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  1. Sorry about that. I'll note that in the future. Also, thank you all for your answers. I appreciate it!
  2. Hello! I've always wondered, "Does KSP's aerodynamic system include ground effect?" I haven't been able to answer that question for myself, so now I ask the professionals. If so, could ekranoplans be an efficient way of traveling in KSP, or is that wishful thinking? Thank you for your time. -RussianAround
  3. Hello! I've been searching around websites, and I've discovered a lack of shareable aircraft files. Henceforth, I challenge the great airplane designers to accurately model an aircraft of their choice. However, I have some guidelines. 1. If submitting a design, I'd like screenshots of the aircraft, and a link to the shareable. Also, if possible, include an image of the original aircraft you've modeled! 2. The aircraft the designer is using must be an aircraft that has been in service. I don't want to stray into prototypes that never flew, blueprint aircraft, etc. 3. Keep t
  4. I've forgotten about this thread completely, and I was amazed at the variety of aircraft! I'm surprised, though, not to find the Me-262, Arado-234, He-162, and the Fokker Dr.1. However, I have a Russian surprise for you. Meet, the Yak-15!
  5. Hello there! I've been interested in aviation for a long time. I've seen some interesting, quirky, plain, and bewildering aircraft. Mine is the TB-3, a Soviet bomber that is so ridiculous, it's majestic. Here's an image and a link to a Kerbal Space Program replica. https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/TB-3-AM-34FRN-for-nuFAR
  6. Thank you very much! I appreciate this. Good day to you.
  7. Hello everyone! I've been browsing mods, installed ckan, etc. Throughout this, I've noticed there are no tracks for rovers, and other land creations. This is peculiar, as there are mods for about everything underneath the Sun (and beyond). If nobody is able to conjure such a feat, I won't pester. I understand having moving tracks and such could be hard to program, but if anyone's up for a challenge, here's one. Cheers! RussianAround
  8. http://imgur.com/a/l90kK This was the best jet I made. While it had a realistic roll rate, it turned on a dime at the 100m/s mark. This slightly angers me, as I'd rather have a lengthy low alt turn, like the real Me-262. After watching some tutorials, I managed to install some flaps onto the aircraft. I'm starting to work on the Me-163, with the new "Part Clipping" cheat. That ought to be fun. Anyways, if you have any suggestions, any criticisms, please, leave it below. Rather know that this aircraft is mediocre than think it's perfect.
  9. As for issues, my airplanes have problems. Either the airplanes fly, and look awful, or I have a decent-looking airplane that flies like an elephant. If I had a combination of both, I'd be perfectly happy. Many people concentrate on aircraft because (as far as I know) this is the only detailed aircraft building game. True, you can have planes and jets in, say, Scrap Mechanic. But I feel this is the most fluent aircraft construction game in the market. Also, thank you all for suggesting different tutorials, I'll make use of them. Soon, I'll be sending space planes into orbi
  10. Hello guys! I'm just an "average" KSP player, I know how to accomplish the basic things in the game. Funnily enough, I'm not that good at building rockets. In a space simulation game. Go figure. Most of the time, I build aircraft. Most of them are basic, most of them (barely) fly. Sometimes, I enable cheats to see what abominations I can create. I enjoy watching the more "involved" players, who can calculate precise orbits, etc. Finally, I'm starting to experiment with boats from different mods, and let's just say I need a big ole tutorial on how to make submarines. Anyways, I hope I can
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