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  1. Hi, gentelmen, I'm not quite so patient as to create a pull request. A minor patch to have SSTU Apollo pod work would be to add it to Avionics.cfg, like: // FIXME do this for anything else Apollo sized @PART[FASAApollo_CM|Mark1-2Pod|mk2Cockpit_Standard|mk2Cockpit_Inline|B9_Body_Mk2_Cockpit|B9_Body_Mk2_Cockpit_Intake|B9_Cockpit_M27|B9_Cockpit_MK2|B9_Cockpit_S3|B9_Cockpit_S2|FASAGeminiBigG|FASAGeminiBigGWhite|XOrionPodX|XOrionPodXbb31|LazTekDragonV2|MK2VApod|GuidanceStart4m|SSTU-SC-B-CM]:FOR[RP-0] I've added the |SSTU-SC-B-CM , can someone please add this to the repository?
  2. I have an RP-1 install on 1.3.1 . Every time I want to refuel a recovered jet plane, its "edited" value goes down to <10%, which in turns requires almost as much time for refurbishment as if it was built brand new, is that intentional?
  3. I've managed to get it working by removing ModularFuelTanks, I've read at the RealFuels thread that they are mutally incompatible. I did use the replacement dll for RF.
  4. Hi, I've installed RP-1 on KSP 1.3.1 as per Bornholio's goldenspreadsheet. My problem is that in the VAB I can only configure the tanks for kerosene or avgas. Also the procedural SRB shows up as using solidfuel and tanks want to be filled with LFO/OX. Still the aerobee engine wants to use Aniline etc. Is this something related to RO or RP-0/-1, or rather a RealFuels issue? KSP.log :
  5. Hi, I am using KSP 1.2.2 with RSS/RO/RP-0, TestFlight and a stock 4m heatshield gets a leak and then explodes... i found the following clues: What should I do?
  6. Hi, I'm getting nullrefs like: I'm using TestFlight with KSP 1.2.2 and RSS/RO/RP-0. What should I check?
  7. I had some nullrefs caused by ProceduralFairings v3.20, I updated to 3.21 and they don't pop up anymore, yet the problem described, persists.
  8. Hi. I'm using the latest CKAN Kerbalism with KSP 1.2.2. I launched my first commsats and they have enough electricity when being focused as active vessel, but in timewarp outside, their power gets drained. What am I doing wrong? BTW, I have RO/RSS/RP-0 with RT but without TACLS.
  9. Actually I guess that is fine, since Principa would control the gravitational drifts, and Orbital Decay will apply aerodynamic drag and radiation pressure. If it was the other way around, we'd have gravitational drifts applied twice, which wouldn't be accurate, right?
  10. Will this mod, in its current state, work well with Principia? I noticed it has some n-body related activity, so would some effects double when used with principia?
  11. @Starwaster I just have "Effective Spaceplanes", and that's where mk2 spaceplane parts are. The mk2 cockpit shows it will tolerate 2500K.
  12. I didn't touch CoM, since Mechjeb had no problem holding +15deg pitch attitude, which didn't help by the way.
  13. Uhm, I can't get 'landingMoon' contract to spawn. I doesn't appear in the mission control as unavailable. I did the 'first_MoonFlybyUncrewed', which is the requirement. I have +800 rep. Relevant (I think) mod versions: KSP 1.2.2 RP-0 build 54 Contract configurator 1.22.2 What should I look for as a cause?
  14. It is an RP-0 career game. The parts are clearly described as "rated for LEO reentry" and I've seen them work in peoples videos (like Cosmonaut Crash on YT). I know I could change the Thermal settings, but I'd like to keep it realistic. I tried shallow reentries as well as steep, to no avail.