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  1. KSP Version: player 64x) from 1.2.0 What Happens: After a crash from either failing to launch or while constructing, the save file will never load again. If loaded in the construction bay the image will show but engineer will beleive there is no craft present and will not launch. If loaded on launch pad the game will glitch. (i will attach screenshots of this happening) Mods / Add-Ons: All stock Steps to Replicate: Build a craft around 3500 tons with about 1000 parts and prep for crash. Result: Inability to use save file. Fixes/Workarounds: None yet found Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: (i am unsure how to get the craft file attached, it was emails to Kerbal support team, i am happy to email another copy to an address)
  2. Thanks for the help, i will wind down all my settings and give that a shot, howevere i have another issue of after kerbal has a fit sometimes my ships save file gets put in like a limbo. Where the file will load and the ship will be in the construction bay, but the load file screen will not disapear and the engineer will tell me for all intensive purposes there is no craft in the bay. This also prevents me launching or altering the ship. i sent this problem off to the guys at kerbal support with my save file but they havent had the chance to get back to me yet.
  3. Hey guys,this is my first post here with a technical issue i have been trying to find a ready made solution to but to no avail. i have a craft weighing approximately 3,200 tons with just over 1000 parts, the launch is very smooth beside's a small side step but then procceds on a stable path out towards space. At around 160 m/s the game freezes for 4-5 seconds then it seems as though the ships breaks apart from about 15 different places simultaneously, and the weirdest thing is when it breaks up the entire craft and all debris are flung at a ridiculous speed straight out into the solar system without accelerating or decelerating. the only way to stop its journey to the end of the universe is to time warp which seems to reset its knowledge of time and space and everything physics. Any help is greatly appreciated xD