (for instance) could act as a single "virtual tank" for resource management purposes. A group of solar panels and radiators could be set to trigger in the actions panel by group name instead of individually, which would save time hunting down all the bits. There will need to be a search panel for finding parts within larger assemblies, search by name, type or contents of notes. There is SO much that can be done in this space! Also, keep the old KSP click a part for just the part. It's a clean way to get in and out of simple adjustments.
  9. Funny, I've got thousands of hours into KSP1 and never knew that. Been using the Delete key since day one and it still works fine.
  10. A nice compromise to not having Lagrange points to park telescopes in would to be to require a polar orbit for them to work, like with the KSP1 orbiting resource scanner. Alternately, polar orbit could give a huge bonus to space telescopes. I really like this idea and remember the old mod fondly. Would be a great addition to stock KSP2.
  11. Same issue here. The workaround did not work for me. Fuel suddenly drops to zero, if the engine/air intake returns to working condition, I have no way of knowing. I've only tested this on Whiplash.
  12. Thanks. I'll give it a shot. I've no problem with nuclear. Got KSPIE installed and loving it. Though my poor laptop is just about at it's mod limit. Will do. Thanks again! Oh. I use Ckan for installation and I've noticed that while I can install Configurable Containers core (comes with GC), Ckan is NOT allowing me to install CC. Can't click it on in the list. I'm wondering if there's a possible conflict with Interstellar Fuel Switch or maybe some other mod. Are there any known incompatibilities?
  13. Ok. well, when i try to add this craft kit to the build queue, it complains i don''t have enough material kits, but i see no way to build and store them. what am i doing wrong?
  14. Umm.. Really? I thought I could use Ground Construction without USI.. How much of it do I need to install? I think it's pretty late in this particular career game to start adding life support. Got too many Kerbals, scattered about the solar system in cans!! I've been considering starting over, with a fresh 1.5 install, though i want to wait till all my favorite mods are working on it. I'm currently running 1.4.5
  15. I've just started using this mod. What am I doing wrong? Ive got a workshop here, a mining/ISRU unit and a craft kit. There are engineers in the workshop and plenty of power to everything. Notice here, its saying the MaterialKits are "full". How are MaterialKits stored? I've looked and haven't found a storage container or tank to hold them. I MUST be missing something here.
  16. Engineer/pilot I'll spend days designing and putting together a mission, though I don't do a lot of math or too much nit-picky optimization.. I do tend to overbuild, with plenty of extra dV but then out on mission, I'll try to use it all on unscheduled maneuvers and come home empty. I like reusable craft, though I'm still crap at SSTO building; I build permanent infrastructure in space whenever possible and run stuff up out of gravity wells only when needed. After it's built, I love to fly them.. I don't use Mechjeb (but Engineer Redux is amazing), and I enjoy assembling stuff in space and playing "steely eyed Rocket Man", and when I legit crash and burn, I don't reload a save game. I've got respawning turned off in my career game too, so when I kill a Kerbal, it stays killed. I do a lot of simulating unscheduled landings and stuff like that using saved craft (not the one on mission) and Hyperedit, so that I'll be running simulations for mission options while the actual mission is elsewhere.. This has saved me a lot of headache on missions, while also opening up possibilities I hadn't considered before. There's always a pilot available in KSC for running a simulation on an ongoing mission!!
  17. I do love Stage Recovery. The heavier, more expensive stuff tends to fall closer to KSC, just naturally.. And even if you only return half of the value of your craft, you're WAY better off than not. Something I learned from flight sims as a kid and am re-learning here, a tip for understanding the Navball: Imagine that the ball is a mirror, reflecting the world around you and each marker is a reflection of something in the mirror.. Also, Because it's reflecting the surrounding world, if you put yourself in the ball looking out, it's easier to imagine how the "reflected" markers relate to you.
  18. One final piece of evidence has me now utterly sure that the Kraken is aboard!! This afternoon I had a little time, so I went back to my mission. After fulfilling my contracts on the ground and collecting what science I could, it was time to return to orbit and dock with the command module. On takeoff, it acted as if there was a fuel imbalance or something (though I checked that and all tanks were equalized) the craft spun under thrust.. So, determined to survive under pressure, I just let it spin and pulsed the engines every time the navball came around to my intended vector. At some point (i don't know what the altitude was, I was watching my vector roll over closely) the craft whacked, just like it did while landing.. Sudden impact type of spin.. Oddly, once I gained control again (lots of time, as the Apoapsis was way ahead at this point), the vessel suddenly decided on it's own to fly straight again. No more trouble with it at all, right up to orbit and a circularize burn.. Weird.
  19. Ok.. But now, I checked with 3 struts, the difference comes to 150kg, even.. And, looking back I can see I was sloppy by not checking the numbers above. The strut part checks out at .05t.. Which means there is some other tiny little disagreement someplace (in my rover) that adds up to .004t Coffee is the answer..
  20. 3.388t Engineer Redux has it at 3.592t It looks like there is a disagreement over struts (at least). RCS Build Aid reports them as massless, Engineer Redux reports correctly at .05t (actually .051) In my vessel, the numbers check out (mostly) I put 4 struts underneath to make the frame attachment to the wheels into triangles.. The difference in mass reporting between the two mods is .204, 4 struts account for .2 of the difference.. Not sure where the .004 is coming from, but my guess is it's a rounding error as there are 4 of them.. Or, on second thought, simplest answer is that the actual mass of a strut is .051 In this image, the mods agree After adding one strut, there's a disagreement Yeah.. I liked that answer best too, until I tested for it. The whack comes, no matter what setting the navball is in and it happens with SAS turned off too. At this point, I'm convinced that I've got a Kraken on board.. A little mini-me Kraken!! So basically, I've got to try to complete the ground portion of this mission, survive it by not tempting the Kraken overmuch and get out of this rover as fast as possible. Hopefully, with a little luck, the rover is the only craft of the cluster (that I sent to Ike) that has Kraken aboard!!
  21. There is already a probe core under there.. I like to have the capability to drive these around by remote control sometimes, or stick a scientist in there instead of a pilot.. It's already saved my butt on one mission and it's boosted my science capabilities on most missions. Thats what I think now.. Seems the most likely scenario. At this point, I'm going to do what I can to complete this mission in a good way, then leave that rover to the Kraken as a sacrifice!! I only hope it hasn't somehow infected the other craft in the cluster of craft that went to Ike together.. @Lunar SeaI very much would like that criticism!! I'm still pretty new to all this, the learning curve on every aspect is pretty steep and any help (however sanctimonious) is appreciated.. Before you do, you should know that this ugly little beast has (up till now) performed very well for me on a couple of missions to Minmus, a mission to Mun and several science sweeps of various places on Kerbin.. I'm not sure how I invited the Kraken in to this iteration or on this mission, but without that evil beast on board, it's been a real champ for me.
  22. Good question.. They are identical. But wouldn't I notice that earlier on?? The craft wouldn't go suddenly whack if that were the problem.. It would move gradually towards whack, as fuel is used..
  23. One more piece.. In doing the simulations with this craft, I experienced a different kind of error. Sometimes, coming out of warp, the craft will (only sometimes) suddenly spin wildly. Once I get it under control, parts are often shifted off of the craft. The parts that shift are always the same ones too, they are the Cubic Octagonal Struts in the rear of the craft, attached to the wheels. This does not happen with other versions of this craft either, so my current theory is that I must have done something to break physics in this lander and only in the version that went to Ike. So, what does that? How do I avoid it in the future?
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