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  1. Looks like a cheap rocket for Duna! or.. (not in this thread): Eve!
  2. Hmm.. I should say no. Because is "landing on Duna", not go to Duna and Back to Kerbin, I think.
  3. me too OH! it could be the advanced tweaks on the settings.. Maybe if you re-installed KSP the setting were off.
  4. Cool story!
  5. and I'm playing KSP 1.2.0!
  6. Cool! I've already make a mission to IKE but.. When I was trying to get to Kerbin I landed for emergency on Duna, because I was almost with no fuel, then I separated the capsule from the transfer stage and I landed only with this parts: MK16 Parachute, MK1 Command Pod and a 1.25 Heat Shield... Yeah precarious situations.
  7. It was a bug... I posted and it was not appearing... Then I tried again... yeah was a bug that. I had founded the version for KSP 1.2.2, anyway thanks for help!
  8. what is the version for KSP 1.2.2?
  9. Did you know why Valentina is so happy? Because I added rings to Kerbin! Well... It's on work...

  10. What a engineer! It's so epic! Oh... I had launched rovers to Mun and Duna and I'm also going to Minmus today, with a rover!
  11. 2.4 KILOTONS??!! REALLY? in RSS I' can't even lift an apple to LEO... what mods do you use for the rocket
  12. I love this mod in those old times... Now I can enjoy in the NEW times
  13. In part 5 of my GIGANTIC space station! I only need some antennas a a solar array and i'm done!
  14. Oh... I could make all this craft fly, and then destroy KSC