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    [1.6.1] Real Solar System v16.2 [19 Apr 2019]

    Keep it up guys, im going back to 1.3 just for this. i dont care what version its on im playing it, Excellent work. Absolutely amazing, Keep doing what you do.
  2. Dprince12

    [1.6.1] Real Solar System v16.2 [19 Apr 2019]

    sweet thank you. keep it up. ill be following
  3. Thank you for the clear answer, i do hope UMB does get updated and you keep doing your thing, This is one of my favorite games, with in the past 5 days i have jumped from about 10 mods to 114 (currently) always looking for more realism, wishing RSS would get updated, but not holding my breath there, Thank you very much for what you do. any updates i will be looking forward to.
  4. is there anyway you can add this to ckan also, alot easier for me to get mods from there and stay up to date there
  5. thank you for this, ive been loving Unmanned before Manned mod, and extending to it will be great, i will install this tonight and give you more information about my play tomorrow. Im also playing with Yemo's Metamodpack too, there sure is alot of stuff in there, any other mods you would suggest? Thank you very much