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  1. PS4. When I revert the flight back to VAB, I return to the VAB but the ship and crew don't. Lost Jeb, Val and Bill because I didn't realize before it was too late. Restarted game and console but problem continues. Sad...just sad. I have found that reverting back to launchpad and recovering the vehicle works.
  2. I'll accept a contract but when I go to the VAB it dissappears. If it doesn't dissappear there it will when I go to the launchpad. I've restarted the game and console. PS4
  3. I'm shocked they've, somewhat, acknowledged that it has taken a long time.
  4. My theory is they didn't expect this original post to go up until January 2017. So the "early next year" means early 2018. And don't call me Shirley.
  5. They consider the current console version as playable so, to me, it's not very encouraging that they are describing the new port as playable.
  6. Hopefully they outsourced the QA process as well.
  7. I would say way too optimistic. I'm pretty sure we are still several months away from getting anything.
  8. It wasn't free for me...paid for it almost a year ago.
  9. I agree, why would they speculate on a dlc for console if they aren't even sure they can get the console ported. Even if they get it ported, how long is it going to take to fix the bugs from this one...another year?
  10. Yeah, I'm past the anger phase and into the giving-up-hope phase.
  11. Restarting usually works to clear some of the bugs for me but I'm on the PS4. Hopefully an Xbox user has found a work around.
  12. I know in PS4 that is a sign that your save might corrupt soon. Make sure to keep the save file as slim as possible by not having too many ships in orbit, flags, satellites, saved ships or kerbals. Not sure if this is helpful, just throwing it out there.
  13. Well I stand corrected but, sadly, the point still stands. SQUAD knew this wasn't a good port when they released it. They knew about the bugs and file corruption issues but still sold it as a finished product. I might have pointed at the wrong group within SQUAD but the issue is still within SQUAD.