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  1. Is it possible to add some real-world (missing) lakes ? If so, what is involved (tools / techniques) ? How was the existing geometry created ?
  2. Does this mod work with the Real Solar System mod (on KSP 1.45 )? If so, then something is "off" with either KerbalGPS or Kerbal Engineer or RSS with the coordinates ... or (the most likely ?)with my satellite positioning Specifically, I have added runways at where CYYZ and CYTZ should be, with Kerbal Konstruct using Kerbal Engineer as the reference for the coords. After launching 4 sats with the GNSS transmitters, I moved them around with Hyper Edit until the GPS receiver stat indicated 4 sats, and was displaying a gps position. I then "set a destination" at the CYYZ runway and "flew" to CYTZ. The distance displayed was ~4km when it should be ~19 Km. The sats are all at about 2,000 KM
  3. What "state" does the game need to be in when calling launch_vessel_from_sph ? ** From experimenting, seems I need to launch a "dummy" aircraft on the runway (be in the "flight" mode, in order to execute the launch_vessel_from_sph function. Is there a way to launch a vessel from the "SpaceCenter" scene ?
  4. Is the SpaceCenter API accessible from trom the Python or Ruby clients ? If so, how ? I'm especially interested in the launch_vessel_from_sph function. If not, what would be necessary to add that API to one of the "scripting" clients (i.e. not C# or Java), if it's possible.
  5. For all the "windows" comments, Orbiter runs perfectly fine under Wine on my Ubuntu box. If you've never played it, how could it "seem" to be like ... anything ? As someone who started with Orbiter, and is now "exploring" KSP, I could say the same thing, i.e. KSP a game "that seems a lot like Orbiter" ... though missing the realism (which is why I'm now looking into the Realism Overhaul / Real Solar System mods.