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  1. That's true. The greenhouses are really expensive and not really worth it for, say, a trip to deliver crew to an existing station. Honestly I haven't really done the math insofar as the fuel is concerned. Mun supplies all the gas I ever need, and I like the hydroponics for the aesthetic. Note that progression is regulated by how many produced hydroponics get consumed, so having more than (as I recall) 6 or so kerbals with 2 tier-0 greenhouses doesn't help. You didn't mention Mun or Minmus colonies. The vision I had was that folks would need 3 stations - one in Mun orbit, one in Minmus orbit, and one in LKO for no good reason. If you have that setup, you'll find it takes a couple years to get to tier 1 and perhaps a few too many more to get to Tier-2, then in one trip to Duna you get to Tier-3. It also takes a few years to advance Mun & Minmus to Tier2, and you'll likely make some mistakes there. Of course, those bases can be fixed readily, but a goof at Duna is a permanent situation. Best to have some practice first.
  2. Yeah, thing is that Scrap Metal takes quite a bit of work to make it back into a rocket part. The notion of a "rocket part" is that it's good to plug straight into a pre-planned ship, so it seems to me that if you're going to produce rocket parts out of recycling, it has to be that savagely-low thing. But you're right that the number of complex parts is actually pretty boggling given the conversion rate at T3 and T4. In my own play-throughs, I tend to end up throwing away complex parts because I get way more than I could ever sensibly use. And yeah, because "Stuff", which is kindof akin to scrap metal, is so malleable, and I intentionally made it so that storing it was senseless (just because when I played MKS, I found all the storage for intermediate results a PITA to manage for no-fun-gained). At this point, I just don't see a compelling reason to adjust the numbers. I mean, maybe I could go for a 5% complex-part-rate, just to make it so that there's possibly a reason to ship the stuff in one day. Maybe a small buff to the Rocket Parts rate - not for realism or anything, but just because KSP is all about building ships, and it's nice to be able to do that, and rocket part production is pretty slow. I tell you one thing I struggle with - the recycler parts (in EL), don't take apart my ship very well. I end up with 30% of the ship getting recycled and the rest just floating in space. I've taken to creating garbage-truck spacecraft & rovers to hoover up the remnants. Have you had better luck?
  3. No, there isn't. The SSPX mod, which supplies the part, just has both. I kitted them both out because they were both there... But, now that you brought it up, I wonder if I could come up with some distinguishing features. Like perhaps the Aquaculture part could be more kerbal-efficient (in terms of the number of biologists/capacity) but more massive. By doing that, it'd make the aquaculture module more amenable to stations.
  4. There's a wiki on GitHub (, which you can contribute to via pull-request. But I don't want to post those numbers there, because they're subject to tweaking and they'll always be wrong. I pulled them pretty much out of the air and am always unhappy one way or the other. E.g. right now I think it's too costly to go from Tier1 to Tier2 hydroponics and too cheap to go from Tier-3 to Tier-4. I've also given some thought that maybe on different worlds different techs will be harder/easier to research. But I guess the main reason is that I don't want the mod to be a game of formulas. I want players to just huck some kerbals up there, see what happens and fix it when it breaks!
  5. In other news, I've been working on my own first colonization of Laythe. My first post-mod-complete save file's objective was T4 on Dres... Which would have been a whole lot more fun if the encounter nodes in KSP were a little more rational with inclined orbits. Anyway, I've got a couple things: I only sorta like the big scanner part with its 2-kerbal crew. It does work as intended in that it encourages a bigger orbital station... But orbital stations get to be a PITA once you get past T2. It's just up there, constantly running out of stuff while I forget about it and look at other stuff. It's tough and time-consuming to get 5* kerbals. I don't mind it so much with the Engineers, as even 4* Engineers have a role on a T4 base - making shinies and running the drills. 4* Scientists kinda get left jobless once you reach T4. So I've got a couple of nerfs in mind to address those. The first is to make it so that the scanners (at least the big one anyway) work system-wide. So, for example, if you had a space station in Kerban orbit and it had a Scanner Hub part configured for Mun and another for Minmus, that'd be good enough. It'd also work for both Mun and Minmus in Mun's orbit. The other nerf is to give Scientist a 1* specialist boost for Hydroponics. That is, a 3* Scientist (which you can get just by planting flags on Mun & Minmus and leaving Kerbin's SOI), would be capable of running a T3 Hydroponic part.
  6. Sounds like you haven't made it far enough for things to make sense yet. The requirement for research is to produce the stuff. In the case of hydroponic snacks (where you can't store any of the output, you have to eat it or it doesn't get made), it's effectively eating it. But putting Bob in orbit with Kerbal made snacks doesn't activate anything. Right off the bat, I can't remember what the requirements are, but yeah, once you hit Tier3+ on two (or 3?) worlds, you can skip Tier1 on future worlds. Yeah, landing bases is pretty exciting on worlds with an atmosphere. Couple tricks I've done: Balance the thing as best you can. If that's not good enough, use RCS thrusters - preferably the kind that use LFOX - they're pretty stout. Carefully balance the thrust. Lately I've gotten good enough to be able to use the K&K Meercat landing assist engines. Build it on the spot - My usual plan is to land a Tier2 base with lots of places to build on to and use EPL to extend the base to its full flower.
  7. It should be in the "Advanced Science Tech" node alongside the "Convert-O-Tron" ISRU's. The part shares the same model as the ISRU's, so you might have mistaken it. The parts can be found in two places in the VAB - in the "Utilities" parts, where it's very hard to find, or in the "PKS" tab, where it's not so hard.
  8. First, let's make sure we're talking about the right thing - I think we are, but the word "warehouse" above makes me think there's a chance you're conflating this mod with the USI mods which use that word. PKS transfer system uses the "Transfer" tab of the cupcake button's screen. I bet you're talking about that, but just to be sure... Anyway, assuming you're talking about the "Transfer" button, I think you've got a right to be confused. It almost always gets it right, but when it doesn't, it's super maddening. First, it takes the vessel's type (like Base/Station/Rover/Lander, in the "Rename Vessel" screen) into account. In your case, I'd bet that's the issue for you. The basic rules are: If one vessel is marked as debris or has PKS-production parts and no Kerbals aboard, it will take everything off of that vessel. (E.g. if you're abandoning a base) If a vessel produces a resource and the other vessel has storage for it, it gets transferred to the vessel with storage If a ship needs a resource in its production chain and doesn't have a means to produce it and the other ship has the resource available, take it. (Think Complex Parts) Snacks-Tier4 have the special rule to try and transfer from Ship->Base->Rover/Lander (But rules #1-3 above overrule this behavior) If you want to say "there should be some kinda manual override", I'd say I agree. Somewhere between fires at work and anticipating KSP 2.0 has made me not work on it much. I'd also highly recommend you get KIS/KAS. In addition to mostly solving problems like this, it's a really fun mod.
  9. The template you'll want to use for Fertilizer production is the mod I make to the stock small ISRU unit. Your best move would be to leave the numbers alone, but if your part is considerably more or less massive, you will want to tweak the numbers appropriately. There is no concept of bio-waste in PKS. I didn't include it because, when I played with it in other mods, it felt like something that added complexity but not fun. In PKS, food production comes in two types - "Hydroponic" (for space) and "Farming" (for landed colonies). The whole food production stack includes a drill (well, really two drills) for getting raw resources, fertilizer and either farming or hydroponics. There's also a production stack for making stuff to take back to kerbin and sell. BTW, because of the variety of resource types (multiplied by the 5 tiers), it's impractical to play the mod without some kind of in-flight configurable storage.
  10. Version 2.1 Is out! This release changes the scanning mechanic to encourage more elaborate and purpose-built orbital stations on worlds where colonization has progressed beyond the early stages (i.e. Tier2+). In the PKS <2.1, there was a single scanner part (which looked like the IR telescope). It required one crewman and could be set up for any tier. Starting in 2.1, there are two scanning parts - a one-crew part that can be used to research Tier-1 and Tier-2 scanning, and larger, two-crew part that can be used for all tiers. You can, if you want, forget about the small part altogether and just use the larger scanning part, it'll just be heavier to lug around. The best way to think about it is this: if you know you're going to established a crewed presence in orbit from the get-go, you should probably launch with one of these. If you're going to go, do your research, and head home immediately to regroup for the next, then you could go with the smaller part to save mass and have a smaller crew count. If you've been using PKS before, and you update to this version, all your old IR-telescope-looking-parts will be replaced with the new look. If you have old scanners of Tier-2+ already in orbit, those parts will continue to work. You just won't be able to upgrade them. One more thing! If you look super-close at the big scanner part, it has a bank of lights on it that look like the signal strength bars on your cellphone. Those bars indicate how good your scanner network is around the planet. It's just an assessment of the number of satellites in orbit; you can supply your own ideas about how perfect the equipment is. You also need at least one antenna of any type for each satellite you have in orbit in order to utilize it. (That's just to finally give you the excuse you need to stick on more cool-looking but pointless antennae on your station!)
  11. Thanks! I think, though, that I might be better off skipping all that - I've been looking at how SurfaceLights does it - all through code. Given that I just want to turn the things on & off, that seems like the simpler way to go.
  12. I'm trying to add an emissive animation to my KSP part. All looks splendid in Unity, but when I load KSP with the .mu, KSP crashes with no survivors (midway through the startup sequence, while loading parts). Nothing in the KSP.log or Output.Log gives me a clue, but it's pretty clear it blows up when reading my .mu file. I can animation position transforms, but as soon as I add the emissive animation, blam. Any clues would be appreciated. Here's my Scene: Here's the inspector on 'Trunk': "light1" is an animation that just moves the little green light; green-button is the one that, when added here, causes ksp to crash: I'm animating '_Emissive Color.G' from 0 to 255. Nothing else is moving. Any clues would be a huge help. I'm down to trying stuff at random at this point.
  13. I converted my "Bump" map to a "Normal" map, using a plugin for Gimp. And Lo! Fixed! The part looks better in KSP than it does in Blender or Unity. And we won't even mention that the selector in the Materials pane says "Bump" in small, but authoritative letters... Well, yes we will mention it I guess Ah well, it's probably a bug in PartTools; maybe in days past it really did mean bump map, but clearly now it doesn't. When I imported the .blend file it made a snarky comment about the bump map and I translated what it said as an offer to fix it and assumed it had done something good. I think it was just pointing and laughing and expecting me to fix it. Wow I fail at art.
  14. I think you're close to it, but not exactly it. First, yep, there's a bump map involved, but it seems to be there -- at least when I did the 'Write' thing in Unity it placed 3 files - my texture, my bump map, and my .mu file... (That wasn't me doing it, so Unity must be down with the idea that I've got a bump map). But! If I switch the shader from "KSP/Bumped Specular" to "KSP/Specular" the problem goes away! Further, if I choose any of the KSP textures with a bump map it seems to have the problem (and not if the texture doesn't use a bump map). The problem is visible in the Unity editor, so my suspicion is that I somehow haven't learned the secret handshake of bump maps in Unity. I seem to have it figured for Blender, but Unity has its own ideas. My (limited) experience with Unity is that all things have a golden path. There are many golden paths. One leads to bliss and harmony in KSP. Others lead to other destinations. The path to bliss in KSP is not marked. If you stray from the path, you'll be eaten by wolves.
  15. My part's got some bad behavior with lighting, I'm at a loss why. I snapped this in Kerbin's shadow, so Val's light is the only light source. See how the lighting seems to be about 60 degrees off of the base part where it connects to the (stock) command module? Maybe it's not obvious, but the part has a trunk and three doors that swing open like the shielded docking port. You can see Val's light is shining on the wrong one - and it's obviously not just wrong in the Z axis, because otherwise it'd have a smooth transition of some sort to the other two doors. Wierdly, shadows don't seem to be broken - they land where they should. WTH. Anybody got any clues for me?