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  1. really? what's the EVA science experiment?
  2. i got my space station set up around duna
  3. when i'm aerobraking in kerbin's atmosphere to lower my apoapsis, should the aerobrakes open towards retrograde? or should they open away from the entry?
  4. i finished my refueling station at 71km above kerbin (credit for 6 o'clock tug: Whisky Tango Foxtrot. i didn't make that) it took a massive ship to get the fuel tanks into orbit -- i think this is why we use orange cans lifted with SSTO's? cheaper and less complicated? maybe if i'm short on money i'll make the next refueler with those. i made a mobile ore refinery to get fuel to it from the mun or minmus --
  5. on trying to travel to gilly part 2 i made it to eve with the fusilid but i'm short 300 dV to slow down into gilly's orbit so i have to send a refueler. i'm gonna use the arbalest gt reloaded since the cargo bay is the right size in volume: and i'll bring some kerbals along with the fuel for the xp oops turned out i was 12 tons over capacity. i should have added it up i will try the mega capacity version instead (arbalest reloaded). to make it capable of being used further than LKO i will add ants no not really. but i will add LV-N's and i can add more fuel now and more kerbals. i'll take all of the ones i have with me using go cart seats for the overflow the full payload. ready for takeoff the ladder cart i made to get them up there (later found it better to just EVA) whoaa close call with the water, i think the ship is just at its weight limit is everyone ok? ok following the flight plan of the fusilid... around 1,000m/s pull up and.. egads! i pulled up at 700 m/s and the wings blew off! i shouldn't follow the flight plan of lighter ships for heavy duty ones. don't drive a van like a ferrari i shot up to 4k meter altitude in about 15 seconds after the wing disaster. from sea level! how did that happen? comin down from experiencing g forces from before and after the crash not yet seen on kerbin the plane imploded on hitting the surface only one survivor. she looks traumatized after her fellow passengers got warped into another dimension. i will have to try a different approach for the rescue mission. maybe not go so fast before i ascend on the next try, i used a smaller ship, the fusilid again with a small liquid fuel payload i got it stranded around eve too! i sent a rescue mission for the rescue mission with an arbalest GT. with fuel and kerbals. i also accepted a contract to send a space station into gilly orbit which it'll fulfill while i'm at it. fuel was low and had to use its payload that was meant for its target.. and got it stranded too! but around gilly instead of eve. yaaaaay i made gilly orbit finally, and a million dollars from the contract i'll make it to the surface of that moon eventually, and rescue everybody, i'm getting better at the game. i'm gonna focus on making a better refueling station around kerbin for now. these ships were meant for hauling to LKO maybe i should use vessels for their function. if i like a ship i want to use it for everything. put some LV-N's on it and it's now a starship
  6. i like the fusilid so much that i've been using it for things other than intended. i wanted to use it as a long distance ship so i put nuclear engines on it ok -- my first try at refitting it and sending it to gilly. it is packed tight: from the left: a rover with a skycrane (gonna be my first attempt at using one). then a probe to scan gilly. habitation for kerbals, then a 4k battery, supply bay with experiments, etc. the idea is i eject the probe, then EVA the kerbals onto the rover with the 4 go-cart seats getting up to speed at sea level before the ascent ascent! climbing.... climbing... nice aerodynamics. hardly any drag if i'm interpreting it right (small number of red streaks?). what's the yellow mean on the flaps? that it's a control surface's lift? wait, we have a negative apoapsis? what's that mean? what does our trajectory look like...? what! we're leaving kerbin's SOI?? goodbye station i had planned to refuel at what?? ROFL. i even left the solar system!! this was hilarious to me i never would have expected it. does this happen with space planes? fusilid is a supership. how was that possible with 4 rapiers?
  7. in the early game for the ferrying tourist contracts i kept adding mk1 crew cabins and ended up with my max feasible to be 9 for 18 people to get into orbit. i made a lot of money from it early game and upgraded a lot of facilities. but now that i've been to the mun and minmus they want to go there so i stopped taking requests >:( don't think i could make a ship that could go to the moon and back with that many people and be economical. now i have to make money the old fashioned way. but i'm a bus driver at heart. i'll work on satellites instead. but i tweaked it until it was successful and this is what i ended up with
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