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  1. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I've been using the Karibou parts to build a rover for creating stuff with Extraplanetary Launchpads and I hit a snag in that the Crew Module, which was intended to be a life-support part, just isn't. Using my feeble modding skills, I thought I had it fixed and submitted this PR: I still think that's the right fix, but the Rover I built with it has this annoying habit: If I switch scenes and come back to the rover, the Hab modules on both the Crew Cabin and the Karibou Command Pod don't have their life support stuff running (I have to click on 'Start Habitat' again). Any ideas on what might be causing this?
  2. [1.4] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v0.6.4

    Yup, werkz. I changed the GameData\KIS\Parts\concreteBase1\part.cfg's staticAttachBreakForce from 200 to 2000 and they're staying stuck in the ground now. As to why Eve, it's because everything's heavier on Eve and thus the forces on the winch are bigger. I'm not at all sure that 2000kn is a good number for the strength of the attachment, but I don't think 200 strikes the right balance - it's the same as for the lower-mass ground pylon. You should get a little more for the extra mass.
  3. [1.4] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v0.6.4

    I've lately been using a combination of "CG1 Ground Pylon" and winches as a means to drag base parts around and position them for assembly. This has worked decently well elsewhere in the solar system, but on Eve, I'm having no joy because Ground Pylon gets ripped away from the ground by the force of the winch. I tried enabling the "Unbreakable Joints" cheat, but nope. Still get ripped out.
  4. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    I did a comparison of the hunks of the save files related to the two ships I called out, "Minmus basebuider" and "Gilly basebuilder", and found something that looks like the crux of it: Minmus Basebuilder has a section "VESSELMODULES { WorkshopManager { Workshops {...}}}" and Gilly Basebuilder has that section as well, except that the "Workshops" block is empty. I suspect several of the ships in my fleet suffer from this. With some fuddling I could reconstruct the sections in the afflicted ships in my save file. It's pretty certain that the log files aren't going to contain anything really interesting, as whatever broke this happened a while ago. If you wanted to tell me the bug likely wasn't in Ground Construction, I'd totally be willing to believe that too.
  5. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    Kinda late to the party here, but here's how I go about it: I use the "Ore Smelter" option of the stock Resource Converter to make the initial batch of Material kits. This craft can be some stock drills, a couple of large ore storage tanks and 50k worth of matkit storage. Or you can scrimp on the matkit storage and bring up a Logistics module. That's a pretty minimal craft and it's not hard to throw that up into orbit on a rocket, even if you embellish it with some crew support. It makes matkits very slowly - but interplanetary travel takes a while too. Be aware that if you leave a facility alone for a long time, the catch-up algorithm works in kerbal-day-long increments. That is, it first looks at how much ore your drill can extract in a full day, then it looks at how much ore storage you've got. It takes the lower of those two numbers as the amount of ore you'll have to play with. Then it looks at the converter and sees how much ore it would consume in a full day and compares that with the amount of ore that got stored in a day and takes the lower of those two numbers. Then it divides that number by the ratio of ore:matkits and that's how many matkits it produces in a day. (Other constraints, like power and heat, work roughly along the same lines.) With the MatKits you build at that place, you can build a more serious material kit factory out of Tundra parts. Like I said, this is a starter facility. In order to make a complete breakfast, you'll also want a scanner satellite, a relay satellite or two, and a surveyor rover.
  6. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    output.log:!ArmF2ajumPvrhKVNQIyI4Pj5R6isTA ksp.log:!ArmF2ajumPvrhKVOd5eeO2CQJIX7Hg I poked through it, but didn't see any obvious treasure. No angry words said near "GroundConstruction" and searching for "Exception" just turned up a lot of noise around EVE. In the session, I switched around my vessels on Gilly using the GC window. Never had the option to do anything and the construction choice on the ship never turned on. The ship is "Gilly Basebuilder" starting at line 509656 of the save.
  7. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    Which logs would be most helpful?
  8. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    Yes I have, but I don't understand what I'm seeing at all. On Gilly, when I'm at the builder ship, it just gives me a list of the ships on Gilly, aside from the ship I'm on. It shows me a tiny little ship I left there from missions past, which happens to have a lander can. That's a legit GC ship, even so, right? When I hop over to that ship, it doesn't give me a construction window choice. The toolbar button shows me the other ship landed on Gilly as another workshop. Also confusing me is that on Minmus, I happen to have a similar little science ship landed there too. It shows up on the list of workshops, but when I go to that ship, I don't get the "Construction" menu item either.
  9. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    Ground Construction doesn't need SP's. Extraplanetary Launchpads does.
  10. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    I've used this mod quite a bit, and have built quite a few craft with it, but I just can't figure out what's going on in my Gilly expedition. The "Construction Window" menu item doesn't show up in my construction ship like it usually does. I've got: 1) An "Orca" command pod 2) Two 5 star engineers in the pod 3) Matkits, Electric Charge 4) A DIY box landed within 300m (though I find that the menu option should be there even if there's no box nearby) 5) 1x time acceleration 6) Landed on Gilly with ground-tether on (also tried off, just in case - and I inspected the save file just to be sure it says "sit = LANDED" -- this is Gilly, afterall...) I've used a basically identical ship on Minmus. In fact, if I pop over to that craft on Minmus, there I get a 'Construction Window' selection even though the poor thing's lying there derelict. I must just be holding it wrong, but I'm out of ideas as to how. Builder ship's craft file:!ArmF2ajumPvrhKVLO5JatMYJhYNkHg Save file (.sfs) (but there's so many mods it's not worth trying to load):!ArmF2ajumPvrhKVMERE_l90VxyYphQ I'm still running ksp and GC 1.2.0
  11. [1.3] Freight Transport Technologies [v0.6.0]!ArmF2ajumPvrhKVKgF4Ns1GaYXw8Vw But I suspect it'd be easier to repro it without bothering to download: 1) Go To VAB 2) Grab a Honeybadger Command Pod 3) Glue on a Honeybadger Nuclear Reactor 4) Glue on a Large Ducted Fan Engine 5) Glue on a 'Honeybadger' VTOL Atmospheric Engine 6) Hyperedit it to Duna 7) Activate the reactor 8) Try and make it do anything To the other posters, these are both electric engines.
  12. [1.3] Freight Transport Technologies [v0.6.0]

    I gave the Ducted Fan engines a try today (e.g. "Large Ducted Fan Engine", "Honeybadger VTOL Atomospheric Engine") and was surprised to find that they don't work on Duna. They work on Kerban and Laythe, but not on Duna. Given the opening video for this thread, that's surprising and probably not right. I just want to make sure I'm not doing it wrong. The craft consists of a Honeybadger command pod, Honeybadger nuclear reactor, and the engines. The engine shows "Thrust: 0.0 kN / Specific Impulse: 150.0m/s / Status: Flame-Out! / Cause: Air combustion failed". "IntakeAtm reads 4.5". It's not a faulty craft; like I said, if I haul the same thing onto Laythe, the engines fire right up.
  13. [1.3] USI Core (Reactors and Kontainers)

    Try transferring on EVA with an engineer. You wanna be careful with that stuff. How? Right clicking on the tank doesn't do anything special... OIC, Perform Maintenance on the reactor pulls it from storage. But if you have a facility that produces the stuff on one side of the planet, and you need to fuel a reactor on the other, how would you go about it? I guess use KIS/KIS to move the fuel container from ship to ship?
  14. [1.3] USI Core (Reactors and Kontainers)

    Warning: Newbs at play. Or has it just plain gone missing? I don't see an entry here: Edit: Nope. Wrong. It's line 608, here: But it looks very much like an intentional choice, not a mistake.
  15. [1.3] USI Core (Reactors and Kontainers)

    I can't figure out how to transfer Enriched Uranium around. I've got a vessel that's got a mess of Enriched Uranium on-board, but there seems to be no way to directly transfer it. Local Logistics doesn't show the resource in the list (even though I've got two ships with "Nuclear Fuel Containers" in range of each other. So I tried docking the two together, but no joy there either - if I alt-click the two tanks, it won't show me the UI to transfer resources between tanks. Also, if I switch on "Planetary Warehouse", it doesn't behave properly for that either - the tank is full and flipping the bit doesn't put it in planetary storage. (Yes, I've got the Logistics Module on-board and the planetary resources is working fine for LFOX etc.) Wild-ass guess - "Enriched Uranium" is missing some setting somewhere that tells it it's a resource?