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  1. oh,you wanted? ok, here is the list of the mod. 1.BDAc 2.NAS 3.NRAP 4.TweakScale 5.Hangar Extender you can get it here! and BTW it's very delicate, so you better use cheat unbreakable parts. and land it soft.
  2. 1:1 scale Nagato it was hard work. but i'm happy about my craft.
  3. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Actually、those "rope"are quite useful. like for building elevater. or for swing.
  4. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    This engine is made for testing, so i don't know about thrust power. Power up/down are done by changing the power of the panther engine used for rotating the fan.
  5. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    In this month, I was working on some stock moving things. And I have a lot of things to show you guys! 1:the just walking machine! 2:turboshaft running machine 3:wingiy thing that cant fly 4:just engine mock-up 5:car that have steering and differential 6:some kind of warship? 7:a realscale mock-up of japanese naval light aircraft career Ryujo(data broken so we can only see it in SPH) 8:small LST for nothing 9:and of-course! the co-axial turbofan engine powered turbofan engine!
  6. ステアリング&ディフレンシャル搭載車両!
  7. エンジンのモックアップ完成! ピストンのなめらかな動きを実現するのに苦労しました。
  8. なんかこの構図、ジ◯リ映画とかだったら羽の上をキャラが移動しそうだな~というつぶやきから現実になった緑の移動記録です。(撮影協力Meilaさん) なんか両方の機の偉い人が羽のちょうど真ん中で握手とか交わしそう
  9. 二作目。 見た目に反して離水も着水も操縦もかんたんで燃費もいい万能機に仕上がりました
  10. I got a new record! It was 15995.7m/s!
  11. Yes! It's about 1100G It's too fast that my recording soft can't record the scene. It was 60fps so cannon Projectile through the Arch in less than 0.016second.
  12. I got a new record! 4759.5m/s!
  13. がんばった。いつかVTOL機能も搭載したい。