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  1. There are some fairly interesting points there. Indeed, I think that's a really good idea. The small playtest I did it was without "nerfing" the science, so I didn't noted the difficult there. At some point in the future, I want to make my own fork of "Science Revisited", with some modifications, and one of these are make some science parts "manned", making that these parts can only produce full science if operated by a scientist (even maybe with a bonus acording to the scientist level). So, moving the goo to "manned technologies" would make perfect sense. Thanks for the Feedback!
  2. Better Early Tree Download: Github - SpaceDock This mod tries to bring the concept of an uncrewed start, but it also tries to maintain the stock-like vibe of the tree. At the very begining, the nodes arrange parts in function of what the player will want to do next, to make a seamless, funny and grindless transition from Early game, to mid game. This tech tree is also designed to be used alongside both DLCs, and ReStock+... It may used without those, however, it may lead to some "gaps" in parts niches. As I wanted the tree to be the most similar to stock as posible, I tried
  3. Oh, yes! Python is godsend. It saved me a lot of time in a lot of situations... Easy to write, quick to deploy and popular enough to have tons of libraries. Well, the TechTree is done. Here it is the download link of the mod, I'll just want to test one more thing before making the post on Addons Releases, and uploading it to SpaceDock... Maybe even push it to CKAN... After that, I will continue with the next point of my list.
  4. Hey! I'm very glad I came across this mod! Sadly, it was when I almost finished doing a patch like this to myself, but at least saved me some time dealing with command modules. However, there is a problem and it is that some mods bring support to KIS with patches that requires KIS to be applicated. One example of this is Universal Storage II, that adds two pieces with KIS support only if KIS is installed. However, I found two solutions to this. One is changing the name of the mod folder from KerbalInventoryForAll to KIS, so the mod itself trigger the :NEED[KIS] condition on all the patch
  5. Hello. In this topic I will be talking about various ideas I have and things I'm working on. If I ever release one of those, they will have it's own post on the Addon's Release section. However while on development, as I will only work on one thing at a time, they all will be here. As a disclaimer, I'm pretty lazy, I almost never finish a project. So most of the things I say on this post, may never see the light of day. Focus of the development Recently, I tried to start a career mode campaign. I didn't played the game since 2018, so there were many new things to see, and
  6. If I remember well, on the Tracking station there is an "info" button that display information about the selected celestial body. I think that it gives a description of the body, it says its radius, if it has an atmosphere, the altitude of the atmosphere and a bunch of other things.
  7. Hey @zekew11, maybe you are done with moding and KSP, but if you ever c0me back, maybe this could be of your interest: It sounds like it could work well with both of your WIP mods: CRS and SP.
  8. New Update. Probably I should start to make this thread look better. You know, "No pics, no clicks". Maybe along the week. Also, I wanted to make a new contract pack, that reeplace all the stock ones, for a better progresion, like the SETI contrack pack, but also with some nice "secondary missions". But it's a titanic work, so I don't know. Maybe start with the basic, and if I feel it, keep it going.
  9. Hi! This is a small mod that I started mading by myself, but I thinkt that it could be nice to share it. I wanted a correction of the Stock Tech Tree that let me start with probes and then advance to crewed missions. The logic choice was the SETI UnmanedBeforeManned mod, but I don't like the way it changes the game. It just gives you a lot of usseless pieces at the begining, and is not very balanced in the science you need to unlock them. No, I wanted more stock-a-like experience, with a nice looking tree, and a balanced amount of unlocks for each node. So, instead of wait or ask any
  10. For reference, the Ven's Stock Part Revamp do something like this, with his service bays. In the VAB, you can open and close it's doors, but they will always shows itself as semi-transparent. But in flight, they always are opaque. I can't think of any example of parts that become semi-transparent in flight, but Ven's code could be a good starting point.
  11. Oh, do you want long landing legs? Here, take this.
  12. Well, the last update about this mod it was the wednesday, you can't expect a daily update, even in the most actively updated mods. A mod could have weeks, or even months between updates, without being "dead", all depends on the time, patience and desires of the mod author. Being enthusiastic about a mod, helps. Ask about updates or even about estimated times for release, usually not. Just have a little patience, and tell the mod author about how amazing his models are, because they are.
  13. RemoteTech it's what are you looking for: But read carefully what the mod do, because it's a complethe overhaul of the CommNet system.
  14. It's posible that, if you have an .MU file of a model that wasn't maded in Blender, then this Addon don't recognize the format of the file and can't load it?
  15. Hi! I'm doing some experiments with this mod, and I think I nailed the fuel type switch but... about the mesh switch, I think I didn't get it... Reading the Wiki, and looking for some examples in Near Future Mods Github, I ended with something like this: MODULE { name = ModuleB9PartSwitch moduleID = meshSwitch switcherDescription = Boattail SUBTYPE { name = No transform = ¿? } SUBTYPE { name = Yes transform = ¿? } } I don't know exactly what put into transform. I guess I should put there a name that point to some structure where the
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