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  1. Finally got it to work! Beautiful cockpit mod, thanks!
  2. (I posted this pic to grab your attention read this reply lol) Where do you get see through cockpits?
  3. How do I make custom Pwing textures?

  4. The big caliber guns are not working properly. There are no bullets showing when fired, and when fired all of the ammunition of the gun is drained. How can I fix this? I'm in 1.3.
  5. My ships keep sinking rear first, I already removed ballast water. I'm using the QE battleship parts. How do I fix this?
  6. Thanks! It's my first time using CKAN, I changed some things in the settings and now I can use RO in 1.3, thanks a lot!
  7. well RO doesn't show up in CKAN, sorry for being a noob
  8. RO makes my engines produce no thrust, they aren't even showing up at stages, it's unplayable for me in 1.4 and 1.3. When I put solver engines, all engines disappear from parts.
  9. When i'm in the SPH or VAB, I set my desired texture for the procedural tank, but when I launch, the tank just turns white. It also happens in custom textures.
  10. Did everything that was said at page 64, correct install but still, nukes won't work, they used to. 1.22 btw.
  11. How do I move when using the gravity repulsors?