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  1. I think when it comes to going to the Mun, you both exit Kerbin SOI and enter Mun SOI instantly so that leaves me in the same spot..
  2. I considered Apo/Velocity/Distance from Kerbin/Surface height but these would be triggered in any direction. I could head to Duna (on an Apollo mission) and start triggering subsequent nodes. SOI check isn't ideal as you're basically already there and that's not a "realistic" recreation.
  3. I'm playing around with creating Apollo missions and I'm trying to have the actions be performed in the correct order: Orbit Transmunar Injection MEM extraction However, I'm having a hard time figuring out a way of having the game check the trajectory of the craft. There doesn't seem to be "on an escape trajectory out of x" or "has encounter with x" node so I'm wondering what other people are doing to validate these checks. Ie: IF "Encounter = Mun" or "On escape trajectory from Kerbin (towards Mun)" THEN "Show dialog box to extract MEM" Is this possible at the moment?
  4. Yeah? Is it something I would need to work out from scratch or could I modify an existing add-on (eg: Clever Sats)?
  5. I am a bit bored with the basic "put a satellite here" contracts, and wanted to spice it up. I use Contract Configurator for Clever Sats but even still it hasn't quite scratched the itch. I thought that being given a randomly generated satellite (sizes/parts/layout) and told where to place it might be a fun spin on the existing satellite contract model. It could be displayed as a popup when entering the VAB (similar to the passenger UI when on the launch pad) where you would select the contract and it would insert the part for you to start attaching items to. Alternatively, the contracts could specify satellite requirements themselves (similar to the space station check lists that already exist) Must generate power Must have x units of electricity Must have x science experiments on board Specific number of satellites per rocket (if even possible?) Could also name specific parts to be installed on the satellite, but might be problematic with multiple part mods installed. Does this exist as its own add-on or as an enhancement to an existing add-on?
  6. I have a space station in orbit with ample electricity, supplies and HAB/home time. If I load into the space station I can see the fertiliser going down as the fertiliser and mulch do their thing, there is enough power to survive the dark side of Kerbin with ample generation to fill it back up again and there is 3+ years of HAB/home time. If I enter the tracking station and fast forward 1.5 years for a Duna encounter, what is likely to happen to my space station in that time? Will it play as if it's loaded or does it just exist in stasis? Cheers
  7. Ah yes - I should have checked this. Thanks mate. That's Question 1 answered!
  8. Hi guys, hoping to get some clarification on something. I've installed the 4.25m expandable habitat, to my space station, and deployed it. Initially, I clicked Start Habitat and was informed I lacked Machinery. I noted that there was 0/500 Machinery 0/500 Recyclables I shipped up 400ish of both (in case the next message was "Missing Recyclables"..) and didn't notice any change in HAB/Home time for my station (but could have simply overlooked it), but did note that the Habitat had xx% load. I shipped up the remaining amount and topped up the levels of both Machinery and Recyclables and the load went to 100% and I noticed HAB/Home time was >3 years. I undocked the Habitat (and clicked Stop Habitat) and noticed that the HAB/Home time dropped down, so I confirmed it's now working. To my questions: Do I need Recyclables, or only Machinery? I switched off Machinery and Recyclables, one at a time, and the Habitat only stopped working when Machinery was switched off. If I don't need Recyclables, why does the Habitat have space for them? Are they a by-product of Machinery in this part? Do I need to fill the required consumable (in this case Machinery) to its limit before the part will work? Eg: Could I have just sent up 100 Machinery and the Habitat would have worked? If the load decreases, does the efficiency of the part decrease? Eg: Will a Habitat at 50% load provide 50% of the total HAB/Home time?
  9. I've finally ventured into Life Support and noticed a quirk I wanted to clarify. I've been taking advantage of it but figure that it's probably a bug/incorrect config on my end and want to get it ironed it so I don't cheat the mod. I launch my rocket with 1 Kerbal in a Mk1 Pod and it starts out with 7 days Hab time 7 days Home time Later into my mission I EVA/reboard and noted this in LS Status: 7 days Hab time 30 days Home time I head off to Minmus and on the 6th day of the trip I EVA/reboard and noted that both values had once again reset to the above. To me, it makes sense that Hab time would reset - the Kerbal got a chance to stretch his legs and is now content, however the Home timer resetting to 30 days every time is what is causing me to query this. Additionally, I believe I have observed the Supply value resetting as well. I sent a mission to Minmus with 1 small pack of radial supplies. At a certain point on the return journey I noted that the item was 0/100 and had recently EVA reset and Supply was listed as 15 days in LS Status. However, I will need to test this to confirm.
  10. Ok - good to know, thanks. The workaround I discovered was that by clicking on the left/right windows I can move the camera around to access the buttons that are obscured. Not perfect, but hey - we can't have it all
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. Am I able to do anything about it so that poor Jeb isn't sidelined?
  12. Installed the mod and I enjoy it immensely. Took some screenshots to show a friend to try and entice him back to Kerbin: Launched up the game last night and threw Jeb in to fly (the previous flight/screenshot was Valentina) and noticed that the cockpit is a bit different: Swapped back to Valentina to confirm I wasn't crazy: Has anyone else noticed this inconsistency with pilots and RPM? It looks like Jeb is a bit taller and looking at this from a different POV? Edit: I should add that this is the Mk1 Cockpit
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