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  1. I just got ksp and Idk why but every control I’ve looked up doesn’t work when I try and use it for trimming. To be clear I have tried alt+WASD along with some other controls. It would be helpful to know what I’m doing wrong. If anyone could help me figure out how to trim they would save me a lot of trouble. I’m on 1.6.1.
  2. I play on playstion 4 and don’t know what the controls are for timewarping when I’m doing a burn ( in orbit or other places). I play with the curser controls. Yes I already know how to timewarp using R1 and circle or square. But what about the other timewarp like when you’re coming into kerbin’s atmosphere? I don’t know what the controls are for that. I can’t use that type of timewarp, using the same controls, when I want to land on the Mun.
  3. Hello, recently I have encountered two major bugs/glitches in my time on playing on Xbox One Enhanced Edition. More specifically, I encountered them in career. The first bug I encountered was my ship spinning in space continuously even with SAS on. This seemed to happen most when I came out of time warp with the SAS on. It also happened near planetary bodies too, when landing. The ship would even spin if time warp wasn’t activated. I have no idea what caused this. The next bug I encountered is much more serious as it involved restarting entire missions. I had accepted multiple contracts in career, which I had finished (not together). When I had finished them however, I could not go back to VAB, Space Center, or Tracking Center. I could open the pause menu but couldn’t click on any of the options that would allow me to leave. This forced me to quit the game, losing some but not all progress for that mission. I believe this glitch in particular to be caused by the switching between vessels or leaving to go to the space center after the rocket was in space.
  4. JoeKerbalGuy

    Development Update for Consoles!

    It's taken this long because they had to find someone new to port this. And we should be hearing something more about the update within a time span of 1 month. Just read KSP daily and you'll see!
  5. Having a cheat menu in the future would make it easier for newer players to get used to the game on console. (It would also be fun) Would Squad add this type of thing to the console versions of KSP? It would make a lot of people happy, I'm sure of it. Maybe we could even see it after the 1.2 update.
  6. I'm sure that Squad gets asked this a bunch of times but it would be nice to hear back. Can we expect the update to release soon or much later? Squad hasn't given a bunch of answers on this but it would be nice to know something that we don't already know about the update since we've been waiting awhile. Tell us something good about the progress being made. Is it close to being released? Maybe even give a time frame of when we can expect the update. There hasn't been any real good news about the console update other than they're working on it, and something would be better than nothing. Hopefully Squad will take a look at this.
  7. After the update Squad intends to release on Console, will there be updates that release around the same time PC gets them but for console? In other words, will updates appear around the same time for all platfroms?
  8. Maybe Squad would have to work a little more with Sony, which I hope they do so they can add this to the game or at least have a forum to download these crafts.
  9. I have seen some people make awesome creations on Ps4. From bizarre looking planes to actual trucks that drive. My one question is, why can't we share our creations within the community? Maybe we can and I just missed something but I don't see why Squad can't add this to an update later on to KSP on Ps4. This would allow everyone to use eachother's creations. I don't see the harm in that. Hopefully I can hear back from someone at Squad soon.
  10. Hi, I play Kerbal Space Program on Ps4 and I'm confused about the release date for the loud and clear update for Ps4. I've heard that someone in Squad talked to a Ps4 user and said that the update won't come until many months, like June. I also know that you guys said that it would come out in early 2017. Is this still true or are you bumping up the release window? Would like to hear back soon from you guys. Thanks, bye.