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  1. Yeah, it's maddening, and really inconsistent too! My Ike base (and everything near it) would fall for a good couple hundred meters every time I switched to it. I had to remember to turn on the no-crash-damage cheat every time I switched to it. I read somewhere that the KSP devs are looking to address that, but if I got the gist of what they were planning on doing, it was to make a mode to fix the base to the ground. I hope they've thought this through, because although that'd work for the base itself, what about a rover parked next to it? And like you point out, it seems confined to
  2. I'm having trouble with the size of the KAC window - the list is barely big enough for one item. There doesn't seem to be a way to resize the window. I've tried jacking with the WindowPosition numbers in TriggerTech\KerbalAlarmClock\settings.cfg, even to the point of deleting the file and letting KAC recreate it from scratch. Nothing seems to affect it. Are there supposed to be resize handles in-game? (Not seeing them if there are). If it helps, I'm on a 4k monitor. I'm running the latest KSP and latest KAC ( This is the generated WindowPos block in the settings. E
  3. I've been learning about Lingoona script, but am having some trouble applying it to ContractConfigurator because there seems no way to get a kerbal name with the right gender marker on it (e.g. "Valentina Kerman^f"). If I'm reading the source code right, there's no native way to do it. For kerbals, I think I see how I could make it happen with some fancy expression stuff using the Gender() method, but that seems hacky and wrong. For celestial bodies (which have a language-specific gender as well), I don't think I see a way. If I'm right and it really is missing, I would be happy to sub
  4. Well yeah, but what if @/kerbal is not a string, but rather of type Kerbal? There's some shenanigans I could pull, e.g. Format("{0}", @kerbal).FirstWord(), but maybe there's a first-class way to get the name of the kerbal? @kerbal.name doesn't seem to be a thing...
  5. How do you break a string? I mean if @/kerbal is of type Kerbal, how do you get the *first* name? That is, I want "Jebediah", not "Jebediah Kerman".
  6. Is there a way, within the expression language, to use just the Kerbal's first name? E.g. to replicate things like we see in the stock rescue contracts, where it's "Fred's shipwreck" and not "Fred Kerman's shipwreck" ? I mean when the kerbal is generated, so the text would be "@/lostkerbal's derelict" Something like "@/lostkerbal.name()'s derelict". Is that a thing? Also, is there an escaping sequence - like if I'm writing a sentence, the "." seems to sometimes get confused for language syntax, e.g. in "... from @/lostbody." The period is intended to be plain text, but in some
  7. Thanks @nightingale - I think I have all the pieces put together. I hope to have some time to play around with it this weekend. As I read it - it allows the possibility of building an actual craft rather than just a boring old mk1-capsule for the kerbal to be found in... I'm thinking that my space-adventuring would-be-colonists might just end up needing to be collected from some interesting spacecraft. That would give contract fulfillment a more interesting vibe.
  8. i think it would too - but the trouble is that I need to generate a new kerbal; we can't have a whole lotta Skeebop's running around the station. Life would get confusing. Yeah I thought you'd say that based on my reading of the code. A random orbit would be pretty much required e.g. if multiple contracts pop up, they'd all stack on top of each other... hm. or would they? Perhaps they'd be like the Kerbals that spawn in LKO in stock, where they all spawn at a precise 72km equitorial orbit, just staggered by time (probably not so much by-design as by the workings of the con
  9. I've been working on adding a contract to Progressive Colonization System. The first one I want to make involves rescuing a kerbal from orbit of a random moon of Jool and bringing it to a moon of Jool that as an evolved colony. I've made some progress towards figuring out ContractConfigurator, but I'm stuck on a couple points. The big two are: I can't seem to figure out how to reference the kerbal that gets spawned by SpawnVessel I can't seem to figure out how to get a random ORBIT out of SpawnVessel If anybody wants to point me in the right direction, maybe it'd make more se
  10. I (finally) have been getting back to the game a bit and just updated PKS with a collection of small changes that have been accumulating for a while - and a couple new things. The version bump to 3.0 is because we now have a couple of new dependencies on some community libraries. This is needed to address some conflicts between this mod and others. The root of the problem is that the KSP API's for controlling toolbar buttons and some related resources are written with the assumption that all mods know about all other mods... Not a good thing. The way the community has dealt with this is t
  11. 100000 rocket parts / 15 a day gives you 15 years of work... 4 Kerbals, working flat out for 15 years to build a station big enough to support 50 kerbals... Does that sound so wrong? But more reasonably, you'd probably want those 4 kerbals to work flat out for 3 years to get together 40k parts, which is comfortably enough to expand to having 2 rocket part factories, giving you 8 kerbals, which can get you those remaining 60k parts in 9 years. 9 years is a long time in Mun/Minmus timescale, but it's not so long in the 3-4 year round-trip to Duna time.
  12. That's true. The greenhouses are really expensive and not really worth it for, say, a trip to deliver crew to an existing station. Honestly I haven't really done the math insofar as the fuel is concerned. Mun supplies all the gas I ever need, and I like the hydroponics for the aesthetic. Note that progression is regulated by how many produced hydroponics get consumed, so having more than (as I recall) 6 or so kerbals with 2 tier-0 greenhouses doesn't help. You didn't mention Mun or Minmus colonies. The vision I had was that folks would need 3 stations - one in Mun orbit, one i
  13. Yeah, thing is that Scrap Metal takes quite a bit of work to make it back into a rocket part. The notion of a "rocket part" is that it's good to plug straight into a pre-planned ship, so it seems to me that if you're going to produce rocket parts out of recycling, it has to be that savagely-low thing. But you're right that the number of complex parts is actually pretty boggling given the conversion rate at T3 and T4. In my own play-throughs, I tend to end up throwing away complex parts because I get way more than I could ever sensibly use. And yeah, because "Stuff", which is kindof
  14. No, there isn't. The SSPX mod, which supplies the part, just has both. I kitted them both out because they were both there... But, now that you brought it up, I wonder if I could come up with some distinguishing features. Like perhaps the Aquaculture part could be more kerbal-efficient (in terms of the number of biologists/capacity) but more massive. By doing that, it'd make the aquaculture module more amenable to stations.
  15. There's a wiki on GitHub (https://github.com/SteveBenz/ProgressiveColonizationSystem/wiki), which you can contribute to via pull-request. But I don't want to post those numbers there, because they're subject to tweaking and they'll always be wrong. I pulled them pretty much out of the air and am always unhappy one way or the other. E.g. right now I think it's too costly to go from Tier1 to Tier2 hydroponics and too cheap to go from Tier-3 to Tier-4. I've also given some thought that maybe on different worlds different techs will be harder/easier to research. But I guess the main reaso
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